Being strong is hard when you’re always on the losing side. It’s hard to be strong when there is no one beside you. It’s hard to be strong when your heart is filled with hate. It’s hard to be strong when every passing minute reminds you of the void in your life; it’s hard to be strong when you’re lost, confused, and unsure of where and who to turn to.

Strong men fall like a pack of cards when constant disappointment and rejection come their way. It is hard to be strong and carry on when things don’t go well. The stronger a man may seem, the greater the pain he feels when facing failure.

It’s hard to be strong when you think nobody will ever understand your situation; it’s hard to be strong when your world falls apart because of one mistake. It’s hard to be strong when that person you thought would never leave did; it’s hard to be strong when those words they uttered still ring in your ears like a broken record. These uphold these facts; it’s hard to be strong quote listed below.

It’s hard to be strong and do the right things when everything around you points in the opposite direction. Even with the best positive quotes and inspiration, it’s hard to be strong when the circumstances are not right. When it’s hard to be strong, Lean on someone, and you’ll feel better.

1. The painful rejection can make you feel weak, even if you’re strong. It’s hard to show strength when you’re heartbroken because you’re about to fall apart.

2. It’s never easy to see someone you care about hurting or suffering. And it can be really hard for others to know how to help. Truly, it’s hard to be strong.

3. It’s always hard to go through a tough break-up, but you can do it if you have the right people around you.

4, Every time a problem comes along, the first thing we look for is someone to help us solve it. It’s because we’re social beings. We need each other. Sometimes, it can be very hard to be strong.

5. Strength is the ability to remain unfazed by negativity around. It’s hard to be strong because, as humans, we are also social beings.

6. When a relationship breaks, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

7. It’s hard to be strong. We need support, a shoulder to lean on from time to time. We can reach out and tell someone. Not being strong doesn’t mean you’re weak.

8. Things happen in relationships. Sometimes, they’re not easy to explain. When you’re going through something difficult, it can be hard to reach out and talk about it. Sometimes, you need a little help because it is hard to be strong.

9. Just because you made mistakes doesn’t mean it’s too late. You can face your fears and make a change. Though it is hard to be strong and return to how things were, you can’t afford to try.

10. As a child who lost her mother at a young age, she experienced hardship to give up on life. To survive in this cruel world, she gave up on being kind-hearted and pure and swore never to let her emotions get the best of her. It’s hard to be strong when the odds are against one.

11. To understand the death of friends and happiness, we need to see some examples. What if you found a way to access the strength within your heart at any time. No matter where you are or your situation, you can feel confident and empowered.

12. There are times when you get to a point where it’s hard to keep going and concede that it is truly hard to be strong. But there is still hope if you’re brave enough to look for it. We’re here to help you find that hope.

13. When you’ve faced a difficult choice and no easy answers, take some time to consider your options carefully. Though it is difficult, being strong means staying positive in facing rejection and criticism.

14. It is never easy to be in a situation where you need some moral support. No matter how brave you are, all individuals need encouragement now and then. It’s hard to be strong.

15. Hardship builds character. It makes you stronger and more resilient. It’s hard to be strong when everyone seems to be against you, and no one around you supports you.

16. It’s hard to be strong when you’ve lost everything and no one’s there to comfort you.

17. We understand it is hard to be strong when dealing with the death of a loved one. It is never easy, and not everyone will agree with your decisions.

18. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. How can you be strong when your heart fails to do so? It’s never easy to be strong when times are hard but don’t worry: you’ll come out even stronger than before.

19. It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes. It’s hard to motivate yourself when you have nothing that motivates you. We know it’s not easy. We’re with you, and we’re going to get you through this.

20. It can be hard to be strong when times get tough. However, the fact remains that hard times make us stronger and help us prepare for the challenges life might have in store for us.

21. Have you ever been betrayed by people you thought were your friends? Let me tell you what I did when I got backstabbed. Even though we take care of our heart, it is very fragile.

22. You’ve been betrayed. It hurts. It feels like you’ll never recover. Life seems full of darkness and despair as you wade through a sea of tears and anger. Two things can be a great help: understanding and support. At these times, it’s hard to be strong.

23. Terrified, you see your best friends and family turn their backs on you. Framed for a crime you didn’t commit, and without an identity, it’s hard to trust anyone anymore.

24. Being strong is hard when you don’t feel like anyone is looking out for you. We get that. Losing someone you love is terrible, but we can help you and your family through this difficult time.

25. The heart’s strength is the greatest asset any person can ever possess. So, it’s hard to be strong because your heart can fail when you desire to be strong.

26. Being strong is hard when the people you love are not always there for you. When the road you follow points to a sad ending, it’s hard to be strong and do the right things.

27. It’s hard to shake the feeling of being heartbroken. Hold on to your dreams. Keep them close. Believe in yourself, and know that you can do great things if you stay strong. You are loved. You are not alone.

28. It’s hard to be strong when no one around you supports you. Your pain is understandable. You’re not alone. Everyone makes mistakes. All you have to do is learn from your past; with love, support and faith, you can move on from this.

29. You are not alone. Death is a part of life we will have to face at some point. Some people never get over their anguish and sadness. But you can and should learn how to deal with the pain and carry on with your life.

30. Strength is often misunderstood as the ability to hold one’s own in a competitive world. Instead, it is the ability to remain unfazed by negativity and keep a cool head.

31. You might be feeling alone, but you are still loved. Your heart may feel shattered, but there’s a way to put the pieces back together. It’s easy to believe that people want you to give up when they push you and tell you you’re wrong.

32. Being heartbroken sucks, but you’ve got to wear your big girl pants and be strong. Crying over spilt milk doesn’t do you any good, so it’s time to make this work. If you are struggling and no one seems to be on your side, know that you have people who care about you and want you to succeed.

33. It’s hard to be on your own when you’re young and even harder when the people you love are not there for you. But it’s okay. You can make it if you look around. There is always someone who will support you no matter what.

34. It’s a tragedy that people die. We know it’s hard to live with that loss, but you must carry on for the family’s sake. When you’re struggling, we understand. We’ve been there too. You can count on us.

35. The battle against cancer is like no other. But we’re in this together, and you’re not alone at the end of the day. It’s not easy; it takes a lot of time and practice. And you are not alone. We are here for you–you can lean on our shoulders, too, whether in work or life.

36. There are days when it all seems hard. When you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You’re just not sure how you’ll make it through another day.

37. It’s hard to stay focused. It’s hard to keep your head up. It’s hard to carry on when you feel like giving up. Having been betrayed by close friends, it’s hard to understand why people do what they do. Just try not to feel too bad about it. Everyone makes mistakes.

38. Be strong and supportive. It’s stressful figuring everything out on your own. Let us help you make sense of everything. Make the right choice. In cases of emergency, you can count on us. Our services are always respectful, and we will never take advantage of your situation or leave you in need.

39. It’s hard to be strong when dealing with the death of a loved one. It is never easy, but we can’t afford to give up on life. It’s difficult to remain strong when circumstances hurt. We know this, so we’re here for you.

40. Strength is hard to find, but it is not impossible. We don’t want to feel down on ourselves all the time; sometimes, we need someone to listen to or try something new. We are still trying our best, which should be acknowledged and supported.

41. Don’t feel alone. We’ll be there for you no matter what you’re going through. When your back was turned, they betrayed you. How will you react? It’s hard to be strong when you’re going through pain. It’s even harder when you’re betrayed by those closest to you.

42. It’s easy to fall into a downward spiral when feeling hurt and betrayed. It doesn’t happen in isolation. People around you can help you, but they need to know what’s happening.

43. It feels like the earth is crumbling beneath your feet as loved ones depart this earth. It’s hard to believe that life will continue, but you must look back at their lives to cherish every moment you had with them. Remember all the happy moments, and never forget how they made you feel.

44. When we’re struggling, we need someone to understand us. We deserve to look forward to a better tomorrow. Being strong doesn’t mean you didn’t feel pain — it means you got through it. It cannot be easy, but it’s possible. We’re all the same and have been in the same place.

45. It’s not easy to turn your back on what you love. It can be difficult to mature and accept that some things will never change. It’s very hard to self-analyze and make positive steps forward when you’re in a negative situation. It’s even harder when nobody around you knows what you are going through.

46. The strongest warriors have tender, compassionate and forgiving hearts. These are also the greatest warriors in life because they think before they act. We know how you feel. We’ve been there.

47. Everyone knows the challenges of making consistent progress when everything pulls you in the wrong direction. Some people will help you through this. You’re not alone. Friends, family, and support systems can help you be your best when they truly care about and support you.

48. We all have hard times. You are not alone. Your friends and family are waiting to support you and help you through. Reach out and ask for what you need. You will be amazed at how helpful others can be in your time of need.

49. Hard times come, and they go, and even though it’s hard to be strong, hard times make you stronger. Times are hard, but there is always hope. Take the first step and come back to us.

50. Strength is an admirable quality that builds character. Being strong is hard when you are hit below and betrayed by close buddies. Imagine being betrayed by close friends and stabbed in the back. Now that you’ve experienced it, what will you do?

It is true that these it’s hard to be strong quotes above affirm that it’s okay to stay strong amidst every chaos. Stop being weak and start being strong against all odds.

It is not easy, especially if you’re left all by yourself in the world. But do not give up fighting, and do not leave your guard down.

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