WAEC/GCE 2021 Waec Biology: What are the areas Waec will set Biology Questions from and how do I get Waec Biology 2019 OBJ and Essay Questions? Waec 2019 Biology Questions is what we shall discuss here.

Waec Biology is important to every Waec 2021 Science Candidate. Read on for Sample Questions Waec would set in 2021 Biology Objective and Theory or click here for Waec 2021 Biology Syllabus. Blast Jamb with Flash learners App for free. View the My SSCE, Jamb & Blogging Classes on this blog.

Waec 2021 Biology 1 & 2 Questions and Answers

You have asked the questions, what are the areas Waec sets questions in Biology? I am here to give you the bold answers to your questions

To make this topic easy for you to understand, I will divide it into three sections. The three sections are:

  1. Waec 2021 Biology Objective Que
  2. 2021 Waec Biology Essay Questions and Answers.
  3. Instructions to Pass Waec 2021 Examination.

2021 WAEC Biology Objective Questions

As usual, you will be given questions and options A to E to choose from. Normally, the number of objective questions (OBJ) you are to answer in Waec 2019 Biology Science is 50.

1. The Following Are Sample Waec Objective Questions. They are likely Biology questions for Waec 2019.
Erythrocytes are known as ________
A. white blood cell
B. red blood cells
C. phagocytes
D. leucocytes

2. Gregor Mendel is regarded as the father of ______
A. variation
B. genetics
C. mycology
D. natural selection

3. The most efficient respiratory structure used by free-living protozoan is ________
A. body surface
B. gills
C. buccal cavity
D. spiracle

4. Carbon (IV) oxide is added to the atmosphere when ________?
A. plants build-up organic compounds
B. plants absorb mineral salts
C. sugars are completely broken down in animals
D. there is thunderstorm

5. The host of liver flake is ______?
A. pig and snail
B. pig and sheep
C. sheep and snail
D. pig

6. Which of the following factors can reduce the population of a community?
A. Immigration
B. edaphic
C. predation
D. mutualism

7. In mosses the structure which performs the function of water absorption is the _________?
A. root hairs
B. rhizoids
C. capsule
D. hyphae

8. How does an enzyme affect the rate of a reaction?
A. It lowers the activation energy of the reaction, increasing the reaction rate.
B. It raises the activation energy of the reaction, decreasing the reaction rate.
C. It lowers the activation energy of the reaction, decreasing the reaction rate.
D. It raises the activation energy of the reaction, increasing the reaction rate.

9. Insects that goes through adult stage without becoming pupa are except ________
A. crickets
B. cockroach
C. grasshopper
D. bees

10. A bacteria that is spherically shaped is called?
A. diplobacillus
B. coccus
C. bacillus
D. vibrio

11. The flame cells are used for excretion in
A. Fluke
B. Nematode
C. Bacteria
D. Volvox

12. Food chain refers to the feeding relationships between animals in a ______?
A. Family
B. phylum
C. community
D. group

13. The host of Taenia Solium is _________
A. cow
B. pig
C. sheep
D. dog

14. When an ovary is placed on the receptacle above the other floral parts it is referred to as
A. half inferior ovary
B. superior ovary
C. inferior ovary
D. half superior ovary

15. The type of nutrition exhibited when organism lives on the body surface or inside the body of another type of organism is
A. Holozoic
B. parasitic
C. saprophytic
D. carnivores

16. An example of organism which exists as a colony is
A. Volvox
B. paramecium
C. euglena
D. chlamydomonas

17. The following are example of morphological variation except
A. size
B. ability to taste PTC
C. color
D. fingerprint

18. Ability to taste PTC in some individuals is a character that is
A. acquired
B. heritables
C. sex-linked
D. morphological

19. Agglutination is the _______ of the ________
A. coagulation, white blood cell
B. coagulation, water.
C. white blood cells, red blood cell
D. coagulation, red blood cell

20. What organelle is the site of photosynthesis in plants?
A. Chloroplasts
B. Ribosome
C. Cytoplasm
D. Mitochondria

21. Which of the following is a characteristics of a bacteria except _______?
A. they can be seen under microscope
B. they range from 0.5 µ m in diameter
C. They are grouped accordingly to their cell shape
D. they do not cause disease

22. The level of organization of Amoeba and Euglena cell is
A. organ
B. system
C. cell
D. tissue

23. The appendicular skeleton comprises of
A. pectoral and pelvic girdles
B. forelimbs, skull and pectoral girdle
C. lungs and ribs
D. skull and the vertebral column

24. The protista that is a producer is an aquatic food chain is
A. trypanosome
B. paramecium
C. chamydomonas
D. amoeba

25. Which scenario would cause a covalent bond to form?
A. Two atoms share electrons so they can fill their outer shells
B. The constant motion of electrons and the creation of charge imbalances bonds two molecules together
C. A hydrogen atom with a slight positive charge is attracted to a negative charge of another molecule or atom
D. One atom loses one or more electrons and the other atom gains one or more electrons

26. The difference in structure, morphological and behavior of plant and animal is called
A. adaptation
B. Evolution
C. variation
D. succession

27. The cilia in paramecium are use for
A. respiration
B. locomotion
C. protection
D. regulating food intake
E. excretion

28. Euglena may be classified as a plant because it
A. has chloroplast
B. has a gullet
C. lives in a pond
D. possesses a flagellum
E. has pellicle

29. A trawler on a fishing trip caught a type of animal with hairs on its body. This animal could have been
A. An amphibian
B. a reptile
C. a shark
D. a mammal
E. a seagull

30. Which of this type of skeleton is most appropriate for a cockroach?
A. Hydrostatic skeleton
B. Exoskeleton
C. Endoskeleton
D. Cartilaginous skeleton
E. Bony skeleton
31. When protein are broken down they also provide
A. oxygen
B. carbohydrate
C. energy
D. amino-acid
E. carbon dioxide

32. The function of lenticels is
A. to remove excess water in plant
B. to absorb water from the atmosphere
C. for gaseous exchange
D. to absorb light
E. to store food

33. The following events take place during conjugation in spirogyra 1. The protoplasm of each of the conjugating cell separate from the cell wall to form a Gamete; the gamete of one filament passes through the conjugation tube to meet the gamete of the other filament 2. The zygote soon becomes surrounded by thick brown wall to become zygospore which burst after a short rest and germinate to produce a new filament 3. The nuclei of the gametes fuse to form a zygote 4. The protuberance meet and where they touch the cell-wall disappear so that a conjugation tube joining the two cells is formed 5. Protuberance appears on the wall of the cell of two filament of spirogyra lying side by side opposite one another. Now what is the correct sequence in which the above sequence occurs?
A. 1, 2,3,4,5
B. 1, 2,4,5,3
C. 3, 4,5,2,1
D. 5, 4,1,3,2
E. 5, 4,3,1,2

34. Which of the following is a characteristic of animal cell?
A. Presence of chloroplast
B. possession of cellulose cell-wall
C. absence of large vacuoles
D. presence of large vacuoles
E. presence of chromosome

35. Nitrifying bacteria keep the soil fertile by
A. converting nitrate to nitrogen
B. converting ammonium salt to nitrate
C. converting atmospheric nitrogen to plant nitrogen
D. converting nitrate to nitrous oxide
E. converting atmospheric nitrogen to nitrates
36. In the life history of schist soma (Bilharzias), one of the following is intermediate host
A. man
B. snail
C. mosquito larva
D. crayfish
E. fish

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Note: Waec Waec Timetable, the Examination date for Objective and Essay paper is on Friday, 26th April, 2019.

Biology Waec 2019 Theory Questions And Answers

  1. What is Biology?
  2. List and explain the organs responsible for digestion
  3. Write short note on reproduction
  4. Write short note on the life histroy of schistosoma (Bilharzia)

Waec 2021 Examination Instruction

  1. Do not open your question paper until you are told to do so
  2. USE HB pencil throughout in the OBJ Section
  3. You are free to use Biro in the theory part
  4. You are allowed to use calculator to solve
  5. Make sure that you fill your name, Subject, paper, paper code and other examination details where necessary.
  6. Ensure that the texts in your question papers are boldly printed
  7. Behave yourself.
  8. Don’t let invigilators catch you using expo

That’s all for now… I shall update you when more real live questions and answers come up. However, I inform that you are hard working so as to pass your Waec once and for all. Feel free to share this article with friends using the share buttons and don’t fail to comment using the comment box below.

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