The strength of a woman is not defined by how many times she can be knocked down; it’s defined by how many times she can get back up again. A strong woman works hard, doesn’t complain, and keeps going even when she feels like giving up. She will do anything for her loved ones, even if that means putting herself last. She puts on a face of strength when really she’s exhausted and just wants to be alone with her thoughts or take a nap or curl up in bed with her favourite book.

A strong woman wants more than anything else to be vulnerable; however, society tells women that being vulnerable makes them weak and fragile creatures who need protection from everything around them. They are taught not to let their guard down or show any signs of weakness because they might get hurt in some way, shape or form if they do so. It’s not easy to be a woman. They’re constantly under attack and pressure for our appearance and our choices.

From the moment they’re born, they’re taught that their looks are their worth and that they need to be beautiful, but not too beautiful. They need to be smart but not too smart. They need to be strong but not too strong. They need to make men feel good about themselves or they’ll find someone else who will. As a result of all this pressure, many women are exhausted.

But the thing about being a strong woman is that you can’t show your weaknesses to anyone else but yourself — no matter how tired you are or how many things you have going on in your life at once or how much you hate your job or hate being single or hate being single while everyone else seems to be in relationships except you because the society says so. Meanwhile, a strong woman also gets tired.

This list of strong woman gets tired quotes is for every woman who faces challenges, struggles and defeats in her life. It teaches her about her strength, the power of the mind and how to overcome adversity in order not to be defeated by it.

A strong woman also gets tired. There are days when every cell in your body is screaming at you to give up. Where every ounce of strength that you possess has been depleted and you’re sick of fighting someone else’s battles.

1. A strong woman gets tired of being told to be tough. She is strong and knows her worth, yet it’s tiring to hear the same old “just be strong” comments.

2. A strong woman knows when she needs to rest. She’s a warrior, but only because she’s fought and won enough battles to recognize the need for self-care. She gets tired, but she also knows when it’s time to turn around and take a break and gather her strength so that she can do something great later.

3. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Push further. A strong woman gets tired but she doesn’t give up when things are tough and she’ll fight off even the most challenging obstacles in her way if it means getting what she wants.

4. As a woman in this world, you need to be strong and fearless. You have to stand up for yourself and fight for what is right. But even the strongest of women can get tired. When that happens, take a break and find the strength again.

5. A strong woman gets tired but she gets up again because she knows what to do in her heart. A strong woman is not afraid to fight the world and win. She can hold on when others cannot. She can carry more than anyone else thinks is possible. She will face the storm with a confident smile and love in her heart.

6. A strong woman gets tired. A strong woman feels a weight that was never there before. She cries when she doesn’t want to and laughs when she wants to. She knows she is more than enough, but sometimes she just cannot believe it because no one around her understands what a toll her strength takes on her soul.

7. A strong woman gets tired. She gets tired of being told to smile, even when her face is being ground into the concrete by society. She gets tired of being expected to stay quiet and “respectable” at all times. She gets tired of trying to peacefully exist in a world that is set up against her.

8. A strong woman gets tired and you tell her to “stop being so weak.” A strong woman is fighting for the betterment of herself and others, but will never lose heart and determination.

9. A strong woman gets tired; loves too hard, fights too long, works too hard and laughs too much. She cries when no one notices, and feels sad beyond happy when she has lost her childlike joy of living.

10. Strong women get tired. Tired, but not tired enough to give up. Not tired enough to slow down. Not tired enough to stop talking about their dreams, or challenging other women to pursue theirs.

11. A strong woman gets tired of being strong. She wants to cry and does not care who sees her. She wants to be weak, let down her guard, and just be herself.

12. A strong woman gets tired of being strong. She leans on a friend, on family and she sheds her facade and lets down her guard.

13. A strong woman gets tired, but she never gives up. She keeps on pushing and working hard until she finally breaks through.

14. A strong woman gets tired of being the one waiting for things to change. She gets tired of the lines on her face and the ones in her soul. She just wants to be appreciated, not just admired.

15. A strong woman gets tired but she keeps on going. The energy and motivation to be great don’t come easy, it’s something you have to earn every day. No matter what.

16. A strong woman gets tired. She lets down her guard, leans on a friend or family member for support and rests. She says “No” for them, not for herself because she wants to.

17. A strong woman can be a force to reckon with. But she gets tired. She needs time alone, just her and her thoughts. She may be more emotional than usual, and she probably has no interest in talking about those emotions with anyone else. She knows that people will only tell her what she wants to hear anyway, so it’s easier for everyone if she just keeps her mouth shut.

18. A strong woman gets tired of pretending she doesn’t need help. She knows that it would be easier to do everything on her own, but she knows that we are all depending on each other.

19. A strong woman gets tired, just like anyone else. Sometimes she needs a chance to rest and recover, so she can come back stronger than before.

20. A strong woman gets tired of always being strong, of never having time to rest, take a break and just be herself. A strong woman wants to cry without feeling guilty that she’s letting others down. She wants to stop being the anchor but is afraid of what will happen if she stops.

21. A strong woman gets tired. She needs to rest and rejuvenate herself so she can continue to be a force in her work and life.

22. A strong woman isn’t invincible, but she is capable of incredible things. It’s her tireless strength and determination that pushes her to pursue her dreams, no matter what the world says she can’t do. She is capable of taking on the world, but sometimes she needs a reminder that even the strongest women get tired.

23. A strong woman knows that she can accomplish anything, as long as she doesn’t burn herself out. A strong woman is a happy woman, and she gets tired.

24. A strong woman gets tired. A strong woman gets exhausted. A strong woman needs time to breathe and collect her thoughts and focus on what she needs to be doing for herself.

25. A strong woman gets tired of getting tired, exhausted and going through the battle of life alone. She needs a companion that is empowered by God, who knows how to build her up and love her unconditionally.

26. A strong woman gets tired, but she never stops. She keeps fighting until she reaches her goal. She can admit that she’s made a mistake, but she doesn’t give up even when she makes the same mistake again.

27. A strong woman gets tired, but she never gives up. She’s an unstoppable force for good. And no matter how hard things get, she keeps going.

28. A strong woman gets tired, but she never gives up. She speaks up for herself but knows when to listen. She is afraid and yet she still marches on.

29. A strong woman will get tired, and she’ll struggle to sleep. She won’t be happy with the job she’s doing and she’ll wonder if she can do better. She is never satisfied with her accomplishments but instead pushes herself to be better than she was before.

30. You are a strong woman. You know how to handle the pressure, how to get things done, and how to achieve goals. There is no one who is stronger or more accomplished than you. But you’re tired. You want to take a break and rest your mind and body.

31. There is nothing more beautiful than a strong woman. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. They don’t get it or may be uncomfortable with their own power, but you can use your strength to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

32. A strong woman gets tired. She still pays her bills and runs a household, but she also understands what it means to get bored. She knows that if you stop learning, you stop living.

33. Yes, a strong woman gets tired. She’s fighting for a world that doesn’t always want her to win. She’s fighting the good fight on behalf of others so that they can experience a life where they can be their best selves and not just survive but thrive in this great big world. She is tireless because she has hope and determination.

34. A strong woman gets tired. She gets tired of the world telling her to be someone she’s not, or telling her that she can’t be the person she has worked so hard to become. She is comfortable in her own skin, but sometimes she lets the pressure of others’ expectations get to her, and we’re all guilty of this.

35. A strong woman gets tired of being strong. She doesn’t mind it, she loves strength and power. But she doesn’t want to be a superhuman – or even a superwoman. She wants to be human, with human limitations and frailty. She ignores her own needs because she always thinks about others first but sometimes she just needs a break.

36. A strong woman gets tired. She gets cranky and hungry. She has less patience for her children and she gets frustrated when things don’t go her way. But a strong woman does not quit, fold, or fall apart.

37. A strong woman gets tired but she doesn’t quit. She runs out of time, but she still finds a way to make time for what she needs to do. A strong woman smiles when it’s hard and cries when it’s over. She knows that life is not always easy, but she gets back up and keeps going no matter how tired she is.

38. A strong woman gets tired, but a strong woman works anyway. A strong woman shows up when things get tough. She knows that adversity is temporary, but she rides through it because she knows that this too shall pass.

39. A strong woman gets tired. She isn’t indestructible and her hard shell isn’t unbreakable. But she wants to be and sometimes, she pretends that it is.

40. A strong woman gets tired, she feels like she’s done all she can for the world and herself. She is limited by her size, her weight and her strength. She is not perfect at everything; but she keeps trying because, in the end, it will be worth it.

41. A woman who is strong may still get tired sometimes. It’s okay to let your guard down, and it’s okay to feel weak. Don’t hate yourself for needing a break.

42. A strong woman gets tired and needs a rest but she’s not willing to let anyone know she’s tired. She doesn’t want pity or sympathy, she just wants recognition that in her quest to save the world she’s allowed herself to get weak.

43. A strong woman gets tired and will still get up. she’ll want to go back to bed, but a strong woman knows sleep is not in her best interest right then. she’ll pick herself up, put on her shoes and face the day.

44. A strong woman gets tired of fighting everyday battles, she gets tired of being told that she doesn’t have enough wherewithal to make it.

45. A strong woman is a patient woman. A strong woman knows that things take time, and even if she can’t see the end result yet, she knows it will come.

46. To be a strong woman is not to be unbreakable or invincible. To be a strong woman is to be understanding and compassionate of your own strength and its limits. Being a strong woman is not comparing yourself to other women, even if they appear stronger than you think you are. It is to understand that even the strongest person you know may be struggling today.

47. A strong woman gets tired, just like everyone else. She gets tired of having the same conversations over and over again. She gets tired of doing the same things over and over again. And sometimes, when she’s had enough of being a strong woman, she needs a break from that too.

48. A strong woman gets tired, but she never gives up. She struggles with challenges, but she’s stronger because of them. She falls down, but she always gets back up again.

49. A strong woman gets tired but she never gives up. She never stops creating, building, doing, and being. She pushes herself to the breaking point and makes a promise to herself that when she is strong enough, she will rest and spend time with her heart.

50. Strong women get tired. They get tired of society telling them how to live their lives, and how to be seen and understood. They get tired of fighting to make their voices heard, to educate the ignorant, and to undo structural discrimination and abuse. They get tired because they are exhausted from trying so hard.

51. A strong woman gets tired, but she still finds the strength to go on. A strong woman can be weak and vulnerable. She is a force of nature and a source of wonder. She is worth knowing and will always be remembered.

52. A strong woman gets tired. She can smile her way through a hangover and laugh about what a terrifying mess she made yesterday, but that doesn’t mean she’s not worn out. She knows it’s okay to take a nap, or drink a glass of water and call it breakfast. And then another nap, if she feels like it.

53. A strong woman gets tired. She puts off her dreams and dismisses her goals while she balances the needs of everyone around her. She wears long sleeves to hide her battle scars from people who don’t know what she’s endured, who don’t know how hard she fought for them.

54. A strong woman gets tired. She grows weary. She feels the limits of her body, the limits of her mind. But she is not weak, because she can face those feelings and transcend them.

55. A strong woman gets tired of her tears and fears. She gets tired of hearing the things she can’t do. She gets tired of being told that she is no good. Yet a stronger woman has the courage to look hard at herself and decide which is true.

56. A woman is not only strong, but she also has her strengths. She can be a mother, a doctor, a lawyer or she can be the boss at work. There are so many opportunities that she can use to get what she wants. But eventually, even the strongest woman will get tired.

57. A strong woman gets tired and she is not afraid to ask for help. She knows that she is not Superman, though sometimes it may seem like it, and when she asks for help and allows herself to lean on someone else it makes her even stronger.

58. A strong woman gets tired, only to get stronger. She knows what it is like to live with pain and discomfort, she gets used to it. Pain is familiar, it’s a constant companion. Not welcome but tolerated.

59. Strong women are tired. Tired of being strong, tired of being alone, tired of fighting for their worth. They know they’re capable: they were made to conquer and persist in every area of life. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s okay to be vulnerable and exhausted.

60. A strong woman gets stronger each day. She is a force to be reckoned with and brings life to those around her. She is in tune with the world around her and knows how to stand her ground.

61. A strong woman gets tired. Not because she doesn’t have the energy to keep fighting, but because her experiences have made her cynical. She knows there’s no point in opening up her heart anymore because she’s been fooled so many times before.

62. You’re not crazy. You have a lot of energy, but sometimes a strong woman gets tired. You can’t sleep at night and you get cranky when you feel like dying, or even worse – exploding. There isn’t enough time in the world to take care of everyone like you do.

63. A strong woman doesn’t whine when she gets tired. She is still pushing forward with the same sense of purpose and discipline that got her to this point in the first place.

64. A strong woman gets tired. A strong woman feels despair, grief, and doubt. A strong woman knows when to accept help, and is brave enough to admit that she cannot do it all alone. But she does not give up. She does not quit. And she does not let her past define her future or be the reason for her failure and she refuses to fail.

65. One of the best things about strong women is that they are strong enough to admit when they’re tired. I know we all want to look like we have it all together, but sometimes the only thing you can do is throw your hands up and say “I’m exhausted!”

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