To sparkle is to put yourself in a state of mind where you believe in yourself and your dreams, no matter what others think. If you’re empowered by the thought of anything being possible and are filled with passion, energy and motivation to make it happen, you will create your sparkle. Energize yourself daily with a positive attitude, and everything will fall into place.

To have a successful life, you have to a dream you’re chasing. There is no point in going somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. The truth is, we are in control of our lives, whatever is happening out there. If we decide to be happy and positive, nothing can stop us from doing that. It would be best if you had the motivation to continue and always work towards it.

These always sparkle quotes are just what you need to add a little more shine and liveliness to your daily life.

No matter what happens, you’ll always be an inspiration. You have always sparkled as each day goes by. Life brings out the best and worst in everybody; sometimes, it’s hard to keep going because you can’t seem to find something that resonates with you or your life.

1. A sparkle in your eye and a dream in your heart. Whatever you are doing, remember to always sparkle, people!

2. You are the sparkle in a world full of darkness. Shine brighter, or it may swallow you whole.

3. Sparkle like a star, sparkle for the people that love you and always shine brighter than the rest.

4. Life is too short to let things get you down. Always sparkle and shine, no matter what life throws your way.

5. Sparkle is a state of mind. It happens when you believe in yourself and your dreams, no matter what others think.

6. Sparkle your way through the day with more self-confidence and positivity.

7. When you sparkle, the fire in your soul lights up the world around you.

8. When you always sparkle, people tell you that you’re beautiful. But when it comes to yourself, check your reflection for true beauty.

9. There is no better feeling than to be able to say that I am always sparkling.

10. If you need a little extra sparkle to ignite your soul, grab some of mine so you can shine.

11. Pick up the sparkle, set a goal, and do something to get you closer to it every day.

12. Sometimes, all it takes is to be inspired by something shiny and sparkly to shake off your funk.

13. No matter how far you go, you can get there with a little sparkle in your heart. Add some sparkle to your life.

14. Life is glitter and sparkle; you must always be sparkling.

15. When you always sparkle, no one can take your shine away.

16. Nothing is better than putting on your best sparkle and knowing that you are always the most beautiful.

17. Let the sun shine in! Shine brighter than ever with a little bit of sparkle in your eye.

18. When you know you’re shining is a simple way to show that you’re always on top of your game.

19. No matter the circumstance, you can always make a sparkle. Always shine.

20. Sparkle on, don’t stop. Keep running towards your goals, and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

21. Sparkle. Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to make your own mistakes. Don’t be afraid to say I didn’t know that before.

22. Always be a spark in the dark; that is how you will make your mark.

23. Always sparkle. Always shine. We all were made to be the best we can be, so get out there and wear a smile all day! Happy Monday, dear friends.

24. Sparkle in your way. Sparkle on your own time. Always shine for yourself and no one else.

25. When you’re always sparkling, it’s hard to miss.

26. Sparkle on. Don’t let others’ words or actions determine your happiness. Own your attitude and give that little extra boost of confidence.

27. Let your sparkle shine. Always sparkle is where you can find inspiration and encouragement to work towards your goals.

28. Sparkle constantly. Sparkle when you smile. Sparkle when you laugh. Sparkle from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Always be glowing and always be fabulous.

29. Always sparkle, always shine. Always be your best self, and others will see it too.

30. Always sparkle, never crack. Be the jewellery in your life that shines brighter than any diamond

31. Sparkle like a star and shine like the sun. Don’t be afraid to be different, to be yourself.

32. With every step forward, you are one step closer to your dreams. Always shine on.

33. Sparkle every day with your bit of sparkle and confidence.

34. Sparkle is the energy you feel with a positive attitude. Sparkle is your mantra to success. Shine like a star. Don’t hide in the dark like a mole. Your destiny awaits you.

35. Always be the sparkle in someone’s life. Because they will never know how much it meant to them.

36. Sparkle on. Find your way to shine. You’re a star, and we are here to see you shine bright like a diamond in the sky.

37. Your life is your sparkle; the world is your mirror. Shine bright!

38. Sparkle is the only way to go when stepping out of your comfort zone.

39. Shine the brightest you can, always be the most fun you can be, and never take yourself too seriously.

40. Life is short. Go out, live it up and always sparkle.

41. Whatever your goal, don’t be afraid to dream big. Always be lively on your way.

42. Life is a bunch of glitter and sparkles; you have to find your special way to make it sparkle.

43. The best way to sparkle is to do something that makes you feel good. Let your happiness shine bright.

44. Sparkle, shine and shine like a star. Success is not a destination; it’s an adventure.

45. Don’t wait for someone else to permit you to be the best version of yourself. Sparkle on!

46. Never forget why you started your journey. Never forget what keeps you going. Always sparkle!

47. Never stop chasing after your dreams because if you don’t chase them, they’ll chase you. There are no limits in this life. That’s why you should always sparkle.

48. Sparkle your life with the confidence of knowing you can do the impossible.

49. Shine bright like a star, stand tall like an oak tree. Always sparkle!

50. Sparkle on and always be smart. Always have a positive attitude, no matter what happens in life.

51. Always be the sparkle in someone’s eye, the sunshine in their heart, the laughter on their face and the reason for someone’s smile.

52. Sparkle is not about perfection. It’s about the journey.

53. Be the sparkle that makes people smile. Be the light in their lives by always doing your best.

54. Sparkle is not what you wear. It’s who you are inside that makes you sparkle.

55. Keep your hustle sparkly, keep your head up and always make it happen.

56. Some people sparkle, and some glow. You shine on through your struggles and make a brighter future.

57. Let them know you’re a star and shine brighter than the rest.

58. Always remember that you are made of stars, and it’s your job to twinkle.

59. Sparkle every day, always be in the moment and never take yourself too seriously. This year, let’s always sparkle.

60. Never stop believing in yourself, never give up and always sparkle even if you’re not wearing much.

61. Sparkle your world because it’s not what you look like that matters but how you live your life.

62. It’s never too late to be glittery. You don’t need a date to shine, just your light.

63. We do our best to bring sparkle and shine wherever we go.

64. No matter what has gone on, you can always find a way to look on the brighter side.

65. Be the sparkle in someone’s day. Love yourself, and always be positive! Always sparkle!

66. Shine brighter than the stars, stronger and faster than a speeding bullet. Always sparkle.

67. Life is full of ups and downs, but my shine can never be brought down.

68. Sparkle your day with a word that brightens your outlook and makes you smile.

69. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you sparkles, buy more sparkles.

70. It’s not about the sparkles but how you choose to shine.

71. There’s a sparkle inside of you, and it’s waiting to shine. Just let it out.

72. Always Sparkle. Always be the best version of yourself. Shine on.

73. Never stop growing and evolving. Never stop learning and improving yourself. Always sparkle.

74. Always sparkle. Always be joyful. Always be happy. You will make something beautiful happen in your life.

75. Let it be said that somewhere, someone is always sparkling.

76. Sparkle like a star on your day, don’t wait to get up and shine.

77. Always sparkle is about being you and doing what you love because that’s the only way to get better and shine brighter every day.

78. Always sparkle is a reflection of you. That’s why we want to be sure you know how important it is that you take care of your sparkle at all times.

79. The sun, the moon and all the stars don’t glitter as much as you do. Always sparkle!

80. Sparkle on. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Shine brighter than the sun.

81. Always be a sparkle in everyone’s life because you never know when it will change the world.

82. Always Sparkle for the world. Always Shine for yourself. Always Inspire others with your sparkle, shine, and inspiration.

83. You can’t shine without first being lit. Always sparkles to stay always sparkling.

84. Always be present with the people you love. It’s impossible to sparkle when you’re not there.

85. Always stay radiant, no matter what life throws your way.

86. Always sparkle because you never know when your next opportunity will come.

87. Always Sparkle! Always Shine! Always Shine! To the bright things in your life and those who bring them joy and happiness.

88. Always sparkle, shine, and live with passion; passion will lead you wherever you want.

89. Always shine your light on the world, and never forget that it’s more beautiful when you share it.

90. When you shine at sunrise, the moon won’t be jealous.

91. The sun always shines, but the moon and stars are made of stardust.

92. Always sparkle, be proud of who you are, and don’t hide who you are inside. Be yourself.

93. Shining bright isn’t just a goal; it’s an attitude. Always sparkle!

94. Always be a cut above. Always sparkle, shine, and be the best you can be.

95. When you always sparkle, people don’t just see your best features. They see their best features too.

96. You can’t shine without the light. And you can’t be the most beautiful without your sparkle.

97. Always sparkle– even in your darkest moments, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You can achieve anything if you have enough courage.

98. You’re always sparkling, but that doesn’t mean you should take a breather. Keep your focus on the positive, and never stop doing what makes you happy.

99. Today, tomorrow and always. You can always sparkle no matter what happens.

100. Always feel good about yourself, and you will always sparkle. Sparkle like an angel and make your dreams come true.

As you can see, always sparkle quotes are great for anyone who wants to be inspired and uplifted to live the life of their dreams. A quote from these always sparkle quotes will help you develop some brilliant ideas for your projects. Whatever your goal, never give up and always find the positive in every situation.

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