Parents are always right: they want their kids to be safe, they want them to have fun, and they don’t always know the best way to convey that. We see that parents spend so much time protecting their children from the world, allowing them “safe spaces” without risk or a place where their child can learn and grow instead of constantly being in defence mode.

They get to make decisions about what’s best for them, including how they relate to other people. As we get older and start making our own choices, it is easy to assume that our parents were just as helpless as we were, being told how to behave by their parents.

Children listen to their parents and follow everything they say because their parents are always right. Parents know the best way to take care of their children. If you haven’t heard it before, and if you disagree, your parents are always right. They are always right because they are the ones who originally set boundaries for you in life. They provided structure and discipline when you needed it to grow up, so it’s only natural that they continue to do so into adulthood.

Below is a collection of parents are always right quotes that show that your parents will always be ahead of you in thinking and solving problems.

Your parents are always right. And they know a lot of stuff that you don’t yet. That’s why they’re the first people you should call when something goes wrong. You can tell them all about your problem, and they will help you figure out the answer.

1. Parents are always right. They might not always be right, but they are always parents.

2. Parents are always right, even when they’re wrong. Just love them, and have a good time with them. Don’t take it too seriously.

3. Parents are always right, or at the very least, they think they are. When it comes to their kids, parents tend to think they know what’s best.

4. Your job is to listen to what your parents say and do what they tell you. But when you’re wrong, admit it, and don’t pretend to know better because they are always right.

5. No matter what happens, you can always count on your parents to be right. They’ll always have your back and have a solution to any problem.

6. It’s never okay to tell a kid that their parent is wrong. Sorry, but it’s not. Parents know what they’re talking about, and parents should always be listened to because they’re always right.

7. The only reason you don’t always agree with your parents is that you don’t understand what they are trying to teach you. Parents are always right.

8. Your parents are always right, especially when it comes to computers. They’re the ones who shaped your career in computer science, after all.

9. All parents are right. That’s just a fact of life. Or, at least, that’s what we’ll tell our children until they’re old enough to believe it themselves.

10. Parents are always right. They tell us to not step on a crack and that our lives will be perfect; they make us go to school when we’d rather play video games all day long.

11. Parents are always right, and I know that for a fact because I have one. You might think you know it all, but the truth is your mom did.

12. Parents are always right, so of course, our children will listen to us. They might look at us curiously (or roll their eyes), but they’ll listen up. The problem is that our demands and commands aren’t working as well as they used to.

13. A parent is always right, no matter what. Every kid needs a parent to support them and help them grow.

14. Parents are always right because they know more about what’s best for them than you do. So, when you disagree with your parents and say no, it may be because you don’t know what’s best for you at the time.

15. Whether you feel like having a chat over the phone or having a nice meal together, parents always know what’s best for us.

16. Parents are always right. Even if your kid says he or she doesn’t need you, you’re the one who knows what’s best.

17. This is one of the things every kid learns growing up, and it’s okay to admit it. Parents are always right.

18. Even if they don’t always have the best advice, parents are always right. At least, you should treat them with respect and obey what they ask of you.

19. Parents are always right. They won’t be perfect, but they’re doing their best. That’s why we should always listen to our elders and respect their wisdom.

20. Parents are always right. That’s why they are parents and not kids, don’t argue with them.

21. Parents may not always be right, but they’re always 100% guaranteed to know better than you, so go ahead and do what they say.

22. Kids know their parents are right. And if that weren’t enough, the kids argue to be able to help the adults when they have a problem. If a parent doesn’t tell their children they’re right, it will limit them in their lives.

23. Parents are always right. No matter the situation, a parent is never wrong and always right.

24. You are always the best example for your children, so show them how to respect and obey their parents by being a perfect parent yourself.

25. Parents are always right unless you agree with them. Then they’re still probably right.

26. No one wants to admit it, but every single parent is always right. Even if you don’t like the way your mother handles something, she’s still right. It may not seem fair now, but one day when you’re the parent, your kids will realize how lucky they are that their dad was so strict.

27. Parents are always right. So when they tell you to clean your room, study hard, or say “I love you,” don’t wait until they’re gone to do it. Because one day, you’ll have children of your own, and realize how difficult it is to be the parent who’s always right.

28. Parents are always right, especially when it comes to teaching kids the important life lessons that they need to know.

29. Every parent wants to be right, but most would rather be kind. Parents are always right. We make the rules and there’s nothing that our parents can do to make us obey their rules. That is true until they give us a punishment that hurts so bad it makes us cry.

30. Parents are the only ones who matter in the house. They don’t always have the right answers, but they always think they do.

31. Parents are always right, especially when it comes to caring for their children. They know how to bring up their kids properly, and will always do their best to raise them into well-behaved human beings.

32. In a way, parents are always right. If you’re a child, and your parent says no, then it is probably because they are trying to protect you from something.

33. They are here to guide and protect you. They may not always be right. But, their advice will be invaluable as you navigate your life.

34. Parents are always right and they often give advice, too. So when you’re feeling frustrated or angry, try to remember that they have your best interest at heart.

35. Children will always do things wrong and make mistakes. Parents just want the best for their children, no matter what they look like or what they do, even if it is something that seems foolish. They are always right because they only want to help the child.

36. Parents are also always right. Saying so means that you always have to listen to what they say. Because when your parents are saying you’re wrong and you’re trying to argue with them, it isn’t going to change either of your opinions.

37. What parents say is always true. Parents are always right, and we have the best ones ever. They know everything, they tell us what to do, and they try to keep us safe at all times. Show them how much they mean to you.

38. Parents are the best people in our lives. In all their unconditional love, they teach us, guide us, and help us develop into better people.

39. As a parent, you are always right. The most important thing to know about your children is that they can do anything they put their minds to.

40. Our mothers and fathers are always right. They know what’s best for us and can make the biggest impact on our lives, from how we view ourselves to how we work in groups.

41. Parents are always right, so don’t try to win an argument with them. Thank your mother and father the second you get up in the morning, because they love you unconditionally.

42. Kids will be kids, but parents are always right. They are the ones who protect and guide you, so it’s important to listen to what they say.

43. Parents can be a child’s first teacher. A positive view of parents helps children see the world positively and builds a foundation for good self-esteem.

44. Parents are always right. You can’t argue with them. They win every argument, even when you’ve won. Parents know everything about everything, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

45. Parents are always right. It’s a simple fact. They know the answer to everything, even when they don’t have a clue what’s going on. The only problem with this is that they seem to be unconcerned with their obstinacy.

46. When you’re not sure what you want, parents are always right to take advice from them. They have years of experience and nothing short of wisdom.

47. No matter what the situation, or how much you disagree, your parents are always right.

48. Parents are always right, especially when they provide you with a safe and happy home.

49. Parents are always right. Sometimes, you have to accept that since they have years of experience and lived through a lot of things.

50. It’s a parent’s job to set good examples. A parent is always right and should be respected.

51. Parents are always right – you are not an exception. Parents know best, and they have the experience to back it up. So, when you have a question or a problem, ask your parents.

52. Parents are always right. This is a fact of life your child will have to accept if he or she is ever going to be happy.

53. Parents are the best. With their wisdom and experience, they know what’s best for us. Most parents have the child’s best interests at heart, but some of the time their actions don’t make sense.

54. Parents are always right. Life can be confusing, but parents have your best interests at heart because they love you.

55. Parents always know best. Even if their advice sometimes makes you roll your eyes, their wisdom is hard-earned and invaluable. Show them how much you appreciate their guidance.

56. Parents are always right. They have more experience and perspective than you do. So it’s their job to make the big decisions, like where you go to school and what to eat for dinner. Because they know best, they will tell you what to think and feel all the time.

57. Kids need to understand that parents are always right, even when they’re not. They may know a lot more than you because they’ve lived longer and seen a lot more than you have.

58. The most important thing is to try and listen to your parents and do what they say. Parents are always right.

59. Parents are always right they’re just older. Some people say children shouldn’t listen to their parent’s advice. But old folks know what’s best, especially when it comes to teaching kids about safety. So if you hear your mom or dad saying “no,” then you’d better listen up.

60. When it comes to parenting, the truth is that your parent was always right. You just can’t get away with anything, or live out your student’s dreams

61. Parents are always right, but that still doesn’t mean you’ll like what they have to say.

62. In some way or another, parents are always right. It’s not their fault they’re smarter than you. They look out for your best interest. Trust them.

63. Parents are always right, and that is a fact. Don’t fight it. Just be glad that you can listen to their advice, and learn from them. That’s something no one can ever take away from you.

64. Parents are always right, but they can be wrong too. Be a better parent, and choose the best curriculum to educate your kid.

65. Parents are always right, so you must listen to what they say. Be respectful of them, even if you don’t agree with their decisions.

66. Mothers always know best, so when it comes to parenting there’s little argument. Parents guide their children and teach them important life lessons about responsibility, acceptance, and perseverance.

67. Parents are always right. They show us how strong and loving we can be when it comes to caring for our families.

68. Parents are always right, especially when it comes to young children. We remember just how much our parents were there for us, whether it was buying us the latest coolest toys or protecting us from danger.

69. Parents are always right. Imagine if they had a forum where they could share their best advice and parenting stories with one another. Well, now they do.

70. Parents are always right. No matter what the situation, if you disagree with their decision, let them know that you’ll make something up to get out of the punishment later.

71. The parents are always right. Forget what you may have learned from movies, TV shows, and the internet. Nothing helps you become a good person more than being told consistently how good you are. Parents don’t just say they love you because they have to — they mean it.

72. However old you are, whatever you do for a living, your parents’ experience makes them the best source of life advice. So go on: listen to your mum and dad.

73. Children are always messy, and parents are always right. It’s just the way things are. If you can’t get the kids all cleaned up, at least you can clean the mess – and yourself up.

74. Yes, your parents are always right. And if they’re not, other people will always tell you that they are.

75. Good parenting is a tough job. The fact that they’re always right might make it even harder. The best thing you can be is respectful and understanding. That way, you’ll get along with almost anyone and you won’t have to take any crap from anyone who says otherwise.

76. Parents are always right. After all, they were there when you were born, so they know better than anyone else.

77. The truth is, that parents are always right. They know how to make your life better, and easier, and help you stay safe.

78. Parents are always right because they know their children better than anyone else. They instinctively react to the distress of a child and become involved in it. A father or mother’s reaction of shock, anger, disgust and fear is not only understandable but also necessary for keeping the family together.

79. Parents are always right. They know everything and if you are like the parent-child relationship, then you should learn from your parents who are always on which side of it.

80. Parents always have a better idea. They know what’s best for you, and they want you to be happy.

81. Parents are always right. That is an absolute, fact. Parents will always know more than their kids, even if they don’t admit it, because the simple fact that they are parents means that they have something called wise old experience. Put simply: Parents know best.

82. Parents are always right, and when you have the reasons why it can become easier to accept that you must do the things that your parents tell you without complaining.

83. Parents are always right, so when they say to hang out at home and be safe, you should listen.

84. Even though you might think you’re the end all be all, your parents are always right.

85. Parents are always right. They know what is good for you. As kids, we don’t listen to them but when we grow up, we realize that it was their love, care, and affection that make us stronger.

86. Your parents know best, and they’re always right. A galaxy of stars shows its support for the wise and wonderful people who raised you.

87. Parents are always right no matter how old the kid is. Your mom or dad always knows best so trust that they’re looking out for your health and well-being.

88. Parents are always right. There are times when parents may not be right but in your best interests, it is best to agree with them.

90. Don’t argue with your parents. It has been proven that their wisdom is too great for you to understand.

91. It’s easy to forget this, but your parents have been through a lot more than you have. They know a lot more too. The best thing to do is to listen and have an open mind.

92. Parents are always right, so don’t argue with them. So, let’s play by the rules, instead of sitting around whining about it.

93. Parents are always right. They give us life and they care more about us than any other person on Earth. They also know better, so you should listen to them when they tell you to “go play outside!”

94. While it’s true that most parents don’t always have all the answers, they always want you to reach your full potential.

95. You are a good kid. Listen to your parents and do what they say. They will always be right because they know more than you do. The fact that something is useful or harmless does not mean that it is also good for you.

96. Parent’s have the final say. Parents know best so don’t argue with them.

97. Parents are always right. When they give you advice, listen to them and follow their instructions.

98. You’re lucky to have parents that care about you. They’re going to want to help you, so listen to them and follow their advice.

99. It’s always good to know your parents are there for you. When you need advice, ask your parents, and they can help you out.

100. Your parents have been around the block more than once. They have accrued wisdom over the years, and want to share it with you.

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