Many people think that being busy is a sign of success, but it can also be an indication of poor time management skills. Being busy does not mean you are productive, and productivity is what matters most. When you are so busy, your mind is always racing. When you are in a state of anxiety and stress, your body reacts by releasing hormones that make it feel like you need more energy to keep up with everything. It’s hard to find time for relationships — or even friendships — because they require effort and attention that we’re simply not willing to give right now.

And when we don’t invest in our friendships and relationships, they tend to wither on the vine — and sometimes die completely. Also, being too busy makes it easy to lose track of your well-being. You may be feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed that you have no time to think about anything other than what you are doing. It is just a matter of survival. Being busy all the time means that you are taking on more tasks than you can handle.

You might be doing this because someone has asked you to do them or because it is easier for you to say yes to everything than to say no. If this is the case, then you have taken on too much and need to reorganize your priorities or delegate some of your responsibilities. You may also need to learn how to say “no” to some things.

Whether you have someone that’s always busy or you’re a busy person, you might want to check out these you are so busy quotes to know how to handle your time well.

You are so busy. No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. You have too much on your plate, but there is only one way to get everything done: take a step back, breathe and ask yourself this question: “What are my true priorities?”

1. You are so busy. You have to be on your toes, you have to think fast and work non-stop. And yet, somehow, there is still something missing.

2. You’re so busy. But if you want to feel less stressed and take the time to do all the things that matter, I will help you find it.

3. Busy is good. But being focused, clear and intentional about the things that matter most to you is better. Clarify your goals and priorities so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

4. You have more to do than time to do, which means you are constantly busy. Our lives are full of choices, but only some of them matter. I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by your responsibilities and forget about what matters most in your life.

5. You don’t just have the world at your fingertips, you have the world in your hands. You are a go-getter who’s driven by passion and purpose. There is no time to waste on busy work when there are more important things to do.

6. You are so busy with the things that matter, the people you love and those who need you. You don’t need to be perfect, just do your best to make this world a better place.

7. You are so busy, but you can still find a few minutes every day to do something nice for yourself.

8. You are so busy that you don’t even have time to be sad about the fact that you are so busy.

9. You are so busy. You should make time for what matters most, like stepping outside and taking a deep breath of fresh air.

10. You’re so busy, you probably don’t even realize that life is passing you by. So let’s stop and enjoy it now!

11. You’re too busy to eat breakfast. You don’t have time for a workout. You are always running late. You don’t have time to read or drink green tea.

12. You have every right to be busy. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health.

13. You’re overwhelmed and have so many things to do, but you deserve to be healthy.

14. You’re always busy, so don’t let that stop you from taking care of yourself. Take time for yourself and your health with these 5-minute workout sessions that will keep you on track.

15. You are so busy that you don’t even have time to breathe. You are so busy that you forget to eat. You are so busy that you forget your loved ones. But when you slow down and reflect on everything, it’s amazing how much is actually worth doing.

16. You’re so busy and life is so crazy. You are the best you can be, but it’s easy to get into a routine where you feel like you’re not living up to the potential that God gave you.

17. Are you so busy? Don’t let that stop you from achieving your goals. Make time for something you love doing, in addition to a career and family.

18. You are so busy, you can’t even see what’s going on around you. Stop to take a moment and breathe in the fresh air.

19. You are not your hustle. You are so busy trying to find your hustle that you’re missing your true destiny.

20. You’re busy. You’ve got places to go, people to see, and things to do. But there is one thing you can do for yourself: Take the time for self-care.

21. Be as busy as you want. There’s no need to stop and wonder if it’s too much. The important thing is to be intentional about how you live your life and create the space for something new or different.

22. You’re in the middle of a million things. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Take a breather, take care of yourself, and get back to your routine.

23. You are so busy but you can change that. Stop the madness and start living a better life.

24. You are so busy that you don’t have time to do the things you want to do, and would rather do them later.

25. You’re so busy working on your dream, you don’t have time to be sad about your life. Start with one small thing today that will help you move forward in a positive way.

26. It’s okay to be busy. It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to have everything! And it’s okay to step away for a second and do something for yourself, just breathe and be still.

27. You are so busy. I know you want to be somewhere else, do something else, see someone else. But this is your life and you need to embrace it.

28. You are so busy. You’ve got to take action and make time for yourself. Take care of your mental health, start taking care of your physical health and try to live in the moment because life is too short not to.

29. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be busy. I’m saying that I’m going to remind you about the things in your life and what makes them special.

30. You are so busy because you’re a superhero. You care about people and your environment, but you don’t have time to give up your life for anything.

31. You are so busy doing so much but the most important thing you do is the things that make you happy.

32. You have to make time for what’s important. We are so busy, we don’t even remember to take time off, sit back and be a little more present.

33. You’re so busy, but your first priority should always be you. Take care of your health and body to live the best life you can.

34. You are so busy. I get it. And now it’s time to take that first step back, no matter how small—it’s been too long.

35. You are so busy that you don’t have time to think about how pretty you look. So go ahead and be your best self, even if it’s just for a little while!

36. You are so busy doing all the things you’ve always been busy doing that you don’t have time for the most important things in life: Yourself.

37. You’re busy. You’re tired. You’ve got a million things on your plate, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t let the world get in your way and don’t let yourself get pushed around.

38. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of your daily life get in the way of finding time for what matters most. Don’t be too busy with the things that don’t matter.

39. You are so busy. You deserve to be happy and you’re never going to find it if you don’t stop looking for it.

40. The struggle is real. You are so busy, but maybe it is time to start the day just the way you like it: with you, by yourself.

41. You’re doing it all wrong, you’re working too hard and not having fun. It’s time to take a break and do something that is important.

42. Make time to care for yourself. Nurture your passion and delight in the joy of being alive. It’s not selfish; it’s an investment in the future you would regret overlooking.

43. You’re so busy and you have so much to do. You deserve a little break today, take a moment to relax and unwind by doing nothing at all.

44. The world doesn’t revolve around you. You don’t have to be everywhere all the time. So take a deep breath, look around and enjoy the little things!

45. Waking up, eating breakfast and then going to work—that’s the daily routine of most people. But it’s not enough. To be happy, you need to find the time to actively pursue your passions.

46. You are an overachiever who’s always on the go. You’ve got to slow down and give yourself a break or you’ll burn out!

47. Don’t be a slave to your schedule. Work may always come first, but you deserve some me-time!

48. You are so busy working, but you don’t even realize how many people live their lives this way. There is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Get on track and narrow down your focus!

49. We’re all busy. But you don’t have to be. It’s okay to slow down, take a breath and enjoy your life.

50. It’s okay to be busy. It’s okay to say “no.” And it’s okay to make mistakes. But never, ever lose sight of who you are and what you’re doing here.

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