Translation Of  I. U. Nwadike’s Adaeze into English.


This research work delves into translating Adaeze, an Igbo novel written by Inno Uzoma Nwadike into English.

Today, there are lots of creative writings in indigenous languages which are yet to be translated into English.

Certainly, some of the Igbo novels deserve to be made available in translation into English for wider readership.

Thus, this work comprises of introductory part which gives the background of the study, statement, purpose of study, scope of the study and significance of the study.

This is followed by the review of related literature, translation into target language, analysis of the work and finally summary which comprises findings, conclusion, recommendation and references.


1.0 The need and search for the appropriate means of communication among different languages of the world resulted in the study of translation among different communities in the world.

As a result of increasing complexity of modern society, the act of translation has been recognized worldwide. Thus, the translation of indigenous literary works should not be an exception.

Since the literatures in the various indigenous languages in the country have a crucial role to play in forging a Nigeria national Cultural Identity, the need for translating indigenous literary works into English cannot be overemphasized.


Translation simply means the rendering of a written message from one language to another.

Translation as an age-long practice has been used by different people to domesticate other people’s literature in order to enrich their own language.

Today, translation is not the prerogative of any nation or language. Many scholars who are literature orientated are striving to have as many translated works as possible in their own languages.

In Africa, translation started as an off-shoot of missionary activity. When the colonial masters arrived, it occurred to them that the highest tool needed to propagate their religion is language.


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