Yoga is a daily practice of self-recreation and reflection. It’s also an invitation to connect with the world around you—through your breath, through physicality, through stillness and silence. It is a great way to express your inner strengths and potential. It helps build strong muscles and is an excellent form of exercise.

It is not just a physical practice, it’s a mental and spiritual journey too. It is a true pleasure, in harmony with nature itself. The benefits are far beyond the physical dimension we live in. It is meant to be done at any time of day, but during a full moon is the most special. When you feel like you’re getting somewhere, there will be no more distractions—your mind will be so focused that nothing can happen to you. The full moon brings an extra dose of energy.

It’s wonderful how the moon can affect us in many ways, and that includes practising yoga. We all know the benefits of striking a pose on a new moon. When the moon is full and bright, yoga poses can be a bit challenging. Whether you’re practising inside or outside during this time, you may encounter some difficulty with balancing poses like a downward-facing dog, tree pose, warrior two, or even seated twists.

To know more about little about practising yoga during a full moon, I have collected about the list of full moon yoga quotes.

It’s a proven fact that when there’s a full moon, we’re more likely to set goals and achieve them. The moon can be your greatest ally as you get into the flow of yoga, boosting your practice and making it easy to tackle even the toughest poses.

1. During a full moon, yoga unlocks a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

2. The full moon is a time to turn inward and set intentions. Do some yoga and get inspired.

3. Yoga on the Full Moon is a powerful practice that can help you connect with yourself and your inner light.

4. The full moon is a cosmic reminder that we’re all in this together. Yoga can be as beautiful and transcendent as the universe itself.

5. Yoga and moon yoga are a match made in heaven. You will feel better, look better, and perform better when you do it.

6. This is a perfect time to practice yoga. There’s an energy that makes it feel more energizing than ever before.

7. Yoga is the most potent way to connect with yourself, your body and the universe on a deep level.

8. Yoga during a full moon is a path to liberation. Let the energy of the moon guide you through your practice.

9. Yoga is a practice that helps us all feel more connected, peaceful and full of love. The full moon is the perfect time to connect to yourself and nature for an extended yoga experience.

10. The most powerful time to practice yoga is the time in which we are most receptive to it. There is a “moon effect” that happens when the moon is full; something about the moon’s pull and energy makes us more in tune with our true selves.

11. The full moon yoga is the perfect way to connect with the natural world and become more mindful.

12. On the night of a full moon, you’ll experience a full-moon yoga session that will lift your spirits with a wonderful instructor’s guidance. Just one session can do so much for you.

13. Experience the moon and the stars while relaxing your body and soul. This is a perfect time to connect with yourself and renew your energy.

14. Yoga is not just about getting stretched out and flexible. It’s about making peace with yourself and finding inner stillness.

15. The moon is a perfect symbol of nature’s cycles and rhythms. The full moon is the most powerful time of the month when we are all most receptive to being in tune with our inner selves.

16. Yoga during a full moon is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist at your disposal.  No excuses.

17. Yoga is an ancient practice that can help you manage your stress and anxiety. The full moon is the perfect time to give your body a rest, so why not try yoga tonight?

18. Full moon yoga is a perfect way to connect with nature and feel more centred, focused, and relaxed.

19. Yoga during the full moon is a holistic practice that provides balance, strength, and flexibility to your body. It will help you find your calm centre and enjoy a more peaceful day tomorrow.

20. Yoga is not a competition. It’s about being present, present in your body and present for the world around you. It doesn’t have to be boring or instructional, it’s about life and it can’t wait.

21. Give yourself a break and make time for yoga during the full moon. You deserve it.

22. Yoga is all about strengthening your body, mind and soul. It can be done at any time of the day—and it always feels better on a full moon.

23. Treat yourself to the ultimate full moon experience. Connect with nature and your body through a yoga retreat during the lunar cycle.

24. The full moon is the perfect time to try something new and get into the flow of yoga.


26. The full moon is the prime time to do yoga, meditate and focus on your spirituality. Why? The energy of the Universe is at its strongest.

27. The full moon brings extra energy to yoga, meditation, and spiritual exploration.

28. The full moon is a time of reflection and creativity. Let your mind expand, acknowledge the night and get into a routine of yoga.

29. When you practice yoga, nothing is off-limits. From love to lose, yoga can help you cope with anything.

30. Banish the fear and be fearless. On a full moon, give yourself a chance to feel the universe around you: the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the smell of earth after rain, and the touch of nature all around you. Let this moment in time be the catalyst for your practice.

31. Yoga is a practice of the mind and body, but more than anything it’s a process of self-discovery.

32. Go outside and breathe. The full moon means we can all connect to our higher selves, helping us make the most of our lives.

33. The moon is a living being. It breathes, it sweats, it bleeds, and it’s our connection with nature. It inspires us to be more awake and alive.

34. From sunset to sunrise, the moon always seems to shine brighter. The power of yoga is like that—it doubles in strength during the full moon and when it’s on its way down again by daybreak.

35. When you practice yoga during a full moon, you are more connected to your body, making it easier to feel the flow of energy through your body.

36. To be more focused, less stressed, and healthier, consider trying out yoga on the full moon.

37. Give yourself the gift of a full moon yoga class. Clear your mind and open your body in this ancient practice.

38. Yoga is all about opening yourself up and seeing what is possible. This month, full moon day is a great time to do that.

39. The full moon reminds us to pause, reflect and be in the moment. It is a great time to practice yoga.

40. There is power in yoga. This full moon, take a step toward making it easier to breathe, relax, and heal.

41. The full moon is an excellent time for yoga. Not only does the practice help your posture, balance, and strength, it helps reduce anxiety and tension as well.

42. The full moon is the perfect time to practice yoga. The moon’s gravitational pull helps align your mind, body and spirit.

43. The full moon is the perfect time to practice yoga because it’s a time when our mind and body are connected on an even deeper level.

44. Yoga is the art of breathing. It is as simple as that. It is not only a way to help you get a good night’s sleep, but also a way to find your inner peace and become a happier person in your daily life.

45. Yoga is a practice that allows for self-exploration, introspection and growth. It’s not about the mat, but rather about the person you become after your session.

46. Don’t just celebrate the full moon. Make it your full moon to practice yoga and transform your body and life.

47. The full moon is the most potent symbol for yoga and yoga teachers. It is a great time to gain insight, and feel balanced and empowered in every aspect of life.

48. We learn about ourselves through yoga. When we begin practising yoga, we start to learn exactly what feels right for our bodies. This increases self-awareness and acceptance of who we are and where we are in life.

49. Through flowing poses and deep breathing, yoga increases blood flow, relaxes the body, and reduces stress. Yoga helps you reach a place of power, acceptance, and peace.

50. Yoga on the full moon focuses on the mind, body and spirit. The benefits include stress reduction, weight loss and great overall health.

51. The yoga practice is so much more than just physical exercise. It’s a spiritual journey, a way to connect with yourself and others.

52. Yoga is a practice of awareness and self-discovery. It’s more than just stretching, chanting or breathing exercises—it’s an exploration of your true self. Spend time on your mat to explore the finer parts of your soul and make room for yourself in the world.

53. Your yoga practice should be about finding yourself, not anyone else. You should do it for yourself, even if no one else is watching.

54. Yoga is a practice for self-discovery and connection. It connects you to your mind, body, and soul. So make the time to do it.

55. The full moon is a time when there is a spiritual connection between us and the earth. It’s an opportunity to connect with our inner selves, our intuition, and the power of nature.

56. Yoga is my favourite way to connect with the world. It’s a practice that allows me to slow down, breathe and tune into the present moment.

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