Being drained is when you lose energy and you can’t keep fighting. This is a common feeling for people who are depressed, stressed, or anxious, but it can happen to anyone at any time. It’s important to know what the signs of being drained are so that if it ever happens to you, you can take action to help yourself feel better.

The main sign of being drained is feeling exhausted and having no energy left. You might also feel as if you have no motivation or desire to do anything. You may find that even simple tasks such as getting dressed seem too hard, which makes it difficult to go out of the house or be around other people.

Hopefully, the I am drained quotes I have provided here will be able to help you deal with the situations which may cause you to feel drained and how to avoid them to keep avoiding an emotional drain.

I am drained. I am not a machine. I am human. I need my relaxation to recharge, recharge my batteries and let me get back to my normal healthy self again. I’ve been trying to be more productive, but it’s just not working out. I am so tired of being tired.

1. I am drained. I am working too hard, and I need a break. I am so tired I don’t even want to think about it anymore.

2. I am drained, but I’m still here. Thanks for being here too. You make a difference, not just in my own life, but in the lives of others around you.

3. I am drained. I can’t even think straight right now. But I also don’t want to be left behind, so I’m gonna keep going as best as I can.

4. I am drained, but I don’t mind. I’m not always going to have time to relax, but it’s all right.

5. I am drained from all this work and my family is taxing me. I need to get away for a couple of days.

6. I am drained. I need a break from this. I am just as exhausted as you are. I just don’t care about it and won’t let it control my future.

7. I love being able to work with people and tell stories that have meaning. I am drained but extremely grateful for this opportunity.

8. I am so drained. It’s a mid-season finale of a much-anticipated show, and my colleagues are still on set. I need two hours to recover before I can take on the next round of post-production.

9. I am drained. I can’t even tell you how tired I am. Sometimes, I’m the most tired person in the room.

10. I am drained, but it’s okay because I’m being rewarded. I am so grateful for these walls as my motivation to keep pushing through.

11. I am drained, but I am happy. I feel like a kid in a candy store and just can’t get enough of the experience.

12. I am drained. I feel like a ghost because nothing I do makes any difference.

13. I am drained, but I am not done. Tomorrow is another day to start over.

14. I am drained, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I need a vacation.

15. I am so drained I almost forgot what it feels like to feel alive.

16. I am being destroyed and I do care. I am drained from trying to control things that are out of my control, that’s why I need to choose what I believe in and act on it.

17. I am so over this hard work-life balance thing. I am drained. I am tired. I’m ready for a break.

18. I am drained, and I am going to stay in bed until I am not. I am a champion, but I can only do it because my team is a champion too.

19. I am drained, emotionally and physically. I don’t know how much more I can take before my heart breaks into a million pieces.

20. I am drained, so I’m going to go lay down for a minute.

21. I am drained after a long, tiring week. Disconnected from the world around me, I feel like all I do is sleep and eat. The only thing left to do is admire my progress.

22. I’m always so grateful for the opportunity to create something so special. I am drained but it’s a great feeling to know that I’ve done my best work yet

23. I am so filled with self-doubt that I can’t create. I am drained of energy and inspiration, and only despair remains.

24. I am drained. I need you to love me, not judge me. The more good things happen to me, the more I realize how much I have to be thankful for

25. I am drained. I need a nap. My mind is like a steel trap. Nothing gets in, except thoughts that I want to keep.

26. I am drained. I’ve been working for six hours and tomorrow will be another long day. I need a drink.

27. I am drained, I am tired, I will lie down and rest. But God is still here with me.

28. I am tired. I am overworked. I am drained Just give me a break, to catch my breath.

29. I’m not a big fan of self-pity but I am so drained. Sometimes I just want to sit on my couch, put my feet up, and have a cocktail.

30. It’s ok to be tired. I’m so drained and I just need some time to recharge. A busy schedule can drain you, but never your sense of purpose.

31. I am drained, but I will not give up. Every day is a new start, an opportunity to do better.

32. I am drained, I am exhausted and I don’t know what to say.

33. I am drained. I am ready to go home and get a warm beer.

34. I’m drained of the sites I have seen, I’m drained of the people I have met. And I’m tired of feeling like a loser.

35. I am drained and exhausted from being a human and I need some time to myself.

36. I am drained, but I am beyond grateful for the people in my life who’ve helped me get to this place.

37. I am drained. I feel like I’ve been running around all day, and I’m tired.

38. I am drained and you don’t want to be around me when I’m like this.

39. I am drained and I just want to sleep. A busy schedule can drain you, but never your sense of purpose.

40. I am drained, but I am happy. I have accomplished so much and now I can rest.

41. I am drained, tired, and completely spent. I have been working non-stop for a long time and I’m ready to have some fun.

42. I am drained, I am exhausted. I am trying so hard to keep up with everything and everyone but my head is spinning and my body cramps up.

43. I am drained. I’m tired. I want to go home. I want to sleep for a week. I want to do nothing and listen to music. But I also want to wake up tomorrow and do it all again.

44. I am so drained from juggling it all. Let me just sleep for a few hours, and then we can talk about my feelings.

45. I am drained, but I’m not empty. I am a work in progress. I am so tired, overwhelmed, and overwhelmed by how much I have to do.

46. I am truly drained from too much work. I need a break from everything and go on vacation.

47. I am drained and exhausted. I have been running on empty for so long, and now my body is like a car with no gas, it’s got nothing to give.

48. I’m exhausted. I’m drained. I’m tired, but no words for these feelings. They’re just there, and they’re real. That’s all.

49. I am drained, I am so tired of being told you can’t do something. I am going to prove how wrong they are.

50. I am drained. I am exhausted. Every single day is a struggle. The pain doesn’t go away. It’s there, always in the back of my mind.”

There’s a point where you just feel drained, both physically and mentally. By now you might be feeling drained. Don’t worry, it’s normal! There are a lot of considerations that go into concluding and when you’re dealing with information this powerful, it’s bound to take at least a little bit of time to sink in.

We can’t run around frantic all the time; we need to stop and rest. Spending time participating in activities that relax you are instrumental in mending your psyche so you can deal with life’s stressors in healthy ways. Hopefully, these quotes above motivate you.

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