How to Use Standard Bank Internet Banking Like a Genius.

Standard Bank Internet Banking – Internet banking is changing the way customers experience banking. It is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction as it offers quicker and easier ways to check balances, view transaction history, and transfer funds without visiting the bank. With Standard Bank online banking, you can bank wherever you have access to a computer and a secure internet connection.

If you are a customer of The Standard Bank, you can now access your bank through any internet-enabled device from the comfort of your home, office, hotel room, or on the go.

Key Benefits of Standard Bank Internet Banking

  • Self-service convenience
  • Perform bill payments
  • Make utility payments, for example, electricity, water, and telephone bills
  • Make multiple local payments in or out of the country, for example, school fees, rent, and other payments
  • Manage payments and transfers
  • Make inter-account transfers
  • Online personal banker to attend to your queries
  • Business customers have the option of using Business Online.
  • Apply for a loan
  • Adjust ATM limit
  • Cost-effective
  • Log online service and product requests
  • Open savings and investment accounts online.

How to Use Standard Bank Internet Banking Services

To register to follow the instruction steps below

  • Step 1: On your browser, type standard bank then click on the GO button. This will take you to the official website of Standard Bank.
  • Step 2: On the left-hand menu on this page, click on the New Registration button. You will see two fields, one for Card Number and the other for the ATM Pin.
  • Step 3: Key in your credentials; name, your card number, and your ATM pin. You can then click on the Register link.
  • Step 4: You will be required to create and confirm a regular password and Customer Selected Password. You will require both the CSP and your regular password to log in.
  • Remember not to waste any time because the system will be terminated in five minutes if no transaction is initiated.

Using the Standard Bank Internet Service

Once your registration is approved; you can log on and transact any business with any other linked cards. To login, go to the same URL mentioned above. You will be required to enter your card number, and then the customer selected password and finally your password.

Make sure you enter the correct password. Inasmuch as there is a provision for you to change the password, it will save time to get it correct the first time. You will then click on the button written Logon. This will display Standard Bank internet banking Home Page.

The screen will display all the accounts linked to your card. At a glance, you will see all the most recent balances on all the linked accounts.

You will see a navigation panel right on the top of the page. From here, you can perform a variety of useful functions including the following:

  • Accessing your transaction statements
  • Funds transfer between your accounts
  • Paying beneficiaries, if any
  • Increasing or decreasing your overdraft
  • Open and manage investment accounts
  • Communicate with your branch
  • Purchase and sell shares as well as airtime
  • Send payment confirmation to your beneficiaries

The transactions you can perform are many, not limited to the ones mentioned above.

One Time Password (OTP) and Reactivation

If you lose your password or the Customer selected password, you can use either the One Time Password (OTP) reset or Reactivation (if your account is blocked because of entering a wrong CPS six consecutive times).

One Time Password (OTP) is straightforward. On the login page, click on the reset password; enter the OTP sent to your cellphone or email address.

Enter your card number and ATM Pin and submit the information. You will then need to create and confirm a new CSP and submit. Finally, create and confirm a password and continue.

Reactivation on the other hand requires that you visit the Standard Bank branch where you were first issued your ATM. You will be reissued by an ATM card.

This action will clear all your valid entries. Using your new details, follow through with the process of reactivation. Only then will you manage to access your online banking account.

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