Being hurt and betrayed is hard enough, but when you are pregnant alongside, it is one of the most painful experiences you could ever imagine. You go through so much together – debates over names, fights about where to live, evenings spent in tears. But when that person decides you’re not worth sticking with, you go through all those emotions again, only faster and more intensely.

It’s a tough situation when your relationship ends while you’re pregnant. You’re just trying to prepare for a new life, both mentally and physically. The emotional toll is high, and you’re probably not in the mood to deal with anything else.

No one expects to be dumped while pregnant because it is one of the worst things to happen to any woman. Feelings of shock, betrayal, and helplessness are common. If you’ve been dumped while pregnant, you may be in a fog of bitterness. You can’t help but wonder why but also feel hurt and angry.

Below is a collection of dumped while pregnant quotes that shed more light on how it feels to be dumped while pregnant.

Being dumped while pregnant is about as humiliating as it gets for a woman. It’s not just the sadness and anger of having been cheated on that cuts deep, but also the knowledge that your partner wanted to raise a family with you—and then changed his mind.

1. Getting dumped while pregnant is the ultimate punch to the gut. You have no idea what you’re going to do now, but at least you can take comfort in knowing that this isn’t just happening to you.

2. Being pregnant and carrying your child is tough enough without dealing with the mental stress of being dumped. You’re not alone in this.

3. She’s pregnant, alone, and has no one to turn to. Her boyfriend of three years just dumped her. This is a true story from the deepest crevice of my heart. But don’t worry… it doesn’t end there. That’s for another story.

4. When you’re dumped while pregnant, it’s the ultimate betrayal. You thought you were in it together — then boom! He’s gone and doesn’t care about your unborn child. But there are ways to get revenge on a man who does this to you before being ditched.

5. Dumped while pregnant. Chilled by betrayal, she’s lost and alone. But her unborn child holds the key to healing all that was broken inside.

6. A long-term relationship ended abruptly when my ex-boyfriend dumped me while I was pregnant. The breakup has made me question everything about their relationship and our future together.

7. I was in love. When I found out I was pregnant, he proposed and told me he wanted to be a dad. When the time came to have our baby, he changed his mind. He dumped me and took off with his friends.

8. I became pregnant when my boyfriend and I were together, but he left me to live with his ex. He wanted nothing to do with me or the baby — now I’m here all alone to raise our child.

9. I was shocked, hurt, and angry. It didn’t matter that I was about to have a baby. He said he couldn’t handle it; he made me feel bad enough, so I didn’t ask him for help.

10. Being dumped while pregnant with your baby – it’s a nightmare, but it happened to me. My friends thought I was being paranoid. But I knew something was wrong. And I also knew that I couldn’t fix it alone.

11. No one deserves to be dumped during pregnancy, particularly by the person who’s supposed to be there for you. Enough said.

12. My boyfriend dumped me while I was pregnant. He didn’t want a baby and probably wasn’t as happy as he made me think he was.

13. I’ve never felt so alone in my life. I feel like I’ve lost everything, including my dignity. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this sad and heartbroken. I was dumped while pregnant.

14. I was dumped while pregnant with my first child. It’s hard to go through that alone, but having to be in a situation where you were completely dependent on someone else made it unbearable.

15. It’s hard to believe that the person you were planning your future with left you when you were already pregnant. It hurts. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault.

16. While pregnant, I was dumped by my boyfriend. I was heartbroken and had no way to find a job or place to live. That’s when I found out about a place where mothers with no income like me can receive temporary housing that allows us to focus on our health and the health of our babies.

17. Dumped while pregnant; she didn’t tell anyone. She just kept quiet and dealt with it alone. In her mind, it all happened because she was pregnant.

18. I was dumped while I was pregnant. My ex-fiancé walked out on me, and now it seems everyone is walking out on me too.

19. I was dumped by my boyfriend of nine months while I was pregnant. He didn’t need to leave me for another woman, but he did it anyway.

20. Heartbroken. Devastated. Shattered. These were just a few ways for people to describe how they felt when they were dumped while pregnant.

21. My husband dumped me while I was pregnant, but we stayed friends. He even bought me diapers and paid child support.

22. I was dumped while pregnant. There was no mistaking my condition, either in appearance or action. But instead of any sympathy or helpfulness from the man I thought loved, he simply dumped me without a word when he found out.

23. I was dumped while pregnant with our child. I’m 36 weeks now and still not sure how I will pay for this baby, but thanks to a family member who listened to my story and sheltered me.

24. You’re pregnant. You have a job lined up. And then, you’re married, on your way to the hospital, and suddenly you’ve been dumped. It’s the most heartbreaking feeling ever.

25. I was dumped while pregnant. The only thing that kept me going is the thought of my baby girl. Nothing will stop me from protecting her from any harm.

26. Being pregnant and dumped is already a hard time. Don’t make it harder by deleting the baby’s father from the birth certificate and pretending he never existed.

27. It’s the worst kind of rejection when your partner decides they don’t want to be a parent with you. Suddenly, you are left holding the baby.

28. I am beyond shocked and hurt by my actions. I am also extremely remorseful for anything I may have done that hurt anyone. I feel ashamed and humiliated as a person but also as a mother.

29. Because I was dumped while pregnant, I was so lonely, depressed, and numb in the first trimester that I didn’t want to see anyone. I often cried, sometimes hysterically and felt emotionally high and unstable.

30. Recently dumped while pregnant, a young and ambitious woman decides to raise her baby alone.

31. I was dumped while pregnant, and I can say it’s okay to feel sad, angry, or confused. Take the time to understand your feelings, and don’t just push through.

32. I was dumped while pregnant. I lost my home and my job when I was six months pregnant because of this. Now I feel like such a failure and pathetic loser.

33. A woman has been left in a difficult situation by her former partner. She was dumped while she was pregnant with his child.

34. I was dumped while pregnant, and it was the single most difficult, heartbreaking moment of my life. I can’t imagine what anyone who has experienced pregnancy loss must go through. If you’re going through this terrible time.

35. I Lost my baby and new boyfriend and found out I was pregnant on valentines day. He disappeared, never called me back and then blocked me on social media. After I lost the baby, he sent his family to collect all his stuff.

36. I was in the beginning stages of pregnancy when I found out my boyfriend had been seeing someone else. He promised to take care of me but dumped me instead.

37. I was pregnant when I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me. I was depressed and tired, but he didn’t care enough to work things out.

38. When a woman is dumped while pregnant, her heart is broken in ways that are almost impossible to describe. Any normal person who hears this story will be horrified to hear that someone could do such a thing to another human being.

39. I was very excited to have a baby in my womb. I wouldn’t have done anything differently, but here I am with no baby and husband.

40. I was praying that I wouldn’t go through it—that he would work things out and come back. I was in shock. How did this happen?

41. If you are pregnant and your partner has left you, you may feel very alone and scared. You may also be confused as to what to do next. It is important to remember that it was their decision, not their fault.

42. I was dating a guy for a year, and after he dumped me, I had no idea he even thought about proposing. When I found out I was pregnant, he panicked and told me we wouldn’t be a family. I had to move back in with my parents and relied on them for support.

43. Dumped while pregnant. A heartbreaking but real story of the struggle to be a single mum, with a twist on how strangers can make all the difference.

44. It was devastating when I was dumped while pregnant. Even more so because I was scared to tell him I was pregnant, he couldn’t take responsibility for his actions.

45. I got dumped while pregnant. I started the process of growing our family, we had all planned for this together, and suddenly, he was gone. Now, it’s all me. And this baby deserved better than what he had in store for him.

46. Pregnancy is hard enough to deal with alone. So when you are dumped while pregnant, it feels like the world has come crashing down.

47. I got dumped by my ex-boyfriend during my pregnancy and almost lost my child.

48. My ex dropped me while I was pregnant with his baby. It was hard to be the single mother of my daughter, but I had to get on with it.

49. I am a woman who was dumped while pregnant. Not only did this person not want to have a child with me, but they also didn’t even want to be around me. I’m still working through it, but hopefully, sharing my pain will help someone else get through theirs.

50. I was dumped while pregnant. I almost lost my daughter. This is what happened, and sharing their broken hearts and experiences with others is important.

51. You may feel like you’ve been left in the cold, but try to remember that your partner has simply failed you. Don’t blame yourself or them. The best thing you can do is take the time to heal and focus on the baby growing inside you – it will help keep you going until he or she arrives.

52. Dumped while pregnant and left with a baby on the way. A night of spoils and apologies set to make any woman feel better about herself.

53. Men could dump you while you’re pregnant. It’s a known fact. It’s better to know in advance to prepare for it.

54. I was dumped while pregnant. I tried to tell him, but he wouldn’t listen. So I had to tell my mom instead.

55. I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt me, but he did. He gets to live the rest of his life knowing that I do not want anything more than a meaningful relationship with him. It’s not fair that I am stuck with a child that I never wanted by myself.

56. I was dumped when I told my ex-boyfriend I was pregnant. At the time, he said he couldn’t deal with it and walked out on our relationship. It has been almost a year since we broke up, and as much as I want him back, his actions hurt me so deeply that I can’t imagine getting back together.

57. I was supposed to be a happy parent, but I was in tears instead. My boyfriend left me while I was pregnant, and I didn’t know how to handle it.

58. It’s tough to be an unwed mom, and many people judge you for it. It’s not your fault; please don’t feel bad about anything. You will do great.

59. I’ve been dumped while pregnant. Have you? I know it’s hard to hear, but I’m not alone.

60. I got dumped while pregnant; my boyfriend never even knew. I had been with him for two years, and we talked about us forever home with a baby on the way. We were so excited to be parents that he dropped me like a rat.

61. You are not the first woman to be dumped while pregnant, and you will certainly not be the last. The only thing you can do at this point is to forgive him and move forward with your life. Consider it a blessing in disguise; at least he could have waited until after the baby was born.

62. You were dumped while pregnant. You now have an extra heart in your body, an extra soul to love and protect. But you are still alone.

63. Dumped while pregnant and without a job. I was forced to turn my life around with no one else to turn to.

64. I was dumped while pregnant, and I understand how it feels. Thankfully I had a wonderful support system in my family and friends to rely on, but I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through that alone.

65. I’m not sure who I despise more, either him or myself, for being such an idiot that this happened to me, and I didn’t see it coming.

66. I was pregnant, and my partner left me. I had no idea what to do, but my brother came and took me in. He helped me with the baby and let me stay with him while we both grew up over the years.

67. I couldn’t believe my boyfriend had just dumped me! I realize now that he wasn’t ready for a baby with me.

68. Trying to hold things together when you’re pregnant and alone is tough. You don’t need a man who doesn’t even want the baby you are carrying.

69. I’m pregnant. And while that’s an amazing blessing and miracle in my life, it is also a difficult time. This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, and while I have so far been able to juggle work and family life like any other mom (albeit with occasional sleepless nights and a little less time for myself), it’s going to get harder for me soon.

70. I was dumped while I was pregnant. My boyfriend knew I was carrying his child at the time, yet he couldn’t wait until after the baby was born to dump me. He left me to raise my child alone, making no effort whatsoever during the pregnancy or after childbirth.

71. Dumping someone while pregnant is the most devastating thing anyone can do. I think there should be special rules in place for that.

72. My husband dumped me while I was pregnant with our first child. He found another woman he wanted to be with. I’m not sure what happened, but we got pregnant pretty fast after the wedding, which wasn’t planned. It doesn’t matter to him, though, because he dumped me for a good enough reason.

73. Well, that sucks. I was dumped by my boyfriend of 3 years while pregnant. He thought I needed a “different type of support”.

74. The father of her child dumped her when she was pregnant, leaving her to figure out how to raise a child by herself.

75. The guy I loved and trusted the most left me while I was pregnant, but we already had a plan to raise our child together.

76. I am a single mom. I don’t know if the father of my child is alive, but he left us while I was pregnant, which broke my heart.

77. I got pregnant while in a relationship, and they broke up with me when I told them. It hurt so much knowing that I wouldn’t be able to be there for my child growing up and that they would never see the beauty of their mother’s face.

78. I was pregnant then, and he broke up with me. I had a brain tumour, and it affected my moods. He didn’t want anything to do with me or our child.

79. I was four and a half months pregnant when my boyfriend of nearly two years dumped me. He left me all alone with a broken heart and a baby on the way, and then I found out that he had been cheating on me for months.

80. I knew I was pregnant before I ended things with my ex, but he didn’t want a baby. So, the next time we talked, he told me I needed to get an abortion.

81. I can’t tell you how many times I cried myself to sleep over the fact that my boyfriend, who had promised to stay with me and be there for me through my pregnancy, had done such a dastardly thing and left me while I was pregnant. It’s hard enough being pregnant when you’re in love. To have this happen is just terrible.

82. I’m pregnant and heartbroken because my boyfriend of 6 years dumped me. I’m still in love with him, which is the worst feeling ever.

83. My partner of two years left me for someone else when I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to.

84. Not everyone gets what they want in this world. I didn’t. I was pregnant, dumped, and alone. I needed to tell someone and talk it out, someone who wouldn’t judge me. The person I told was my Mother.

85. I feel like I’ve lost my identity. The last thing that I expected was to be dumped while pregnant. It’s not easy being a single pregnant woman.

86. I was dumped about three and a half months ago. He kept saying he would come over but never did. The last time I saw him, he was with another girl I discovered was pregnant. Now that I am also pregnant, where does this leave me?

87. I was dumped while pregnant with my first child. I feel like I am now forever scarred.

88. I was pregnant when we broke up, and he treated me like trash. He called it off after hooking up with another girl behind my back.

89. I was scared, alone, and stressed about what would happen to my baby and me. So many women pregnant out of wedlock have nowhere to turn for help when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I know because I was one of them.

90. I got dumped during my pregnancy. I was so shocked and hurt that I didn’t know what to do. I have never felt so hated, abandoned, and unwanted in my life before then.

91. I’m so crushed that my partner dumped me when I was four months pregnant. It’s not just the loss of what could have been; it’s also the loss of a person. I still miss him, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t care what happens to our unborn child or me.

92. I was pregnant, and he disappeared. He said he loved me but then left me with nothing. No money, job, or way to support my baby or me. I felt like the world was falling apart.

93. I’m a mom and a human. I could be anyone’s daughter, sister, or friend. Being dumped while pregnant is something neither of us had ever experienced before. It’s changed our definition of love and relationships forever. We are each other’s everything right now.

94. I was dumped while pregnant. I’d been excited about the pregnancy, and it broke my heart when he said he didn’t want to be a father. I immediately regretted telling him, but I’m glad he knew before we went into the pregnancy.

95. I wanted to give my baby the best parents and a stable environment, but I was left alone to raise her on my own. Now he’s with someone who will give him all the love in the world, so at least now, my daughter will have everything I couldn’t provide.

96. I am pregnant, alone, and dumped. I need a caring and genuine partner who loves and cares for me through this journey.

97. Being pregnant while also dealing with the end of a romantic relationship is incredibly difficult. You need support, but it is hard to get if you don’t have family nearby.

98. Stuck in a loveless marriage, I was dumped while pregnant. Left with only one son; he turned out well, but my life was ruined. Never again.

99. He dumped me while I was pregnant because he had no feelings for me. He never wanted to have kids with me, and his family would not approve. Meanwhile, he was cheating on me with a rich white girl who was not my match.

100. If your partner dumps you while pregnant, you are particularly vulnerable. Expanding your family is supposed to be a joyous time, but discovering that your unborn child is fatherless will likely be deeply distressing.

Hello there. I hope the collection of dumped while pregnant quotes ease your pain as you go through your condition alone. Please share with others so they can learn. Thank you.

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