Being totally drained is a state that most people have experienced at one time or another. It occurs when you’ve done so much for so long that you’re completely exhausted. It is not just a feeling of tiredness. It’s an overwhelming sensation of exhaustion and fatigue. The word “drained” is used because it feels as though all your energy has been taken from you and there’s nothing left to give.

This can happen for no apparent reason, even if you haven’t been doing anything especially strenuous. It can also be brought on by stress and anxiety, which can affect your sleep patterns and make you feel exhausted during the day. When you are totally drained, it’s almost impossible to get yourself going. You feel as if you’re stuck in a rut and that there’s no way out. It happens gradually over time. The longer it goes on, the harder it is to break free.

You may think that you have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but then one day you realize that your body feels like lead or that even simple tasks seem overwhelming. When this happens, it can be difficult to make decisions or come up with creative ideas when they’re needed most. The best way to overcome being totally drained is by giving yourself more time off than usual so that you can recharge both physically and mentally. This kind of self-care will help you get back on track quickly.

Below is a collection of I am totally drained quotes that you must check out to know more about being drained from whatever activity at all.

Being totally drained is a state of exhaustion, fatigue and depletion. It is when you feel like you have run out of energy and are unable to continue any activity. The most common causes of this condition include stress, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep.

1. I am totally drained and want to stop working. I want to be able to sit at home in my favourite chair and watch my favourite television shows. This feels like the best decision for me, even though I will not have sufficient money for rent or food for my family.

2. I could be drained by someone for energy, or I could use all my energy up. In this case, I’m totally exhausted after a hard day at work.

3. Sitting in the dark room, hearing no sound. I feel like I am completely drained of energy and time. My entire body is super heavy, but my eyes are so blurry that I don’t even know where to start.

4. I am totally drained: I hold in the tensions of hard, physical labour. My shoulders ache, and my hands are gritty and sore. I am exhausted from working so hard. My eyes are tired from looking at the screen of my tablet.

5. I am totally drained, but still have to get through the next fifteen minutes of meetings before I can run home and take a load off.

6. I am totally exhausted, I tried to keep myself up, even though of the experience I had earlier this week. I’m just totally drained and have no energy left to do anything.

7. I am totally drained. I’m tired of the work and family pressures, lonely at night and there is no one to talk to. I feel like I am drowning in my own inadequacies and fear of change.

8. I am totally drained and I have been exhausted from a week of trips to the store and unending telephone calls. I need a day off in the worst way.

9. My mind is overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do. There is so much work, and there are only so many hours to get it done. I’m totally drained.

10. I am totally drained. I don’t have the energy for anything other than eating snacks and scrolling through the internet.

11. I am totally drained right now. I barely have enough energy to stand up and walk around. The sleepiness has started to make me nauseous like I feel like I’m getting food poisoning or something. My appetite is gone and my mood is sullen, dark and dreary. I just want to go back to bed and sleep it off.

12. I am totally drained and want to end it all because of the lack of creativity in my life. I feel like a zombie trapped in my own existence.

13. I am totally drained. I have not slept for more than 30 minutes a day in 2 weeks. I have gone to work when I should have stayed in bed. Stress and worry had taken control of my life, but only because I let them.

14. I am totally drained from working so hard. My body is tired, my mind is tired and I need to rest. It’s not going to be easy because it seems like I am always busy with something. I will try to take the time off that I need but that isn’t always possible with everything else going on in my life. There are days when it is hard to get out of bed in the morning because my body just aches so much.

15. I am totally drained after a very busy week. I really need to spend some quality time with my family this weekend.

16. I’m worried that my body has been drained of energy. I know it’s not just because I haven’t slept much lately and have been drinking tons of coffee, but my hands are also starting to shake.

17. I am totally drained today. I have walked 4 miles, cleaned the house, answered 100 emails and worked on 3 projects since waking up. I would love to sit down in a comfortable chair and do nothing.

18. I don’t know why I am so exhausted, because I know that I slept during the night. My back hurts so bad that I can’t even get out of bed. My head feels heavy and just weighs me down.

19. I am totally drained. I have been working hard, but it seems that I was moving on a treadmill and I can’t get off.

20. I am totally drained. There are days when I feel as though my heart is going to stop beating and my soul is leaving my body. The days when the rest of the world seems so far away and all of my problems seem so huge, cripples me.

21. I am totally drained, I have been going through a lot. I have to work over-class and still, I don’t seem to get enough time to relax. Eventually, I end up being stressed out.

22. I am totally drained, I was on my feet 4 hours straight. I forgot how draining this can be and I hope that it stops soon.

23. I am tired, exhausted and have no energy at all. I need a break but this is about more than just time. I am drained in every sense of the word.

24. I am totally drained. I am totally exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week straight and not really miss anything.

25. I am totally drained. I have taken many deep breaths to calm myself down. I took a shower, and now I have a warm cup of tea at my side, an encouraging book on my lap, and a pair of warm socks on my feet.

26. I am totally drained and need some time off from the day-to-day grind. heading away for a few days is just what the doctor ordered.

27. I am totally drained. There are days when I feel like the cords holding me to my life have been cut, and I am floating in space.

28. I am totally drained. I thought the hard part was over, but now I realize I was wrong. It is much harder than I imagined. I don’t know how to get through this.

29. I have been up for days and have no energy left. I have no positive thoughts in my mind anymore, and I am living as if all my life has gone down the drain. Everything sucks and nothing is good enough.

30. I am totally drained. The day is so near its end, but it seems so long and hard. I look out the window at the sunrise and think about how beautiful the world is and then begin to count the hours until I can get this day over with.

31. I am totally drained, at the end of every day I go to bed completely exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open, some times I don’t even have any energy to watch one show – let alone two. If it weren’t for the kids, my husband would be raising them alone: I am not just drained, but burnt out too!

32. I am totally drained, but I need to keep going. I have been working for the past 18 hours and all I want to do is lay down and sleep. But you know what? I’m going to push through because that’s what a great leader does.

33. I am totally drained, my energy is low and my mood is bad. I want to sleep all day and do nothing. The energy drinks are not working for me anymore.

34. I am totally drained. I can’t think of anything else to say and I just want to keep typing because it makes me feel satisfied. It feels right, even if all the words are meaningless.

35. I am totally drained. I am kind of in a meh mood and feel like I want to leave the museum right now. I mean, everyone has their own imagination and is free to engage in it, but it’s just not enough for me.

36. I am totally drained. This is not a good feeling! All I have been doing is moving from place to place and every time I go somewhere I feel like my body weight has increased by a ton. Not being able to sleep well has made me so tired that it feels like my muscles feel like they do not exist anymore.

37. I am totally drained and don’t want to do anything. My brain has turned into a giant game of minesweeper. If a single thought gets through I’ll explode.

38. The past couple of weeks have been really hard on me. I have spent too much time at work, and not getting nearly enough sleep every night. I am totally drained.

39. I am totally drained. I have been awake for more than 24 hours and I’m not sure how much longer my body can take it. I feel like a zombie. But once it’s over, I can finally relax and sleep for an eternity.

40. I am totally drained today. It’s been a long day here, and I’m just calling to give you a heads-up that I may not be at my best in the meeting later this afternoon. Please take it easy on me!

41. I am totally drained. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel like I’m being drained of everything that makes me happy. This should be a happy time in my life, but after a few days, I just want to do nothing because it’s all so stressful and the pressure is getting to me.

42. I am totally drained. I am coming down with something, feel like I actually have a fever, and it’s making me dizzy/lightheaded. My neck hurts like hell, my joints ache and my head is pounding. My nose is plugged up and my sinuses feel like they haven’t been touched since the cold front moved in on us.

43. I am totally drained. I have become so tired and weary, that I can no longer work as hard as I once did. In fact, I am lucky if I can even get out of bed and make it through the day.

44. I am totally drained and need to recharge my batteries. I have just been through the emotional wringer. The last thing I want to do is think about what happened today, so please don’t bring it up again tonight.

45. I am completely exhausted, but there is something about the fact that I just don’t have the energy to do anything else that makes me feel like it’s a necessary day off from work.

46. I am so tired that I can’t help but yawn. I could sleep for years. If only something would happen to wake me up, or at least distract me from this soul-denying slumber.

47. In a perfect world, I’d have endless hours to pursue my passion. The reality is that I’m juggling multiple tasks and I’m completely exhausted.

48. I am totally drained, but I love you. I need to go to sleep now. I hope that you are providing me with company tonight and listening to my breathing.

49. I am totally drained and I feel weak. I can barely lift my arms. My head feels light, my eyes hurt, and there’s popping in my knee. It is like an electric shock every time it happens. I’m exhausted from trying to get through the day, so much so that I don’t know how I’m going to do it tomorrow!

50. I am totally drained. I need a full rest, taking care of my mind, spirit and body without worrying about the daily chaos of life.

51. I am totally drained. I don’t think this job is right for me. I want to be more productive, but the work isn’t motivating me like it used to. Every morning I wake up with a sense of dread—it’s simply too much.

52. I am totally drained. I know when I have a goal and accomplish it, it gives me a boost of energy. But when my goal is lost and I go through the frustration of trying to find out why, that just drains me!

53. I am totally drained, absolutely exhausted, and completely worn out. I feel like I have been carrying around a thousand pounds and I just don’t have any more strength left to endure another obstacle in front of me.

54. I am totally drained. I feel like I can’t go on any longer. There is so much work to be done and I don’t know where it will end.

55. I am drained from the inside out. All I wanted was to be warm and cosy after a long day of work, but now I’m cold, tired and irritable.

56. I am totally drained. The amount of work on my plate is not only overwhelming but I’m constantly worried about all the things that are going to go wrong.

57. When you are totally drained, it’s hard to get up and go. You can’t think straight, you feel heavy and tired, and you just want to lie on the couch and eat ice cream. You may even start feeling angry at the people around you. They’re not helping by asking for your opinion or advice — which makes you feel even more worthless.

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