Top 20 Questions to ask Someone who Studied Abroad.

Questions to ask Someone who Studied Abroad: So you met someone or friend who studied abroad and curiously you seek to get first-hand information about what the experience was studying abroad so you could compare and contrast with the many reviews you have read on? This article basically addresses the important questions you should ask someone who studied abroad.


1. Will the university of my choice provide the course I’m interested in?

Even if you’ve found the course publicized on their website or in their prospectus, it’s value double-checking as there can be plans to alter the course format or take it away altogether.

2. What good reasons are there to make me apply to any particular university?

University workers at fairs are going to be in an exceedingly relentless PR mode, reasserting exact packages to every student.

3. What are the university facilities like?

It’s  shouldn’t forget when rushing to find out the requirements of a course and its structure that you should be familiar what it’ll be take to really study at the university.

4. Is accommodation guaranteed? What quantity do students generally pay in rent?

Away from the educational facet of university, you’ll additionally need to find out a lot of concerning university accommodation.

5. What’s the weakest facet of this course at your university?

Obviously, you’ll hear tons concerning the different reasons a university’s course is wonderful, the simplest within the world, fully top-notch, still don’t get cowered by all of this – research well.

6. What do you think are the prospects for this course? What have previous graduates gone on to do?

There’s very little purpose in attending a university unless it’s reaching to boost your career prospects once you’ve graduated, particularly with tuition fees rising in most, if not all, countries.

7. How do universities choose applicants? What exactly does the school search for in an application?

If you’re chatting to an admissions officer, there’s a likelihood they’ll be the one who can eventually browse your application, therefore trying to impress them  more will provide you with an enormous advantage over different candidates.

8. What details should I add to boost my personal statement?

As well as learning that of your attributes you ought to be lightness in your application, it’s a decent plan to additionally learn of the way you’ll be able to self-improve before writing your personal statement.

9. Is there a plus to submitting my application early?

This is a certainly a practical question, designed to find out a lot concerning the way applications are literally handled.  Don’t damage the probability of getting admission submitting you application late to avoid being penalized.

10. How much money do I have to have before going to study abroad?

Once you recognize wherever you’re finding out abroad, your next mission is to envision together with your causation organization and/or program supplier and confirm the whole price of your program and what expenses you’ll be liable for overseas.

11. Where is the most fun place to study abroad?

This depends on your interest. Barcelona is fun because of its rich culture and architecture, for me.

12. How touch is packing to study abroad?

  • Pack for 7-10 days value of garments.
  • Bring 2-3 pairs of shoes, max.
  • Get a backpack or durable duffel to pack it bushed.
  • Bring a private bag sort of a backpack, giant enough to use for weekend getaways.
  • Make certain you have got converters, reusable water bottles, and any prescription meds you’ll have whereas abroad.
  • Bring toiletries for the primary few weeks solely and set up on restocking once you are settled in.
  • Make certain you have got further copies of necessary documents
  • If you recognize you will have a stock with room/apartment, leave the house things behind.

13. How can I decide which country to go to study?

Go to your study abroad workplace someday in the week, tell them you’d prefer to study abroad, and raise them what programs they provide, that square measure the foremost well-liked, and choose from those.

14. Can going abroad to study hinder me from graduating quickly?

Most times it wouldn’t hinder you. You’ll eventually find yourself higher paid, skilled, and a lot of experience than your peers due to travel, therefore it’ll all be worthwhile when you finish.

15. What’s the best time to study as an undergrad?

Some universities have restrictions in situ that bar students from going abroad throughout their 1st / last year or semester.

16. How easy or difficult is it studying abroad?

The difficulty of your course is mostly dependent on the program you study abroad.

17. What’s the distinction between study abroad and an exchange program?

In most cases, an exchange could be a form of study abroad in which 2 universities partner and swap students directly, leading to transferred credits and no amendment in price to those students from their causation establishments.

18. What are the educational requirements needed to study abroad? (GPA, etc.)

Anyone will study abroad! Unless your college specifically makes rules dictating which individual can and can’t study abroad.

19. What programs are you able to study whereas abroad?

You can study any subject you’ll be able to imagine whereas you study abroad.

Why? as a result of students everywhere the globe study an equivalent type of stuff you neutralize your home country, so suggests that you’ll be able to attend any of their universities and study no matter program you happen to be in here reception whereas you’re overseas!

20. What’s the most affordable way to study abroad?

Of course, it goes without saying that the cheapest way of studying abroad is through grants and scholarships.

Finally, if you wish to actually study abroad cheaply, attend one European university that supply licensed courses in English to students at no cost.

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