Birthdays are awesome moments to show your loved ones how much you love and care about them. It’s a time to really let them know how much they mean to you. You could even go the extra mile in a bid to celebrate someone so dear to you, such as your firstborn son.

As parents, I can imagine that awesome feeling that can’t be forgotten the first day you held your first-born son, starring down at him with smiles on your face; It’s such a wonderful feeling which is difficult to explain.

Now that he is a year older, on his special day, take the opportunity to show your son how proud you are of him. Share your favourite memories and proudest memories from his life so far. Celebrate the years you’ve shared. Show your son how amazing your life has been since he joined your family.

Make him know he holds a special place in your heart by sending him any of these well-compiled happy birthday messages for first born son.

Happy birthday, my first born son. I hope this year will be better, prosperous and exciting for you than the previous years, greater you.

1. To my firstborn son, for the new year, I wish you good health, peace of mind, happiness and lots of success. You are a blessing to our family, and it is my greatest honour to be your mother.

2. To my first born son, today is a milestone marking life and its accessories. When you pop out of the womb, the world is dark and empty, not a soul in sight. The day you were born, the universe had gained one more star, for you brightened up my life as the sun does to our world. Happy birthday, love.

3. To my firstborn son, on your birthday, I just want to remind you that you are every woman’s hope; you are every man’s inspiration, and you are every child’s hero. I wish you many more years in the land of the living. Happy birthday, my womb opener.

4. Today is your birthday and I want to wish you the best of wishes. Having you as my first son is really a blessing to me, you fill me with so much joy. I hope that every year, you face new adventures and find happiness in everything that you do. Happy birthday, son.

5. Happy birthday to the world best first son anyone could ask for. Today is the passing of one year and the beginning of a new one. I hope your new year brings you much joy, love and prosperity. You might have grown old, but you still live in my heart and will forever. Just to say that I love you, happy birthday!

6. Happy birthday to my firstborn son, I wish you have a great year ahead of you! May this new year mark the beginning of the best years of your life. I hope you are ready to live all those experiences that make us grow as a person.

7. Congratulations on this milestone. I wish you a life filled with joy and success. I wish you a very happy birthday, my first born! On this special day, I pray that all your dreams and desires come true. You are the apple of my eye and always will be.

8. To my first born son, I wish you a very happy birthday. The day you were born was the most beautiful day of my life. As a child, you gave me sleepless nights and days but have never disappointed me. When I look at you today, I can not help but feel proud that my son has turned out to be such a gentleman yet strong-willed person at the same time. Love you loads.

9. You have left me with so many memories to cherish for the rest of my life, time flies. It’s been years since my first son came to this world…to much pain and bleeding to a place I did not know the name of. He’s been so full of joy and life every day. From my heart, Happy birthday to my dear baby.

10. Son, I hope this next year brings happiness to your life. Now am assured that you are the reason why I feel endless love and inexhaustible energy for life. I am blessed to have such a wonderful son like you. Happy birthday, love.

11. Happy birthday to the best son anyone would ask for. On this special day, I want to wish you a lifetime of success and good fortune. You have made my dreams come true by being the amazing first son and person that you are, you are also an example to your siblings. May all your dreams come true too!

12. Your birth brought a new meaning to my life. Now I am looking forward to spending time with you and having fun together. I wish you more joy, peace and all that your heart desires. Have a very happy birthday! my first son.

13. This birthday comes with lots of expectations and butterflies! May you experience more happiness in life. I am sorry for all the wrong things I have done to you. May you find a great career and be successful. May you always be my pride, joy and bring pride to our family. Happiest of birthdays my first son.

14. Happy birthday to my first son! I am glad that I got to be your mom. I wish that I would have been able to give you everything that your heart desired today and all year. The new year shall be all about giving you more than you need. Have a wonderful year ahead, and always remember how much I love you.

15. Happy birthday to my first son. I can’t but be thankful to God for making you a year older today! Enjoy this new beginning and make sure you do everything you like in life. I wish you more of God’s strength. May you keep enjoying God in all you do.

16. Happy birthday to my beloved son! You were a big blessing in our lives. I am grateful that you helped make each new year special. You are my rock and my pillar of strength. I wish you all the happiness in your life and a life well-lived. More life in sound health.

17. To my son, I wish you a very happy birthday! Both of us have waited for this time, and these words could never hold the depth of my joy. Today is a new beginning, a new day, a new start in your life. I hope you find everything that you are looking for in life. Much love for you.

18. On this day, my son came into my life. I was young then and had no idea that my life with be complete after you come into my world. A new responsibility is added to your shoulders now. You have made me proud, given me joy and taught me patience. Happy birthday first son! Remember, happiness is a choice we make every day we live, so choose wisely!

19. This year is going to be special for you. There will be many changes, and it will all be positive. The new year will bring you success, happiness, and prosperity. Your hard work will pay off this year with an increase in income and additional opportunities for growth. You are my beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. Happy birthday! first son.

20. On your birthday, I pray for the best of years ahead. May you achieve your dreams and stay healthy. Keep your chin up high and your head clear so that you see life clearly. As you embark on a new beginning of your life, may God bless you with an abundance of whatever you need to have a beautiful life. Many more happy returns of the day!

21. I hope that this year will be a better one for you, and all your efforts will bear fruits. You have always fought hard to overcome the obstacles of life, and did not let failures bring you down. Wish you the best for the New Year! My beloved son, I wish you all the luck and happiness in the coming year. I want you to reach far beyond your imagination and fulfil your dreams with no bounds.

22. Though you have grown, I still treat you like my baby boy. When the day comes that I see you as a Father, I would be proud. Your future is brighter than my hopes and dreams for you before you were born. Wishing you a very happy birthday son.

23. Happy birthday to the best most wonderful person in my life! I wish you much health, and happiness as you begin your new journey into adulthood. I am excited for you to start this next chapter in your life, and look forward to all the opportunities it brings. I Love You! first son

24. You are the greatest gift I have ever been given. Nothing could ever be more precious than you. I am proud to have brought you into this world and thankful to live in it with you. You have made me a better person than I could have ever been. Happier birthday to you, first son.

25. To my first son, cheers to this milestone of yours. May you be favoured in all ramifications. I wish you long life and prosperity. more of Gods goodness and mercy on you. Just know that I love you big.

To my amazing first born son, thank you for making us proud and for the good examples you have shown as the first son. May you live long. Happy birthday!

26. I wish you a very happy birthday! Dear son Every new year comes with new hopes and vows to make it the best year of your life. Never forget that I’ll always be there to support you, provide you with constructive criticism and finally share your success. Happy birthday first son.

27. What a day to celebrate my first son. I pray that you will have a long and happy one. May your days always be filled with joy. May all your dreams come true. May the blessings of God shower you eternally! Happy birthday, dear.

28. Happy birthday to you, first born son. May the new year bring lots of joy to you and your family. On your birthday, I want you to know that you have been a good son and a great brother. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy birthday.

29. Our lives may not have been the easiest and some of us may have faced tougher challenges than others, but I’m glad that we made it this far. I want you to know that you mean the world to me and you’re truly the best person I know. Happy birthday!

30. Since you have come into this world, life has been a whole lot easier. I know, you rose to every possible occasion and accepted every challenge with open arms. This house is going to be a little bigger now, but that doesn’t mean it will feel empty. Happy birthday! My first born son.

31. This is to wish my first born son a very Happy Birthday and another year full of success, joy, love and fun! I am so glad you are here to take care of me. I know, life must be difficult for you but I am here for you always. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you long life in sound health.

32. A new year is here and it’s time to make resolutions. I want to make mine; to give you more time just like always, to spend some with you in the upcoming new year. Happy birthday my first born son. Wish you a sweeter life ahead.

33. As the sands of time trickle through the hourglass and you christen another year, I wish that every joy the new year brings gives happiness beyond your fondest expectations. Happy birthday to my son.

34. To my first born son, wishing you a ton of love, warmth and care on your birthday. May you find all the things that bring you happiness and joy. May live to enjoy God even more than always. greater you this year and beyond.

35. It’s your day, your birthday. I hope it’s filled with joy and happiness. My wish for you is that you get all that you have been dreaming of through life. I wish the firstborn son anyone could ask for the very best because he deserves nothing less than everything on earth! Happy birthday.

36. A few words to wish my first born son a happy birthday! times have changed but this has been a new life. . A special person like yourself deserves so much more than just a handful of words on your birthday, my wish is that you always find joy in life.

37. First birthday of my son – a special one. The first page in the new book of your life is going to be filled with good memories and outstanding achievements. I wish you all the best on this very special day of yours! Long life is my wish for you. Happy birthday.

38. To my amazing firstborn son! I know that you must be busy with your adventurous activities. I am here to wish you a very happy birthday! May this day be a starting point for greater opportunities that will lead you to your bright future. Take care and have fun!

39. Today, you are now a grown-up son! You have come a long way since when you were young. I remember growing you up and taking care of you. I miss the old days but I am happy to have you as my dear first son. Every year is great and every day is new. Nothing can be better without having to wish celebrating you. Here’s wishing my first born son a very happy birthday!

40. Today we are not saying goodbye to my one and only. A new journey starts today! Hope it includes a lot of laughter, fun times, sweet moments and of course a million reasons to celebrate and make merry! My wish for you is that you experience peace all around. Happy Birthday! Dear firstborn son.

41. Happy Birthday to a soul that was born from greatness, raised under rules and has been educated with lots of love. I hope your special day is awesome enough to last you through the year. Wishing you the very best as you age. Happy Birthday! My womb opener.

42. It’s a new year for my firstborn son and I wish for a new beginning, where you and I are the best of friends. I don’t want to get an empty card, but for you to fill my life with all the happy memories we have been sharing since childhood. Life has treated us harshly, but we have beaten the odds at each step along the way. I appreciate how your words encouraged me at times when I did not stand a chance of survival. All these are worth celebrating as our lives revolve. I love you big dear son. Happy birthday.

43. My Son, I hope this new year will bring you a lot of success and happiness. I know that this year will be different for you as you are going to grow, even more, develop your personality and get closer to your dream. Having you as my first born son is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday.

44. Happy birthday to my first-born son! You have been a great gift to me. . You can treat this day as a New Year’s Day. Wishing you a very happy birthday! We have been friends since we were in the same nursery school. You are my oldest of friends and the closest of all forever. Happy Birthday

45. The sunrise and the first-born child, each morning we greet with a smile. The dewdrops at the doorstep welcome the day with open arms. You are my first-born son and my heart will never forget your special day. From wherever I might be right now, thank you for all your love, wish you the very best in life. Happiest birthday to you.

Congratulations on this milestone of your life, dear first born son. May your light never go dim, may it keep shining brighter and brighter. happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

46. Today is your day boy! I cannot imagine a life without you. You are such an intelligent, vivacious and lovable guy. I have always found a renewed spirit whenever you enter my world. Happy Birthday, son!

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

47. Happy birthday! I am thankful that I am privileged to have such a wonderful son like you happy birthday son. We have passed facing so many obstacles with a positive attitude which makes us stronger. Our relationship is unique and my dream of having a brother came true. So, on this special day, I wish you happiness and much more in the coming year.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

48. Happy Birthday my son! Thanks for everything. I wish you a new year filled with memorable events and plenty of surprises. May this year bring you unforgettable memories ever. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

49. As you finish one year and start a new one, I wish you the best of luck possible. I am sure it will be a good year! The best gift you have given to me is your love. I love you so much and could not have asked for a better son! May all your wishes come true with the arrival of the new year! Happiest of birthdays to my firstborn son.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

59. Wishing you a happy new year filled with blessings. May this brand new year be a fresh start to all your endeavours and may the burden of your past failures be left aside so that you can look towards the future.
As the year comes to an end, I want you to remember and cherish all the sweet memories that we had together. You have brought so much joy into my life. I am grateful to have a wonderful son like you.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

60. My firstborn child, your birth has made me a mother now. I am glad to say that you are entering this year with great hopes and dreams among others. May God always be with you, and give you all that is good in life. Have a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

61. May this birthday be the best! ever I also wish you a very happy new year to welcome in good fortune and prosperity. I hope this year brings more happiness to your life and watch your career take a meteoric rise soaring to great heights. Happy birthday, first born son.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

62. You played the role of a hero, a warrior, and a caregiver. Thanks to your presence in my life, I am alive. You have given me love, morals and values which are indispensable in today’s world. On your birthday, take the world for a spin, do the things you love to do and have fun! My womb opener, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

64. You are the son I could only dream of. You have brought loads of happiness into my life since the day you came into this world and make me a father I wish you a very happy birthday. May you be blessed with all that your heart desires on this special day! Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son
Happy Birthday Messages for First Born Son

65. Today is your special day and I had to take out some time to wish you a very happy birthday, for the very cute son that you are. I know that we can have a lot of mistakes in our life but being firstborn son, you have grown just perfectly with everything around you. Thanks for all you do. Happy birthday, son.

66. To my first born son, am sure that you will keep growing in strength. May God bless you, your family and everything around you dear son, I wish you peace in all aspects all through this year son, happy birthday.

67. May your birthday and the year ahead bring to you all the happiness, love and peace that you deserve. I love you and wish you continue to enjoy blessings throughout the year. Have a wonderful year ahead my firstborn son.

Happy birthday to my wonderful first born son. I wish you success in all you do. May you have all reason to be happy. More life ahead.

68. To my firstborn son, may you overcome all the difficulties in life and live longer. May happiness always be with you. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! Love you to the moon and back.

69. The past year has been amazing for us. I know that the biggest reason for this gift is you. You have been a splendid son, and it has been so great to see you prosper. I hope your new year starts with more success- I am sure this will be the case. I wish you more of God’s blessings, happy Birthday! First born son.

70. Congratulations on this milestone of your life my firstborn son. I celebrate God in you this day and I am grateful for the wonderful years we have shared together and I wish you all the best in the years to come. Happy Birthday!

71. Happy birthday to the best first born son ever, your presence in my life has been a blessing. I am thankful that you have added colour to my life and love to my existence. I pray you grow healthy and strong every new year that comes your way.

72. To my able first born son, I wish you a very happy birthday! I am sure you will do great things this year, just like every other year. And I am proud of the progress you have made in life. May God bless you always, and may happiness be by your side always.

73. Your birthday has always been a special day for me. I can’t be happier to celebrate the birthday of a first born son like you, I will never be complete without trophies to match the glory of your greatness.
May you have a blessed and prosperous new year. We are proud of the person you have become, I wish you more of God. May your dreams come true.

74. Birthday Greetings for my first born son, I’m so glad that you are the first child in the family. I know you will continue to build on our family foundation and be a good example to your siblings. Happy Birthday!

75. May this birthday turn out to be as great as you are my first born son. I will not expect any great achievement from you because you have already surpassed all of my expectations. My wish is that you have a long life in good health. Happiest birthday.

77. Birthday Greetings for my first born son, I’m so glad that you are the first child in the family. I know you will continue to build on our family foundation and be a good example to your siblings. Happy Birthday!

78. My lovely first born son, I want you to start afresh and make this upcoming year better than the last one, always be the best version of yourself. I wish you all joy and peace of mind you deserve. May whatever you plan for yourself work out! Happy birthday my son.

79. Two years back, I was just a father with an infant boy, today I am a father to a toddler whose every move leaves me amazed. Playing with my son makes me feel that I have actually given birth to a whole new world in which we are going to explore and enjoy. Happy birthday! firstborn son.

80. My first born son, you have always been the apple of my eye. The first time I saw you, I felt this instant connection with you, and it has only gotten stronger as the years passed by. I wish you all the happiness on your birthday, and throughout your entire life. Happy Birthday.

To my amazing first born son, may God bless you all around. I wish you heavens best this new year and always. Happy birthday, son.

81. A greeting card isn’t always necessary, a hug said it all! You have always been there for me. We are much more than best friends, we are like family. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart! Happy birthday dear first born son.

82. Happy birthday my darling first born son! May this new year, give you much joy, much love and sound health. It’s always a good thing to gather around and celebrate you, as it is a privilege to be with you. You are the best ever! I hope that the coming years will bring you every good thing.

83. Happy birthday! This time is your turn to shine and this year should bring you new opportunities and fresh starts. May your wishes come true!
Happy Birthday to my brother! You are the older brother, but your soul is the younger brother that I never had. I wish you a magnificent year with equally marvellous memories of your birthdays

84. You have shown me the positive energy that a younger person can bring to a family. I am grateful for being surrounded by people such as yourself who keep a smile on my face. It’s your birthday and it is my honour to remind you of the beautiful life that you have ahead of you. I wish every good thing of life my dear first born son. Happy birthday!

85. Hi first born son, happy birthday! I hope that you have a great year ahead. My prayers will forever be there to guide you through the dark times. I want to see you grow into the hard-working man of your dreams. Happy Birthday, son!

86. On your birthday, I want to remind you how thankful I am for the things you have done and still do for me. I want to inform you that I love you because of the way you are unlike any relative or sister. You have grown old gracefully and my love for you has been improving over time. Here is something to raise a glass! Happiest birthday to my first born son.

87. This occasion reminds me of the first time I held you in my arms as a newborn my first born son. Everything fell into place then, and I realized that my life could never be the same again. From this day ahead, there would be a new glint in your eyes, and an unpredictable twinkle in your smile. The moon and stars now appear brighter in the sky, and flowers smell sweeter on earth. I will always cherish you memories I have with you when you were little. I wish you greatness in life. Happier birthday.

88. Happy Birthday to you! I wish that this coming year will bring many things your way. Happiness, love, success, and a new beginning to a fresh start. Enjoy this moment to the fullest! My dear first born son.

89. Today is special for you. Have a wonderful year with lots of happiness to follow! I will always be by your side, helping you through the rough patches that are inevitable in life. Happy birthday! much love first born son.

90. Happy birthday, first born son! I wish you all the very best that life can offer. May this year bring you health and happiness. Every year is a new beginning, another chance for me to get things right so that when your 18th arrives, you will have inherited nothing but a great man’s name and a wonderful soul. Happy birthday my son!

To my first born son, I pray for you today, that the lord will look down on you and be merciful unto you. You will experience greatness in all ways. Happy birthday.

91. A new year, a new beginning! All the things that you have dreamed of will become a reality. For many years you have been busy making your dreams come true and now it’s time for you to enjoy some of the fruits. My prayer for you is that From this day onward things will change for you and you will no longer have to work so hard. Life is too short, go out and live today to the fullest! Happy birthday my first born son.

92. On a special occasion, like your birthday, I can never say it enough. Thank you for being such an important part of my life and making me a better person. I pray that good things shall never cease from your life love you, my first son.

93. On this special day I want to make sure you know just how valuable you are to me. You made a big difference in my life and made me what I am today. You always knew how to make me smile, helping me see the bright side of life and I thank you so much for that. You are the best first son anyone could ask for. My prayer for you is that you move from glory to glory Happy birthday.

94. May you celebrate your birthday with everything you have always wanted, and may the year ahead be filled with joy and happiness.
Boy, when you were born, I thought my legs would collapse. When you learned to walk and talk, I realized how universal everything is. Your intelligence has always amazed me, but your personality has always surprised me. I pray for God’s blessing on you. Happy birthday!

95. It is every mother’s dream to see her kids happy. Knowing that I am always there for my son, to fulfil all his needs and wishes almost before he thinks of them. Thank you for making my life beautiful, and for elevating our status in society. May the lord beautifies your life, first born son. Happy Birthday with lots of love!

96. Son, this is the new year and I do hope that it brings a lot of happiness. The first year of your life has passed by quickly and you are growing stronger and smarter every day. I pray that each one of your years to come be greater than the previous one. I love you to infinity, firstborn son!

97. It’s your birthday, son! A huge milestone in life. Enjoy the moment, and celebrate well. Work as hard as you can and make us proud. I am grateful for everything you are and have become today. Be well and stay happy, dear son! I pray for more of God’s blessings. Happy birthday.

98. Every year, from now till the rest of eternity, I will spend celebrating your birthday with you. You may look at me a little puzzled because you have never celebrated a birthday before. It is true, you are my first born son, and I cannot wait for another 365 days until we can celebrate your next birthday! I pray you long life in sound health.

99. On your birthday, I pray that you will be happy and give God thanks always for His blessings. You are my joy and happiness. I sincerely pray that God will keep you safe all through life, and fulfil all your heart desires. From the bottom of my heart, hope you have a lovely day, first born son!

100. Today is your birthday and my prayer is that this year brings happiness, joy, and good health to you. May all your dreams come true in life! God bless you! From the bottom of my heart, I wish that you will always rise above all difficulties. Happy birthday my wonderful first born son.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to celebrate your firstborn son. Here are amazing happy birthday messages for first born son.

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