A customer is the most important visitor on your premises; they are not dependent on you; you are dependent on them; they are not an interruption in your work; they are the purpose of it. They are not an outsider in your business; they are part of it. You are not doing them a favour by serving them; you are doing yourself a favour by serving them well.

“The customer is always right” is a saying that’s been around for years. It’s a reminder that your customers are the lifeblood of your business. They’re who keep you in business, so it’s important to listen to your customers and make them happy. Without them, there’s no business. If you treat them well, they’ll come back again and again. If you don’t, they’ll take their business elsewhere — or just not buy from you at all. In either case, it’s bad for your bottom line.

In matters of style, swim with the current, in matters of principle, stand like a rock. It should be your policy to give every customer the attention they deserve – even if they are not buying anything from you now or ever.

Below is the collection of customer is always right quotes that will inspire you to listen to your customers and will guide you to do what they want and how they want it.

Customers are always right because they are the ones that make the business what it is. Without the customers, there would be no business, and that’s why it is very important to respect them no matter how uncomfortable they make you feel.

1. Customers are our most important resource, they should be treated with respect, dignity, and honesty at all times. The customer is always right.

2. The customer is always right. You don’t pay them to be your friend. You pay them because they’re the ones who buy your product or service. They’re the ones who give you money so you can continue doing what you do best: serving them.

3. Customer service is simple; treat others as they want to be treated, as if they were in your place, and would like to be treated as you would want to be treated under similar circumstances.

4. Be nice to your customers. They can be your best friends or your worst enemies. There is no such thing as a bad customer. There are only bad employees.

5. The customer is always right: they are the reason you’re in this business. This mantra might sound old hat, but it’s a powerful way to make people feel cared for and understood.

6. The customer is always right. Taking the time to listen to customers’ complaints will help you identify what’s wrong — and then fix it. It also gives customers a chance to talk about their personal needs, which may have nothing at all to do with the product you’re selling.

7. Basically, you do what the customer says. You never say no to a customer’s request, no matter how strange or silly. You can’t argue with them either – just smile and nod like this is the most popular thing to do ever.

8. Understand that each customer has different needs and wants, and your goal should be to make sure every customer is happy with their purchase.

9. The customer is always right. To ensure their satisfaction, strive to meet and exceed their high expectations for quality products and services.

10. The customer is always right, and you should nurture customer loyalty. Make every effort to ensure that customers are happy with your service.

11. You got to love the customer – they are always right. This can be good but sometimes it’s difficult to please everyone, and sometimes customers aren’t even sure what they want until you show them all the possibilities.

12. Your customers are the reason you come to work every day, and they’re always right—even when they’re wrong.

13. Your customers should be important to you, and you should be committed to providing the best possible service every time.

14. Customers are always right and the way to thank them is by making their shopping experience pleasant.

15. If a customer isn’t satisfied with their product, you should be happy to replace their order or refund the purchase.

16. As a business, you must remember that your customers are always right. Never stop trying to provide them with the best possible experience and make sure that everything is in its place from the moment they enter your store or open a new account.

17. Your number one priority should be to ensure your customers have the best possible experience. Always go above and beyond to make their shopping experience with you as pleasant as possible.

18. As a business owner, you will want to make sure that your customers are always happy with the service they receive from your company. If a customer is unsatisfied in any way, it is important to work with them to resolve the problem and find out how you can improve.

19. The customer is always right, so you need to provide the best customer service possible. Ensure you do whatever it takes to meet your customers’ expectations and exceed their expectations when possible.

20. Customers are always right. It’s the single most impactful thing a business can do for customer service. By making that statement, businesses are saying, “We value each one of you and we want to help you solve your problems.”

21. Always treat your customers with respect. Serving the customer should be your number one priority and if at any time they feel like they have been mistreated or not served properly, they would let you know and you must do what you can to fix it.

22. The customer is always right. But that doesn’t mean that you let your customers walk all over you.

23. You should go above and beyond to make sure your customers are satisfied with their purchases and that they come back for more.

24. The customer is always right. So go the extra mile, cheerfully and sincerely. Focus on customer satisfaction, not just making a sale.

25. Your customers are always right and should be treated with courtesy and respect.

26. Your customers always come first, and you should be committed to providing the best possible customer experience.

27. The customers are the reason you exist. Always listen and respond to their needs and promise you won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

28. Never argue with the customer. Even if a customer is wrong, it doesn’t mean that you should win an argument. Your goal is to make sure the customer feels listened to and understood.

29. The customer is always right. This is a fundamental rule of business. If the customer has to return something, make sure it’s convenient for them.

30. A business without customers is nothing. The customer is always right: they choose you, and they are the ones whose satisfaction you should be working towards.

31. The customer is always right. This philosophy should motivate you to meet their expectations, improving your working practices, and personal skills every single day.

32. No matter how much you love your customers, sometimes they have a valid complaint. Every business wants its customers to be happy and satisfied with their purchases. Keep the customer happy with an effective and efficient, fast response, so they can shop again.

33. The customer is always right and you must fulfil their request whether or not it suits you.

34. The customer is always right. If you find yourself in any situation where you’re disagreeing with a customer, what we recommend is to approach them about it in a calm, respectful manner.

35. The customer is always right. Explain your point of view as well as possible, and be open to hearing feedback from the customer on your ideas.

36. The customer is always right. Learn to take it in stride and see where they’re coming from, despite your annoyance. It also helps you to understand their needs as a customer and advocate for them as necessary.

37. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, getting your customers to provide feedback is essential to building trust and loyalty. And if they’re happy with what you offer, they’ll keep coming back.

38. Customer is always right. Listening to your customer is what you should do: making the customer happy and satisfied with your product.

39. The customer always is the one who decides what he likes and what not. You, as the company or product owner, have all the rights to introduce new features and services, but you should never neglect your customers’ requests.

40. The customer is always right, and your job is to make them happy. You’re passionate about building long-term relationships with every single person who walks into your store.

41. The customer is always right. Your customer deserves a high-quality, efficiently produced product and service worthy of great recognition.

42. You are the leader of your company, but it’s important to remember that the customer is always right. If there is ever any confusion or dispute between employee and customer, you must mediate and help them both understand the situation.

43. The customer is always right; always. If you disagree that your customers are always right, you’re going to have a hard time creating a sustainable business model.

44. It’s always good to be nice. Sometimes we see things that could be done differently, but it is important to remember that customers are always right.

45. Customer service is important. Your customers will not keep coming back if you don’t provide a great experience. If a customer has a complaint, it is important to address their issue immediately and try to resolve it as best as possible. The customer is always right, even when they aren’t.

46. The customer is always right. And a happy customer is even happier. It’s your job to make your customers happy—that’s why you are there.

47. The customer is always right. They are the ones who are paying and providing feedback about your service or product. You want to make sure you’re meeting their expectations, but also keeping them happy with how things go.

48. The customer is always right. Understand your customers and strive to provide high-quality services that will make them happy.

49. The customer is always right. This means that even when you know your manager is wrong, you need to support his or her decision and make the best of it.

50. The customer is always right. A satisfied client is a profitable client. Winning the loyalty of a new company is the key to a sustainable flowing business.

51. Always treat customers how you would like to be treated. If a customer has a problem, meet with them, and resolve it.

52. The customer is always right. That’s why you should strive to make every experience a pleasant one.

53. The customer is always right. This rule is essential for business success and can be used as a guiding principle throughout your interactions with customers.

54. Treat your customers fairly and with respect. Don’t create policies to turn away customers.

55. You can create a strategy to grow your business by strengthening your relationships with customers.

56. The customer is always right. No matter how much it may seem like they are always wrong, they’re not. If you believe this to be true, give them a great experience from start to finish with your help.

57. Give your customers what they want, even if it isn’t what you wanted to sell them.

58. The customer is always right because they decide to buy the product or not. Customers have the power to determine if someone’s business will succeed or fail.

59. Not only is the customer always right, but they are also always happy to hear that their feedback has been actioned on.

60. Your customer is always right, even when they’re not. So when a customer complains, listen attentively, respond quickly and fix it.

61. The customer is always right so make sure the customers are happy with the service that you provide to them.

62. The customer is always right so treat your customers with respect and kindness, and remember that word of mouth is the best way for them to share their experiences.

63. The customer is always right. Treat them with respect and be helpful, even if you have a policy that limits or prevents you from doing so. Being polite and understanding will help prevent the situation from escalating into something worse than it has to be.

64. Always have a positive attitude and go out of your way to help customers. If they have a problem, do everything you can to solve it.

65. The best customer service is to provide information quickly, accurately, and courteously.

66. Take the time to think of the ways that you can help your customers achieve their goals and offer them the assistance they need. Remember that time is money, so don’t waste it trying to push an item that already sold out.

67. The customer is always right. Even if the customer is wrong, listen to them anyway—they may have a great idea or suggestion that you haven’t thought of.

68. A healthy customer relationship is the result of building trust, developing loyalty, and satisfying customers.

69. The customer is always right. Your company should treat your customers as if they are the most important pieces of a puzzle because they are. The goal of this mantra is to ensure that you understand their needs and wants, their preferences and interests so that they feel appreciated in every interaction between consumers and businesses.

70. When a customer has a problem, it’s your job to solve it. Learn how to identify, research, and respond to customer service issues effectively, to retain or increase your customer base.

71. The customer is always right. It doesn’t matter if they’re wrong or right, what matters is that they feel valued and that they feel like they have some control in the situation.

72. The customer is always right, no matter what. Treat them with the respect they deserve and never underestimate their value to your company. Treating customers well and providing exceptional customer service will help you grow, plus keep them coming back for more.

73. The customer is always right. If a customer does not receive the service or product that he or she expected, the company should do what it can to make the customer happy.

74. The customer is always right. Serving customers is the primary focus of your business. You will value and enjoy your job as a result.

75. The customer is always right and everything is a teaching moment. Treat them with respect, stay positive, and do not get defensive.

76. You remain in control at all times. Whether you use a simple system like surveys or one as complex as full-blown data analysis and big data, it’s vital to ensure that your customers are heard, understood, and acted upon.

77. The customer is always right so if a customer has an issue with the product or experience, you need to address it and work with them to ensure they are a happy customer.

78. Customer is always right. Always. It’s a fundamental truth of business and life. If your customers aren’t happy, you’re not making money, and eventually, you won’t have any customers left.

79. The customer is always right. They have the right to be heard, understood, and all of their needs should be important to you.

80. The customer is always right. If a customer complains, find out why. Then fix it.

81. The customer is always right. Not only that, customers often know the product better than anyone else.

82. Customers are at the heart of everything you do. You should listen to them and work with them to make products that help them achieve what they want. Aim to build long-term relationships based on trust, loyalty, and reliability.

83. A customer is always right and deserves respect, even if the customer is in error. If a problem arises, every effort should be made to resolve the issue.

84. Nine times out of ten, customers are right. They expect a lot from businesses and demand they be knowledgeable and ready to help at all times. The customer is always right, but they still want to be appreciated and respected, just like anyone else.

85. A customer is always right. This is how you should always approach your customers in the retail industry. As a retailer, it is important to be courteous to your customers and provide high-quality service to ensure that they return.

86. The customer is always right. If a customer ever has an issue with your product or service, address it immediately and professionally. Customers are more likely to be satisfied if they feel listened to and respected by the company.

87. The customer is always right. Common sense in business, but a great way to approach your customer service department.

88. The customer is always right. You just need to learn how to please the customer. This can be achieved by providing a product that meets his/her expectations, in a way that is convenient and pleasurable for them.

89. The customer is always right. The customer’s needs want, and desires are most important.

90. Customers are always right. However, they don’t always know it. But if you believe them to be right, they will be. It’s that simple. If they believed that you understood and accepted their point of view, they would not have to push back on your authority.

91. The customer is always right, treat the customer with respect and give them value in your products.

92. Provide a personalized customer experience and keep your customers coming back.

93. The customer is always right. Even when they’re wrong. But there are times when customers are wrong, especially when they’ve made a big mistake or caused damage to your business or property. In these cases, it’s important to stand up for yourself and protect yourself legally by reminding them of what they’re responsible for — and what they’re not responsible for — as well as how their actions have impacted your bottom line.

94. The customer is always right: a mantra that has helped countless businesses succeed. But don’t only listen; also be able to discern when the customer is wrong, and you might just save yourself from making a mistake.

95. Your customers are the centre of your business. They’re the reason you exist, and they’re the reason why you get up in the morning. They’re the people who give you purpose and lifeblood, so it’s only natural that they should be treated like royalty.

96. When a customer has a complaint, it presents an opportunity for an organization to stand out from the crowd. A good complaint-handling process.

97. The customer will always be right, and it is the responsibility of the staff to ensure that each person feels valued and respected.

98. The customer is always right. Not only does this rule instil a sense of responsibility in an employee, but it also creates a positive environment for customers.

99. As a business owner, it is important to avoid getting angry with clients because they are ultimately the reason you have a job. If there’s an issue with customer service, fix it immediately so that customers leave feeling satisfied and ready to return.

100. The customer is always right and should be treated as such. Make sure to listen, investigate, and perform.

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