Natural birth is any birth that is born without the use of medical interventions. It is not an official medical term, but it is often used by women who are planning or have had a natural birth. It is the idea that childbirth should be as natural — or as close to it — as possible. This includes methods like having a home birth, birthing tub, and midwife-assisted births.

One of the reasons for this is that many people believe that medical interventions can interfere with the natural process of childbirth and lead to complications like tearing or infection. They also believe that these interventions may be unnecessary for some women who don’t need them — especially if they’re given on a routine basis by doctors who aren’t trained in their use or risks.

Sometimes, a cesarean section may be necessary to protect both mother and child. Many myths surround natural birth: it is painful and frightening. It might result in infertility or other serious health problems later on in life. It requires an extended hospital stay. It can cost several thousand dollars out of pocket. None of this has been proven to be true.

The goal of natural childbirth is for mothers to have healthy pregnancies and for babies to enter into this world with minimal stress on either mother or baby. The natural child also emphasizes the importance of trust between doctor and patient, as well as trust in one’s body’s ability to give birth naturally and safely.

Below is a collection of natural birth quotes that might contain all you need to know about natural birth and how it works.

Having a natural, drug-free birth is the best way to bring your baby into the world. The process of giving birth naturally helps reduce stress and anxiety, so when you need it most, you’ll have the strength and energy to focus on what matters most – your baby.

1. Natural birth is the most effective and satisfying way to give birth. It minimizes your risk of a cesarean section, pain problems, and recovery time. If you want to experience the joys of giving birth naturally, learn about your options.

2. Natural birth is a safe and effective way to have your baby. It allows you to feel relaxed and in control because you can be involved in every aspect of the process.

3. Natural birth is birth without medical intervention. It includes all aspects of pregnancy: nutrition, exercise, and bodywork and may include traditional or complementary methods of enhancing a healthy pregnancy.

4. Natural birth is a safe, healthy and normal way to deliver your baby. Natural birth is not scary or painful, it is empowering and beautiful.

5. Natural birth has its benefits. You can avoid unnecessary interventions like epidurals and C-sections, and have more control over the process. Having a natural birth means you understand what is happening to your body.

6. A woman’s strength and determination to birth a baby naturally can only be fully appreciated by witnessing one herself. Natural birth has a stronger bond than any other relationship.

7. A natural birth can be one of the most empowering experiences of your life if you let it. You will feel closer to your baby and enjoy the first few days of your child’s life so much more than if you’d had an interventionist birth.

8. Natural birth is a lot more than just having a baby at home. It’s freedom from doctors, hospitals, needles, interventions and technology.

9. We can’t deny the beauty of natural birth. For many women, that’s the best experience they could have imagined. Even with the pain and challenge, it is extremely rewarding. Every woman has the right to choose how she delivers her baby; but if natural birth is an option, explore it!

10. When it comes to the experience of birth, you want the best for your baby. And when it comes to the experience of bringing your baby into the world, there is never a right or wrong way. Natural birth can be scary and painful, but also rewarding, bonding and unforgettable.

11. Having a natural birth is best for you, your baby and your partner. It allows you to keep active during labour and birth and gives you total control over your birth plan.

12. There is no denying that natural birth is the best way to deliver a baby. Childbirth should be a healthy event for both mother and baby. Natural childbirth protects against several complications that can occur during medical induction or surgical delivery, such as damage to the cervix or uterus, postpartum haemorrhage, and perineal tears. It also decreases the likelihood of maternal infections from an unnecessary episiotomy or an operative birth.

13. Natural birth is a process that releases powerful, natural hormones that induce labour and help women transition through the early stages of labour. In addition to feeling more comfortable, many women find that they have a shorter labour.

14. A natural birth is as normal for babies as it is for their mothers. The best way to have a natural delivery is to have an experienced midwife support you and your baby during labour.

15. Natural birth is the process of giving birth with no or minimal medical intervention. Natural birth can be accomplished through traditional or alternative methods and practices. Every woman who gives birth must make a series of choices about when, where, who and how to deliver her baby.

16. Natural birth can be beautiful. A completely normal process, it is a deep and intimate connection between mother and child that can only be achieved with no active intervention. It is also empowering for you as a woman, giving you control over your own body throughout labour, delivery and the early days of postpartum.

17. Natural birth is the most common type of childbirth and the one most recommended by obstetricians. It is called “natural” because there are no interventions that interfere with the normal development of your labour and birth. It can take place in the hospital or at home and varies greatly depending on your personal preferences. Some women find extreme pain in their labour, while others experience little to no discomfort.

18. The desire to experience a natural birth is one of the biggest motivations for women to become pregnant. The thought that you will be able to give birth without any man-made interventions sounds very appealing.

19. Natural birth is a more natural way of bringing your baby into the world. It can be more satisfying and empowering, and it feels more right in your body than any other option you could have chosen.

20. Natural birth is a way of thinking. It’s about having faith that your body and baby know how to birth. It’s about surrendering control, putting aside all the shoulds and feeling safe to let nature take its course.

21. The natural way to give birth is safe, it’s normal and it’s beautiful. Natural Birth is a healthy approach to pregnancy and childbirth; focusing on the mother and her needs rather than on interventions such as epidurals, C-sections and pain relief.

22. You can have a natural birth, even if you have to have pain medication. It takes researching, support and finding a doctor who will respect your wishes. Most of the time, if you are healthy and strong, there is no reason why you should not be having a vaginal birth with medication around 40 weeks.

23. Giving birth naturally is a beautiful picture of what motherhood is meant to be. A woman can feel secure and know that her body was designed for birthing since it’s done it all their life!

24. When you birth without a doctor or midwife, you have more connection and control over your experience and the natural environment.

25. Natural birth is a powerful and profound experience. It allows couples to come together as equals. It reminds us that we are connected to the rhythm of our planet and it gives us the chance to listen deeply to our bodies.

26. Natural birth is the term used to describe what happens to a child during the birthing process when no interventions are used, or minimal interventions are used.

27. The truth is that there are risks with any pregnancy, but the benefits of a natural birth are well worth the discomfort that you’ll experience in the weeks leading up to your delivery. Getting up and moving will help you stay healthy and avoid extra weight gain. That being said, you’re still pregnant and need to take extra care of yourself during this time.

28. Natural birth is easier and less painful than a medicalized birth. It feels safer, more in your control and it’s far more intimate. It’s a connection that happens between you and your baby for the first time; it’s about finally meeting this little being you have created, in his or her unique way.

29. A natural birth or “free birth” is usually an unmedicated, physiologically-managed birth. Natural birth can be in a hospital or at home. In a natural hospital setting, women would generally have their babies checked regularly by their doctor during pregnancy and labour; however, these women would have the option to go off medication if they wanted to.

30. If you plan to have a natural birth, remember that you will be in a state of awe—a state of awe when you look back at what your body has just accomplished.

31. Natural birth is great! Don’t be afraid of it. You’re going to get a rush of adrenaline and you’ll feel so strong, so confident and powerful. You will know when the time has come to push and you will have total control over your body. You’re not just giving birth, you are also birthing yourself.

32. Natural birth is a beautiful experience. It’s sometimes hard, painful and exhausting but it’s also beautiful. Natural childbirth is an important part of becoming a mother. You can use hypnotherapy to make your labour easier, shorten the time you are in labour or even avoid medical intervention altogether.

33. Natural birth is often a healing process for mother and baby alike. The more natural the birth, the better it becomes. Natural birthing is much safer than cesarean sections or other interventions like induction, forced pushing, having your baby turned over before delivery, etc.

34. Childbirth is a natural process that has been occurring for thousands of years. Babies come into the world naturally and effortlessly. Obstetricians have done a wonderful job at helping women give birth, but midwives are used to working with women and babies who know what they are doing!

35. Birth is wonderful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Natural birth is more beautiful, peaceful and empowering than any other experience I’ve ever had. It’s so intimate, and that moment of meeting your child as they come into the world will stay with you forever. If you want to feel your strength as a woman and amazingly connect to your life force… Give birth naturally!

36. A natural birth is a healthy, beautiful and empowering experience. through the use of energy, strength and power a woman can bring her child into the world naturally.

37. The best thing about natural birth is to be in labour and know that you are not alone in the experience. To feel a tremendous amount of pain, and have it end with something beautiful, like a baby. Natural birth is one of those things that women don’t talk about because it’s so personal.

38. When a woman steps into the road of natural birth, it is to claim her body back. The protection of the law should be extended only to those who reveal the vulnerable and fragile.

39. Natural Birth is best for the mother and baby. There are many benefits to this choice, including less pain, less injury, shorter recovery time and the opportunity to develop a special bond with your new baby. It will also be less expensive in most cases.

40. Natural birth is a beautiful and satisfying experience. Research shows that natural birth has way more benefits than traditional medical procedures. It is safe and delivers better health outcomes for both mother and child.

41. Natural birth is the process of giving birth without medication, instruments or interventions in any form. The process is guided by a woman’s feelings and abilities, such as having a strong desire to push and letting her body be comfortable in its natural shape, functioning and position.

42. Natural birth is not a right. It’s a privilege. The satisfaction you get from having a natural birth is worth every ounce of pain. People who think that choosing to have an epidural means you’re weak or can’t handle pain are WRONG!

43. Why would you want to have a baby any other way? Natural birth creates a connection between you, your baby and your partner. This bond is something that cannot be replicated through intervention or drugs. It is the most important connection we will ever make.

44. Natural childbirth is a wonderful journey of discovery and empowerment. The process of birthing naturally involves the body, the mind and emotions as well as connecting to your baby.

45. Natural birth is the most powerful tool to create a positive birth experience. It can transform your life and bring you strength, confidence and wisdom so that you can use it in raising your children and in all areas of life.

46. Natural birth is a wonderful, peaceful experience that is magical for mother and baby. It is time for an evolution in the ways we approach birth; everyone deserves to know about all their options.

47. Giving birth the natural way is not for everyone, but it does have many benefits. It results in fewer interventions, which are not always medically necessary. When you push, your body can do what it was designed to do: release the baby into the world.

48. Natural birth is the ultimate expression of a woman’s body, mind and spirit working together to create life. It is an amazing experience of powerful feelings, emotions, senses and sensations that create the magic of pregnancy.

49. Natural birth is an option for many expecting parents and can make for an easier delivery experience. However, sometimes even the most natural of pregnancies need medical intervention to ensure safe delivery.

50. Natural Birth is the best and most beautiful of our life experiences. When you give birth in peace, with your family around, surrounded by love and trust, all will be well. The world will become new again.

51. A natural birth is a wonderful experience. All the pain, effort and hard work are over in an instant. Everything about it feels right and real, not manufactured or forced. Your body knows how to give birth, so just let it do what it does best.

Giving birth naturally is a remarkable and empowering experience that you might want to share with your partner and/or other loved ones. Birth is not just about the baby coming into this world; it’s also about you, and your body’s capabilities.

52. Giving birth naturally is a wonderful experience that allows you to create the most peaceful, calm and beautiful memories with your baby. Your body was designed to have a natural birth, so let it work for you!

53. Whether you are planning a home birth or your baby is early and you need to be in the hospital, giving birth naturally with an all-natural birth support team can bring you into the room with a team who supports you, without unnecessary interventions.

54. More women are giving birth naturally, and for good reasons: Natural childbirth is safer for the mother, easier on the baby, cheaper than a cesarean, requires less recovery time, and reduces the need for medical intervention.

55. Whether you think natural birth is possible or not, it can be. You can help yourself by being informed and choosing your care providers carefully. Taking charge of your labour also means following your instincts as to when you should push, as well as spending time with others who will encourage you to keep going rather than demanding that you get induced or get an epidural.

56. Giving birth naturally without any interventions is something that every pregnant woman dreams of. Though the chances of it happening are very rare, there are millions of women who go through it successfully and take a new baby home with them.

57. Giving birth naturally, without the use of a Cesarean section, is considered one of the most natural things you can do. It’s one of your body’s most basic functions. Many women who choose to give birth naturally may believe that it will be better for them and their babies, but other factors play into this decision as well.

58. Giving birth naturally can be a wonderful experience and it’s very empowering, but it’s also scary. The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of having a positive experience.

59. There are many compelling reasons to give birth naturally rather than having an epidural. Natural childbirth is becoming more popular as more women question whether they want to be distracted, or if they want the experience of birth to be memorable and exciting.

60. Did you all know that women who give birth naturally are happier and healthier than those who do not? Giving birth naturally is a great experience, it’s the best way to have your baby.

61. Natural birth has long been considered to be the best way to give birth and the medically safest for both mother and baby. Your doctor, midwife or obstetrician will discuss this option with you during your antenatal appointments. Though it may sound daunting and even frightening, there are many advantages to natural birth.

62. Giving birth naturally is one of the most empowering experiences a woman can have. It can also be rewarding, intense and joyous. For most women, the birth experience feels natural. The pushing phase of labour often brings a highly productive surge of adrenaline and energy – perfect for giving birth!

63. Giving birth naturally is a rewarding process that allows you to experience your baby’s birth, especially if you have chosen to welcome him or her into the world without medical intervention. You might think that it will be painful, but natural childbirth can be amazing. You will get to spend time with your loved ones who are there for you through this amazing experience.

64. The experience of giving birth naturally is as individual as your pregnancy and birth. You get to choose whether or not you have an epidural, or if you even want pain medication. You get to follow the progress of your labour at all times and have control over how quickly or slowly things progress. You get to choose whether or not interventions are used in case of complications, what kind and when. Most importantly, you get to reach down deep inside yourself to find reserves of strength and determination that may surprise even you!

65. If you are confident that your body will do what it needs to when it’s time to deliver, then giving birth naturally may be the right choice for you. While some women have quick and easy vaginal deliveries, others experience more pain than they expected or would like.

66. Giving birth naturally is not just the best thing you can do for your baby, it’s also your healthiest and best chance of having a safe birth.

67. Giving birth naturally is one of the most powerful and amazing experiences of your life. It’s both physically and emotionally empowering, and you are so very capable of giving birth without any help from anyone. That’s the beauty of nature.

68. If I could give birth all over again, I would. Giving birth naturally was the best experience of my life. No drugs, no complications — just a gentle birth journey and a beautiful baby boy. This is how it happened.

69. I loved giving birth naturally. There’s nothing quite like working through your contractions to open up your body and welcome a baby into the world. It’s like running a marathon, but you also get rewarded with a sweet bundle of joy. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done!

70. Giving birth naturally is easier than you think and can be beneficial to your baby. It not only reduces the pain of labour but also reduces the risk of needing an assisted delivery (ventouse or forceps). It will also reduce the risk of your baby being admitted to the neonatal unit after his/her birth.

71. Giving birth naturally is the most empowering and life-changing experience that a woman can have. The reward of doing things your way, in your time and with the support you need to find your strength and give birth your way is second to none.

72. Giving birth naturally is about the spiritual significance of welcoming life into this world, and how it touches the deepest part of yourself and your family.

73. Giving birth naturally is the most rewarding experience in my life. So, for women that are expecting or have just had a baby, I encourage you to do it naturally! It will be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.

74. Giving birth naturally can be scary. You will give up control. Your body needs to do its job, but the timing of that is uncertain. Pain is inevitable, and you may experience some loss of dignity too. But the rewards are immense: natural childbirth will open a door to a different kind of relationship between you and your baby – one that could alter your life forever.

75. Choosing to deliver your baby naturally is a big decision, but one that brings both benefits and risks to you and your baby. Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, here’s how giving birth naturally can benefit you both physically and emotionally.

76. So many women are so scared of giving birth naturally, yet it can be such an empowering experience. Having that human connection with your baby through the physical act of creating and delivering by yourself is something you can never replicate in any other way. Women who have had a natural birth experience often comment that it’s the most mentally, physically and spiritually satisfying thing they’ve ever done in their lives.

77. Natural birth is the most magnificent achievement in women’s health. But it takes an understanding of how to work with your body and the knowledge that you are strong enough to do this.

78. Giving birth naturally is a great way to get to know your body. Don’t be so quick to take the epidural or another form of pain relief when you give birth naturally. Many women who experience natural childbirth find breastfeeding easier, have stronger feelings toward their babies, and have better overall health.

79. Giving birth naturally has many benefits, including a lower risk of a c-section, access to medications that may be prohibited in cesarean-section births and the ability to control your experience in labour. Childbirth is a natural process that should be respected and celebrated. Be sure your provider shares your same beliefs about giving birth naturally before being discharged from the hospital.

80. Choosing to give birth naturally, without the use of drugs, can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Being part of the process gives you more confidence and trust in your body, and can make you feel closer to your baby.

81. Giving birth naturally is more empowering and empowering than giving a cesarean section. Natural childbirth is also about trusting your body and being able to cope with the pain, but it’s not just about the pain – it’s also about the pleasures of being pregnant. The whole process is filled with intensity and excitement that can be overwhelming, but you have no idea what an intense experience you have until you try it.

82. Choosing to give birth naturally can be a difficult one. It’s a choice many women choose not to make, and others choose because of previous experience with cesarean births or other complications.

83. Giving birth naturally requires less medication and fewer interventions and results in a healthier baby and mother.

84. Giving birth naturally has many benefits. The first is that natural birth can be less painful than a cesarean delivery unless complications occur. To give birth naturally also means that there is no risk of tearing and other complications associated with having surgery during labour.

85. Giving birth naturally is an amazing, unforgettable experience. Natural childbirth is a woman’s right and choosing this option is the best choice you will make during the birthing process.

86. Giving birth naturally — with no epidural or other pain relief during labour — is a good one. The woman is more in tune with her body. She understands what her body is doing, how it feels and how to work with that feeling. It’s a beautiful experience.

87. Giving birth naturally is the best way to deliver your baby. It is natural and organic, without any chemicals or drugs. And the benefits are numerous: you experience it because you know your body best, you have control over how you deliver your child, you only have to deal with one person who is 100% there for you and your baby and you can feel completely confident when it’s over by knowing that everything went exactly as you wanted it to surely be.

88. Giving birth naturally is the best way to bring a new member of your family into the world. It is not only safer for you, but also more natural and beautiful. Natural birth can help you bond with your baby at an early age and benefits both you and your child.

89. Giving birth naturally is one of the most powerful things you can do to shape your child’s future. It is an experience that provides life-changing benefits both for you and your baby.

90. Giving birth naturally is empowering, empowering yourself to trust your body to guide you and your baby into the world’s most beautiful creation.

91. Natural birth is a beautiful, life-changing experience. It’s a testament to the strength and beauty of the female body. Giving birth naturally can be the most amazing experience of your life. The reward of seeing your baby born into this world is worth every minute of stress you had during pregnancy.

92. Giving birth naturally is something that women should have the right to choose. Unmedicated childbirth is a significant part of something unquantifiable but very real—the experience of giving birth. When you choose to deliver your baby without drugs and interventions, you also choose a more spiritual birthing experience. And in telling that story to your child someday, you can say, “I did it all by myself.”

93. Giving birth naturally is a beautiful, empowering experience. Everyone’s different and each birth journey is unique. For some women, having a natural birth is their dream; for others, it’s the opposite. But whatever choice you make will always be yours, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

94. When you choose to give birth naturally, you have a partner who can help ease your pain and monitor your progress. You get to see your baby emerge into the world.

95. There is incredible power in being able to give birth naturally, whether you’re planning a drug-free or medicalized birth. With the right team and support, anyone can have an empowering and joyful experience.

96. Giving birth naturally has always been the best way to have a baby. Just look at all the benefits of natural child birthing including fewer complications, less pain and shorter recovery time.

97. Giving birth naturally is a wonderful experience. It’s important to maximise all the choices you have and help you make your own decision about where to give birth. It makes sense to me, that if you can choose how you give birth, then this will help you create an environment where you can relax into the labour and have a positive experience.

98. Natural birth is not just another option, it’s the way it was intended to be. It means no drugs and no intervention. Giving birth is a natural process that gives us life. Take the time to learn about how to give birth naturally with confidence and safety.

99. When you think about giving birth naturally, it’s important to remember the benefits and how they can help you achieve your goals. One benefit is that it saves you from unnecessary interventions and allows you to choose what method of pain control and medical procedures (e.g., epidurals) work best for you. Giving birth naturally also lets your body do what it’s designed to do—that is, give birth in the most natural way possible.

100. Giving birth naturally is a beautiful thing. Though it may feel like not much is happening, your body is working hard on getting the baby out. Be patient, live in the moment and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy.

101. Giving birth naturally is one of the most powerful experiences ever and requires great courage, strength and emotional stability. Natural birth is not for everyone but for those who choose it, the rewards are endless.

102. Giving birth naturally is a deeply personal decision and one that you should never doubt. It’s important to know what your options are, so you can make the choices that are best for you and your family.

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