It is a common belief that the best way to catch someone who thinks he is wise is to play the fool. The wise man is often so busy thinking about his own affairs that he does not notice the fool until it is too late. The fool can also be useful in keeping an eye on the wise man. If you know what he is up to, then you can be ready for him when he tries to make mischief.

Those who are not aware of this strategy often underestimate its potential effectiveness. This is because they do not understand that not all wise men are equally intelligent or equally strategic thinkers. The truth is that most wise people are not far from stupid. They are just so intelligent that they see the world differently from most of us — but when you see things differently from them, it often makes them uncomfortable.

So if you want to get close to them, don’t try to impress them with your intelligence. Instead, pretend to be less intelligent than they are, and they will open up right away. Below are play fool to catch wise quotes that you can choose one from and add to your inspiration board.

Play fool to catch wise. You just don’t know what you will gain after the whole drama until you are done with playing. You will give thanks for playing the fool, and you wouldn’t have done that because it takes a lot of patience.

1. Know your place, play the role of a fool, and let those who believe they are smarter than everyone else do the talking while you gain from their knowledge.

2. It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you’re better than other people. But the best way to actually learn something is to pretend to be stupid and let the smartest people around do the talking.

3. Knowledge is power. Sometimes, it’s those who play the fool that gets more knowledgeable.

4. You may fool the fool, but you’ll never fool yourself—no matter how much you try to disguise your knowledge.

5. To a certain extent, you must always play the role of the fool. If you take on a lot of knowledge, people will ascribe that as wisdom and think you are smarter than them. Instead, keep things superficial and vague.

6. Even if you appear to be foolish and weak, do not act like it. Foolish people are powerful and wise. The one who appears to be weak may also turn out to be a person full of power.

7. When you’re playing the fool, you don’t want to give any indication that you’re wise. You want people to think you’re foolish, so they’ll trust you and tell you all their secrets.

8. The more people who believe you know less than them, the more intelligent you seem.

9. Playing the fool is all about knowing your role and playing it well.

10. Play the fool to catch the wise. You will be surprised at the result..

11. You can’t fool all the people all the time. Even if you try, don’t act surprised when they find out.

12. Master the art of disguise and let those who believe they are smarter than everyone else do the talking while you gain from their knowledge.

13. Let your knowledge and skill do the talking. Don’t be afraid to disguise them as a fool if it helps you grow as a person and create value in your life beyond immediate financial gain.

14. It’s important to disguise your knowledge in order to get ahead in life.

15. Sometimes, it’s best to play the fool, so others will think they know more than you do.

16. In every group, there are people who believe they are smarter than everyone else. But you just need to play the fool so that you get all you need from them.

17. You don’t need to know everything. Just be a fool in disguise.

18. You shouldn’t be unwise but playing the fool to catch the wise is true wisdom.

19. Though it is possible for a player to win the game of chess with only one move, it would be silly. A wise person disguises his knowledge when playing a game but still gains honour and respect from his peers.

20. Play fool to catch wise. Use your foolish nature to trick someone into revealing their true thoughts and intentions.

21. Know, then act. Act, then learn. Learn from their mistakes, then surpass them with your own.

22. Be the fool by playing a ‘cool’ card so that you can catch wise.

23. The true advantage of being a fool is that you can disguise your knowledge and let others do the talking while you gain from their knowledge.

24. Disguise your knowledge as if you don’t care. Let those around you think they have the answers when they really don’t.

25. The best way to do something is to disguise your knowledge.

26. Don’t try to impress people with your knowledge. You’ll just come across as pretentious and condescending. Instead, assume a persona that is more down-to-earth than you ordinarily would be, and take advantage of the fact that people will assume you know what you’re talking about.

27. Play fool to catch wise don’t play smart. Let people think you are foolish, and you will be amazed at what they let slip through their lips.

28. A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. Play fool to catch wise.

29. Let someone else do the talking. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn from being silent, listening and observing.

30. Knowledge is power, but keeping quiet will make you look like a fool just to get more knowledge.

31. If you dress like a fool and carry yourself like one, the people around you will think you’re one. If you dress like a wise man and carry yourself with wisdom, people will treat you like one.

32. You don’t get ahead by being right; you get ahead by knowing how to fake it until you make it.

33. To make the most of any situation, you have to play the fool.

34. Let your insecure friends “think” they are smarter than you by allowing them to talk first. This will make them believe they are in control, and they let slip information that you can later use against them.

35. There is no better way to learn than to learn from others. The only problem with this is that people who think they are smarter than everyone else always talk.

36. Sometimes, you have to fool yourself into thinking that there is something better than what you have.

37. Don’t be afraid to play the role of a fool. The more you know, the better your decisions will become.

38. Don’t rely solely on your intelligence; also, disguise your knowledge.

39. It’s not always a good idea to let others know you are smarter than they are.

40. Those who know little or nothing are very much in the majority. It is the people of wisdom who have learned to disguise their knowledge, making them such effective deceivers.

41. You are not a fool, and you know it. Now act like it.

42. Make yourself a fool, and let everyone else be the sage.

43. Don’t be afraid to entertain a fool; it’s only by being open to the possibility of learning something new that you’ll actually gain anything.

44. Don’t be afraid to let your inner fool out. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s a great way to learn.

45. A clever, cunning person can easily deceive a person who is naive or foolish. If someone plays the fool and acts stupid, they might find out more about what is going on than if they were smart.

46. Let those around you who believe they are smarter than everyone else do the talking. By letting them talk, you gain their knowledge and gain an advantage.

47. Be smart, not stupid but sometimes, play the fool to catch wise.

48. Be a fool to catch wise, unless it’s with someone you love.

49. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Be assured that behind every beautiful face is a story worth knowing.

50. Play fool to catch wise is a campaign designed to help people realize the hidden opportunities in their everyday lives.

51. When you play the fool to catch wise, you can often catch the very thing you thought was wise.

52. Everyone needs a good laugh every once in a while. So the next time you catch yourself daydreaming about how smart you are, play some fool to catch wise.

53. Go ahead and play the fool to catch wise.

54. Foolishness is the fastest way to being wise.

I guess these play the fool to catch the wise quotes are just what that person needed for inspiration. Please share with all you want to inspire to play the fool so that they can easily catch the fool.

Also, kindly drop your comments on your best quote above.

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