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This work focuses on the coverage of foreign news by Nigerian Newspapers using Vanguard and Daily Sun as case studies. The researcher made use of content analysis, while simple random sampling was used to select 24 editions of the two newspapers which amounted to 48 editions as the sample size, for the period of six months of this study.

The findings show that Nigerian newspapers report foreign news frequently but do not give it prominence, that is, most foreign news reported were buried in the inside pages of the newspapers.

Also, the Nigerian newspapers report more of negative foreign news which does not have any bearing on development purposes. This work concludes that the concept of imbalance in news flow should be given less attention and be accepted as a characteristic of media system.


Title page

Approval page




Table of Content


1.1  Introduction/Background of Study          1

1.2  Statement of the Problem                          7

1.3  Purpose of Study                                          8

1.4  Significance of Study                                   9

1.5  Research Question                                      10

1.6  Limitation                                                     11

1.7  Delimitation of the Study                           12

1.8  Operational Definition of Terms             13


Literature Review                                              14

2.1  Empirical Review                                       14

2.2.1Agenda Setting theory                             25

2.2.2 Development media theory                  27

2.3  Summary of literature review                30


3.1  Methodology                                             32

3.2  Population of Study                                 32

3.3  Sample Size                                               33

3.4  Sampling Technique                               34

3.5  Sources of Data                                        35

3.6  Instrument for Data Collection            35

3.7  Unit of Analysis                                        36

3.8  Content Categories                                  37


4.1  Data Presentation                                     39

4.2  Data Analysis                                            40


5.1  Summary                                                46

5.2  Conclusion                                             47

5.3  Recommendations                               48

References                                                     49


Communication is so vital in our lives that it could be regarded as one of the characteristics of living organisms. It is a necessary condition for education, socialization, understanding, co-operation and even confrontation. (Ekeanyanwu, 2007: 13)

When there is a controversy in information flow among countries of the world, it degenerates to an imbalance in communication, thus, the concept of imbalance in news flow.

The concept of news, journalism and freedom of the press have for many years been a major source of disagreement between developing countries in Africa and the developed countries in the world.

Developing countries often feel ill served by the western media claiming that foreign writers distort the story about African growth and development or at times, fail to report it at all.

The developed countries on the other hand, see the developing nations as hindering the report of news.

Members of the news media in industrialized nations, that is, free press as it exists in the United States of America and Great Britain virtually unknown in Africa and other parts of developing nations.


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