Essay-Free Scholarships to Apply for in 2020 See Application Guide.

Essay-Free Scholarships to Apply: Students have been provided with enough opportunity to gain and acquire financial freedom and also widen their horizon in researching and in writing. See details below;

This writing could be on any interesting topic which could be chosen by the student or issued to them and all these is tilted towards broadening the students ideas on certain knowledge and to also create opportunity for them to assess and acquire certain scholarships.

Essay-Free Scholarships are a good way to save money while in college and avoid being stranded and stuck with debt after graduation. Essay free scholarships liberate students who have not been able to access long scholarship applications. It is worthy to note that many students access essay free scholarships than normal scholarships.

How to Write to Access an Essay-Free Scholarship.

Essay- free scholarships have writing basis and standards. In as much as there are no special and specific  method or procedures to writing an essay for scholarship they are certain features that makes an essay unique and worthy of receiving a scholarship.

The first point to always remember is the reason for writing an essay, an essay should be personalized, create a response. it is the individuality that makes an essay unique and catches the judges and specifies a leader. There are certain do’s and don’ts when writing these essays.

Starting with a strong statement is advisable; it is preferable to always go straight to the point other than beating around the bush when writing as this could be tiring and unappealing to read.

Avoid showing uncertainty when writing an essay, your essays should be persuasive and energetic, it should the readers time. Thorough research should be made about those issuing these research topics, this gives an idea of what may be demanded by the judges.

Words used for writing should be chosen care and unnecessary ones should be gotten rid off. Understanding the keywords and its meanings are very necessary. The essay should be filled with the key words and its synonyms.

The starting of an essay should be made engaging and it should be read often and often to avoid all forms of mistake and odd words.

Various achievements could be included at the start without necessarily making mentions of the need for the money and problems faced. Clichés should be avoided and general phrases. Of all feedbacks should not be ignored as opportunities could be missed

10 Essay-free Scholarships.

Most of this have deadlines and have specific set of students that can access these scholarships.

1. Love Your Career Scholarship

DEADLINE: Application Closed.

Available to: College new students and through Graduate Students, Year 5

Award Amount: $1,000 The Love Your Career Scholarship is available to students attending an accredited college or university, the essay has to be at least 1,000 words explaining steps that you intent to take in the next year to startup a path towards having a career that you love. Topics may include: What are your passions that could be transformed into a career? What ideas do you have for a business based on things that you love and are skilled and capable of? You must also interview a professional in your chosen field that has at least has years of experience.

2. Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship

Deadline: Application Closed.

Available to: High School Seniors

Award Amount: $1,000 The Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship is only assessable by high school high school seniors. To be considered, a participant must submit a 500 – to 1000 – word essay telling the impact you have made in the life of a rescue animal or animal welfare cause in general. Participants must also bring photos of these volunteer efforts.

3. Mary Grant Charles Prize Scholarship

Available to: College new students through College Seniors

The Mary Grant Charles Prize Scholarship is as well open  to undergraduate students at the Tufts University. You must possess the same creative and innovative traits in the writing of prose and poetry to merit this award.

First choice is given to participants whose writing portrays an interest in ancestry and genealogy.

4. MajGen Harold W. Chase Prize Essay Contest

Available to: College new students through College Seniors

Award Amount: $3,000 Sponsored by the Marine Corps Gazette, the MajGen Harold W. Chase Prize Essay Contest is not limited as it is open to all Marines on active duty and members of the Selected Marine Corps Reserve.

The competition takes to consideration the essay that proposes and deciphers for a new and improved and better way of “doing business” in the Marine Corps.

5. $5,000 Summer Break Scholarship

Deadline: 8/15/18 Available to: High School new students and  through Graduate Students, Year 5 Award Amount: $5,000 Course Hero will have  post one question online each month and allow registered, eligible entrants up to 150 words to submit  responses. Each month, the winner will be selected each month. This month’s Contest winner receives a $5,000 Scholarship.

6. AFSA High School Senior Contest

ProviderAFSA Scholarships

If you’re set for an extra $2,000, simply apply from the online entry form on the AFSA website and be registered Amount: $2,000

to win 10 prizes. This scholarship is accessible by high school seniors during the school year.

The winner’s selection is based on financial requirements or demographic criteria and deadlines change on a yearly basis, so head to the scholarship website for the most up-to-date information.

7. I.P. Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Provider: College is Power

While this scholarship strictly has an essay, it’s not like other essays  that demands a lot of words but 150 words, To apply, participants just have to fill out the super short application form and write a mini-essay about the goals they have for their institute of learning or university education.

The C.I.P scholarship is opened to student from the age of 17 and those older that are in collage or are passionate about getting into collage. The C.I.P is always paid into the applicant’s school. The C.I.P scholarships ends on the 31th of December 2018.

8. Amount : $5,000 VIP Voice Scholarship

How does a $5,000 scholarship sound? If participants are 13 or older, complete two surveys are to be completed to and redeem your points for a scholarship or other awards. The more surveys the participants engages in, , the more chances to win.

9. Opinion Outpost $10,000 Quarterly Drawing

Amount: $10,000

Provider: Opinion Outpost

Entering to win $10,000 has never been so easy! All you need to do is fill out at least one survey on the Opinion Outpost website which emcompasses, PayPal, apple store. If you have more time, you can fill out as many surveys as may wish too. The more a participant participates, he gets closer to winning.

10. Scholarship 4 Moms

Amount: $10,000

Provider: Scholarships 4 Mom

If you are a mom who is planning and looking forward to head back to school to acquire knowledge. The first step is to simply register for the site and wait.

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