Causes of Conflict between Secretaries and Bosses in Anambra State Owned Establishment 


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CHAPTER ONE                                                


Background of Study                                               1

Statement of the problem                                       4

Purpose of study                                                5

Significance of study                                          5

Research Questions

Delimitations of study                                         7



Meaning of a secretary                                             10

Qualities of a secretary                                            14

Functions and categories of secretary                      19

Types and characteristics of conflicts                      23

Summary of literature review                                   32



Design of study                                                  34

Area of study                                                      34

The population of study                                            35

Sample of study                                                   36

The instrument used for data collection                          36

Distribution and retrieval of the instrument           37

Method of data collection                                             38



CHAPTER FIVE                                                 


Summary of findings                                                  44

Conclusion                                                                   45

Recommendations                                                     45

Limitations of study                                           47

Suggestions for further studies                              48

References                                                                 49

Appendix A                                                                50

Appendix B                                                                51


The purpose of this is to find out the causes of between Secretaries and Bosses in Anambra State-owned . The population of the consists of 58 Secretaries in Anambra State-Owned Companies.

The sample for the study was the total population of the Secretaries which is 58. Three research questions were formulated which guided the study. Nine (9) items structure questionnaire was developed validated and tested for its reliability. The percentage method was used in the calculation. The major findings of the study were:

  • That secretaries have more areas of conflict with their bosses than areas of mutual friendship.
  • The consequences of such conflicts affect the progress of the establishment concerned.
  • What if the possible strategies or procedures suggested can be adopted by the secretaries the conflict can be remedial.

It is concluded that it is important for the secretaries to have a good working relationship with their bosses to stop the conflicts and achieve the goals of the establishment, and bosses should provide or create a room for negotiation between them and their secretaries.


A secretary is an assistant to an executive possessing mastery of office skills and the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who displays initiative, exercises judgment, and takes decisions within the scope of her authority.

The Webster Dictionary of English (2005) however, defined a Secretary as one trusted with the secret of or confidence of a superior, adviser, confident or one employed to handle correspondence and manage routine and detailed work for a superior.

This depicts that a secretary is a skilled personnel who possess both executive and personal attributes in managing the affairs of any organization effectively and efficiently in order to achieve organizational objectives.

From this description, Onasanya (1990) defines a Secretary as someone who possesses adequate knowledge of administration or organization and the ability to achieve results through hard work and management of resources or people on behalf of his/her boss.

Its classification depends basically on experience and its functions are diverse and this depends largely on the field of specification. The cadre of secretaries tends to determine and at the same time modify the function of such a secretary.

According to Rule and Byars (1983), performance is the degree of accomplishment of the tasks that makes upon the individual job, but the performance of these functions can be greatly inhibited by certain functions.

According to Alancik and Fetter (1977), a job is satisfying when there is a match between the characteristic of the job and the needs of the individuals.

The determinants include self-evolution, expectation, social norms, social comparisons, commitment, etc, for instance, if one expects a job to be playing well,  and it is not, then he/she will be dissatisfied. Also if one is not evaluated up to the standard, she will also not be happy (dissatisfied).


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