Love is a feeling that people have, but sometimes it is not easy and we do not always get what we want. Love can change your life and when it ends, you feel very sad. And that’s why it’s important to be careful with the choice of the person who will become one of the most important things in your life.

Love is never perfect. It isn’t supposed to be. Not even when everything is running smoothly, with no hiccups or bumps along the way. It’s often messy and complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting for. These days, we often hear about the need for love, but rarely about what it takes to keep it alive. When it comes to being in a relationship, it’s essential to accept that the other person won’t always make the right decisions, say all the right things, or commit to us like we wish they would.

A healthy relationship involves two people who are willing to compromise and accept their partner for who they are. You can be someone’s entire world, but they will also love their mother, and father, just as much as you do.

Below is the collection of love is not always perfect quotes that will let you know that there is no perfect relationship.

Love is not always perfect. It’s never what we expect or even deserves, it’s painful and sometimes, ugly and raw. Sometimes we think we can figure it out with a few simple rules, but those rules change when we fall in love.

1. Love is not always perfect. But if you don’t love, then you cannot appreciate the beauty of life. If there is no love in your heart, then you cannot experience the joy of being alive.

2. While we may wish it were, love isn’t always perfect. Sometimes it’s messy, hard, and sad. Sometimes, it’s even joyful just to be around them.” Love is a commitment that makes you want to do the hard things, to make your loved one happy.

3. Love isn’t always perfect, and sometimes the best relationships have their ups and downs. But when you know that when it’s good, it’s really good, then keeping going is worth it.

4. Love is not always perfect. We’re all just stumbling through, trying to figure it out. I love you not because everything is perfect or has always been perfect. I love you even though nothing is ever perfect. Because of how hard you work, and how much I love our lives.

5. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes, it breaks your heart, sometimes you don’t get what you deserve. But if you learn to love with all the mistakes and all the twists and turns, then you can love in the right way.

6. Love is often more complicated than it seems, and sometimes things aren’t always perfect. Don’t let your fears about love hold you back from finding happiness and a meaningful relationship. Love can be messy, yet so rewarding.

7. Love can be messy, and that’s a good thing. Our lives are beautiful because imperfections make them real. And when you know you’re loved for who you are, well then that true love is one you’ll never forget.

8. Love is not always perfect, but it’s still worth fighting for. Don’t settle, go out there, and find the one that makes you smile and laugh regularly. Love yourself, and others will want to as well.

9. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes it’s messy, complicated, and confusing. But when you find it, it’s beautiful, amazing, and honest.

10. Love is not perfect, but when you have love in your life, that can make any situation seem perfect.

11. Love, like life is not perfect. Life is messy and complicated, and no matter how great your intentions are, sometimes you find yourself being unkind or disrespectful.

12. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes it falls short, even when you work hard to make it last. But when love is worth loving, imperfections don’t exist. Love — true and real love — should bring you closer, not tear you apart.

13. Love is not always perfect. Some days you feel on top of the world, others you feel like you’re going to lose it all. These emotions are temporary, and your relationship is made of far more than just that one night.

14. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes it is inconvenient and imperfect and can hurt us more than we’re ready for. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

15. Love isn’t always perfect. The world can be a terrible place, but love – real love – can make it better. And even when it’s hard, you should never forget that you’re not alone in this life.

16. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes love is imperfect, because you are human and they are human, too. But there is nothing more beautiful than loving someone despite the things that make them a little less than perfect.

17. Love is not always perfect. Love is messy and complicated, and rarely follows the script of a romantic comedy. But when it does, it’s pretty spectacular.

18. Love is not always perfect. Love takes patience, understanding, and most importantly, communication to make sure you are both happy.

19. Love is not always perfect and relationships are not always “happily ever after”. Love is a messy business, fraught with uncertainty and turmoil.

20. Love is not perfect and it’s not always easy. But with patience, trust, and understanding, you can get through anything that comes your way.

21. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes you might have to compromise. When you love someone, you put yourself on the line. Love isn’t just about a promise for the future; it’s about risking self-revelation and opening yourself up to be hurt, disappointed, and broken.

22. Love is not always perfect. It is messy, painful, and confusing. But if you are willing to work hard and fight for it, it’s worth it.

23. Love is not a perfect thing. It comes with its own set of problems and difficulties that sometimes shake us to our core. But as we endure these challenges, they don’t make us bitter, hard, or cynical. They make us stronger.

24. Love requires courage, strength, and a willingness to sacrifice. On your wedding day, love will be tested by the commitments you make to one another.

25. Love is not always perfect. Love isn’t always easy. But I promise you, no matter the weather and the struggle, love is worth it.

26. Love is not always perfect, but it is always worth it. Although at times, it seems hard to love when we are given such a hard time to love, don’t stop trying to make your relationship work. If you truly love someone, you need to fight for them in all circumstances because love is never easy.

27. Love is a rollercoaster. You can’t always be on top of your game. It’s a choice to love. Love is not always perfect. Love is the one thing you can count on, but it’s also something that lets you down sometimes. You must understand this to trust, then all will be well.

28. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes, people just don’t end up together. That’s okay because love itself is beautiful.

29. Love is not always perfect. And sometimes, it can be imperfectly perfect. It will always make mistakes, but it’s worth it.

30. Sometimes love is not always perfect and it can seem like there is no way that you could ever get through it but if you keep going, and try to understand the other person, you can’t help but love them even more.

31. Love without imperfection is not love. Love is imperfect, and it is beautiful. Love all the flaws you see in people because those are what make them more perfect than any human to ever exist on this earth.

32. Love isn’t always perfect. But if you want to marry someone and spend your life with them, that’s what you should be aiming for. Love is better when it doesn’t come easy.

33. Love is a powerful force, one that moves mountains and conquers all. But love is not always perfect. Love sometimes comes with baggage: fear, jealousy, addiction, and control. Because of an inability to communicate love freely, many couples find themselves unable to communicate at all.

34. Perfect love doesn’t exist, but that’s not a reason to stop trying for it. Love is messy and complicated. But, love sees the best in people and guides them–in the form of heart-wrenching lessons and heart-warming conversations.

35. Love isn’t always perfect. Love is about the future. It’s about seeing yourself in your partner’s eyes and sharing dreams.

36. As much as we want it to be, love is not always perfect. Someone else may say they are perfect but they don’t see their flaws as you do. You see the whole picture and you know some of the things they hide from others. It’s not always easy, but it’s the struggle that makes the journey worthwhile.

37. A love story is not always about true love. Sometimes, it’s about loss and moving on. Sometimes, it’s about being happy with who you are and finding someone who loves you despite that.

38. Sometimes, love is shrouded in pain and regret, but if you can learn from your mistakes, it’s all worth it.

39. Love is not always perfect. It can be hard, confusing, and even heartbreaking. But it’s how you get through it that matters the most. For when two people truly love each other and want to spend their lives together forever, nothing can stop them from finding their way back to each other.

40. Love is not always perfect. It has its ups, downs, and sideways. But what matters is that you keep loving no matter the circumstance.

41. A love story isn’t always perfect. It’s not like the movies or Facebook posts. But it is real and there are emotions, happiness, and selflessness on both sides of the spectrum.

42. Love is messy. It’s hard. And it’s okay to admit that you feel frustrated, stressed, and even angry. But it’s not okay to stay there. Love is work. And it’s the best work you’ll ever do.

43. At a certain point in life, everyone will face difficulties and challenges, but love can get you through them all.

44. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes it’s frightening, disappointing, and leaves you feeling vulnerable. Sometimes you can be happier apart than when you’re together. Sometimes you have to let someone go because they don’t deserve your love or respect.

45. Love is not always perfect. It doesn’t mean you’re happy with your partner all the time, but it does mean that you want to work through those rough patches until they are gone.

46. Love is not always perfect. It requires work, compromise, and understanding. But, if you can look beyond the imperfections and accept what love has to offer – if you can embrace its beauty and let it flow through your life, then you’ll find that being loved will change everything in a way that no other experience ever could.

47. You are not perfect. Neither is your significant other, nor this relationship. But you only live once, so make the most of it.

48. We all have that one friend who is always trying to fix a relationship. Well, love is not always perfect, but sometimes, you need to cut a lemon in half and just suck on it for a second.

49. Perfect love always comes at a cost- but if you love someone, it is worth the sacrifice.

50. Love is the greatest feeling on earth. Sometimes it can be perfect, but other times you will experience the challenges of love.

51. Love is neither a feeling nor simply an idea. It is the essence of human nature, and thus, there can be no perfect love.

52. Love is not always perfect. Some days it’s just really hard, but the good news is when the hard times get you down, you’ll have each other to help you through.

53. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes, it’s messy, painful, and unending. But in that mess, there is joy, and if you’re lucky, the kind of love that lasts for decades. The kind that makes the scary parts worthwhile.

54. Love that comes easy, is love that comes and goes. The best romantic relationships are the ones that don’t feel so easy or natural at first.

55. Love is not always perfect, but it can be more beautiful than you can imagine.

56. Love is not perfect. Marriage certainly isn’t. But it’s worth it, even when things go wrong.

56. Love can be messy and complicated, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Each couple has its paths to finding lasting love, but none is perfect. Even the happiest couples have their rough patches, but that doesn’t mean they love each other any less.

57. Love is not always perfect, but it’s often worth it. With a real, honest, searching, and warm heart.

58. Love is not always perfect. Love isn’t always easy. Sometimes love isn’t even supposed to be.

59. Love is not always perfect. But when you marry that one person who encapsulates your soul with theirs, the love you feel is all-consuming and irreplaceable.

60. Love doesn’t always mean you’ll be together, but it means that no matter where in the world you are if you think about them, they’ll always be with you.

61. Love is not always perfect. Take a chance and then face your fear of missing out. Just go for it, and feel the love more than you can imagine.

62. Love is not always perfect. It is naive to think that it will last forever. Love isn’t perfect because people are not perfect. But with love, imperfections can be overlooked and all that matters is that the two people in love do everything possible to make it work.

63. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes it’s messy, complicated, and hard. But it’s still beautiful if you will let it be.

64. When it comes to love, we all have those moments when we are not the best versions of ourselves. No one is expecting us to be perfect, we are only expected to be ourselves.

65. Love is not always perfect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth fighting for. Sometimes, we just need a little help to stay on track. Being married means making decisions together, both big and small. And while love can be messy at times, it also can be wonderful, beautiful, and worth fighting for.

66. Love is not always perfect. It’s not supposed to be easy. It’s full of challenges, surprises, and misunderstandings. To love someone completely means you’re willing to fight for that person, even when things get difficult.

67. Love is not always perfect. We’re never going to agree on everything and life isn’t always easy, but if we love each other enough, it will be worth it.

68. Love is meant to be beautiful, but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes love is messy and difficult. It won’t fix your problems, and it won’t save you from having bad days. But it does make life more fun, and it’s always something worth fighting for.

69. Love is not always perfect. It isn’t always easy, affirming, and encouraging. But when it’s right, love is worth fighting for and celebrating. And if you’re lucky, a person will come along who sees beneath your flaws and all the darkness in the world. Someone who loves you the way we sure do.

70. Love is not always perfect, but it is always worth it. And when you find yourself doubting the history of your relationship, or the great things that you have achieved together, remember that there is no other person in this world who could ever make you happier than your true love does.

71. Love is not always perfect and that’s okay. The two of you will have miscommunications, arguments, and disagreements along the way. But as long as you are both willing to work things out, then it’ll all balance out in the end.

72. Love is not always about a perfect relationship with a perfect person. But it must be great.

73. Love is not always perfect. it can be misunderstood, and you can get hurt, but at the end of the day, love will prevail.

74. Love is messy, unscripted, and unpredictable. Feelings vary from instant attraction to long-lasting commitment.

75. Perfection is our biggest enemy. We love each other with all our flaws, insecurities, and quirks. Our marriage will never be perfect because no relationship can ever be perfect.

76. The perfect love will not always be perfect. Love is not always beautiful, happy, and wonderful. It’s not the destination we are heading for but the journey and sometimes a journey is where you feel like crying.

77. Love is never perfect. But yours can be if you make it so. Love is always a choice, not something that happens to you. If a relationship is making you feel bad about yourself, either you or your partner is doing something wrong.

78. Love can be messy, even painful, and often disappointment lurks around the corner. But don’t give up. Love is worth fighting for.

79. Love is messy. Love makes mistakes. And above all else, love should be celebrated.

80. Love isn’t always perfect. The beauty of it is that we don’t get to choose who we love or how much, but we do get to choose how strong of a bond we are willing to hold on to.

81. Love can be messy. Anyone who has ever experienced it knows this. But there is beauty in the imperfections, too.

82. The only thing you need to know is that love isn’t always perfect. Rather than trying to get it right all the time, let’s take a moment to stop and give ourselves some credit for holding on when the going gets tough.

83. When two people fall in love and get married, there are high hopes for the future. But even with the best intentions, sometimes things don’t go as planned. People change, fall out of love, and get stuck in a rut.

84. Love is not always perfect. Relationships take work, and sometimes we fail each other. But through every challenge, we can grow as partners, friends, and human beings.

85. Love is not always perfect. We don’t always get it right. But we can try our best to remember why we fell in love in the first place and work through our differences with love, kindness, and empathy.

86. Love is not always perfect. It may have its ups and downs, but it still deserves to be given the chance.

87. Love is not always perfect. Sometimes it’s a mess and we want to give up on it completely. We may experience disappointment and bitterness, or we may be hurting another person because we misplaced our trust in them. But love will always be there, shining bright as a beacon of hope, leading us back toward one another again.

88. Sometimes love happens by chance, but it’s not always perfect. It will hurt, it will be hard, and there may be times when you wonder if it is ever going to work.

89. Love is riskier than it seems. It’s not without bumps, bruises, and scars. It’s not without our deepest fears manifesting themselves in the form of anger or sadness. It’s not without the terrible feeling of being misunderstood, of having your feelings hurt. But we have found that love is worth the risk. And when you find the right person to share it with, that love will change your life in incredible ways.

90. Love is not always perfect. We all have moments where we don’t feel like the most loving person in the world or make choices that scare us. But that’s ok. It’s a part of being human.

91. Love is not always perfect. To weather the storms of love, be willing to show your partner your vulnerable side. Don’t hold back in fear of rejection or judgment. Let go of your fears, and make yourself 100% available to your partner.

92. Love is not always perfect. It is not always effortless and it’s certainly not always happy. But, I promise you, love will make you a better person, because of the challenges it brings you. Love isn’t perfect because people are not perfect, but with understanding and hard work, it can be as beautiful as it is powerful.

93. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. The imperfections make it even more beautiful. For the time being, you don’t have to be perfect to be loved. It’s okay to embrace your flaws and embrace love.

94. Love is not always perfect, but it’s always worth it. And sometimes, love is just a small gesture that means everything to you.

95. Love is not always perfect. And love does not mean you have to be perfect. Allow yourself to be imperfect, and let your partner permit you to be as well.

96. Love is not always easy. Love can be difficult, but it’s the most rewarding feeling of all. Even though you may have some obstacles in your path, it is worth it when you find that special someone who loves you despite your faults and imperfections.

97. Love isn’t always perfect. The way one person treats another can change in a moment, and you might find yourself in a relationship that makes you unhappy. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply to end things before they get too complicated.

98. Love is messy. Love is complicated. Love is sometimes impossible. But love conquers all, so long as two people are willing to risk it all.

99. The car you drive doesn’t always have to be perfect. Extra special, yes. But not perfect. Love doesn’t have to be perfect, either. It just has to be real.

100. We all want perfect love, but sometimes it is better to accept imperfections.

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