Life is like a bridge. It has its own beginning and end. So, we should make sure that we do not waste our lives on the wrong things. Instead, we should utilize it in the right way. The life of every individual has its own importance and significance as it is unique from others’ lives. We cannot change or alter anyone’s life but only our own life can be changed by us through proper efforts and hard work.

It is said that “life is what you make it” meaning that whatever happens in your life depends on you only because no one else can control your life but only yourself. You can change your future by making some changes in your present living style according to your needs and requirements of life. Does it mean if you want something from someone else then first ask yourself whether you have given them any chance to give this thing or not?

Life is like a bridge because there are some difficulties and problems that always come our way during the whole course of our journey; but with the help of our friends, family and loved ones we could get rid of them. In other words, if you want to become successful and make things easier for yourself you’ve got to walk over the obstacles and let your feet touch the ground.

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Life is like a bridge. Its construction must be laid upon the solid rock of your own character and personality, with the consciousness that it is for you alone to pass over safely into another world. 

1. Life is a bridge, and you must either build it or burn it. Whatever you do determines how you get to the other side of your purpose in life.

2. Life is like a bridge, build your own bridge and cross over the river of life successfully with confidence.

3. Life is like a bridge. Don’t dwell on your past, look forward to where you want to go and concentrate on it one step at a time.

4. Life is like a bridge. Construct it well, because the only thing that stands in your way is yourself.

5. Life is like a bridge: you make choices, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t. But either way, you’ve made it across and that’s all that matters.

6. Life is like a bridge. It has a beginning, middle, and end. But if you’re willing to let go of what’s behind you and step onto the bridge, you will go far.

7. Life is like a bridge—it’s not the best time to build it, but the only time you have. Your actions will change the world. Do it and get building today.

8. Life is like a bridge. Don’t build your life on someone else’s ground, or you’ll always be living on borrowed time.

9. Life is like a bridge. We don’t know where it will take us, but we’ll get there safely.

10. Life is like a bridge. You don’t have to get to the other side, but if you decide not to cross, you’ll never know how far it is.

11. Life is like a bridge. It has its moments of darkness, but you have to keep walking. It’s not what happens to you but how you choose to respond that matters.

12. Life is like a bridge. You can only walk on it once, but you can spark new connections that last a lifetime.

13. Life is like a bridge. You need to be able to throw yourself off it and then build yourself back up, utilizing the skills you’ve learned along the way.

14. Life is like a bridge. You must build it yourself, but you must also be ready to meet the other side.

15. Life is like a bridge. You build it with your hands, but you cross it with your heart.

16. Life is like a bridge. You must not only be able to see the other side, but you must also have the skills and intelligence to build a safe path to get there.

17. Life is like a bridge. Don’t just stand there, build one that leads to your destination.

18. Life is a bridge. You will meet good people and then some bad, but don’t be afraid to take that first step.

19. Life is a bridge. You’ll meet some remarkable people and experience some of the best moments of your life on it, and then one day you’ll see an old friend you hadn’t realized was still in the picture.

20. Life is like a bridge. You must be willing to let go of the old way of thinking so that you can have new experiences, new friends and a new life.

21. Life is like a bridge. You make it across by means of other people, and when you reach the other side, they’re not there anymore. But what’s more important is that you learned something about life on the way.

22. Life is like a bridge. You make it across in one direction or another, but either way, you end up where you started. You may have to build new structures to get over some of the obstacles, but you’ll never be able to cross those gaps if you don’t know where they are.

23. Life is like a bridge. Don’t just look at the water, look at the way it connects the past and future.

24. Life is like a bridge. It has a series of highs and lows, but it’s built out of a solid base made up of good times and bad. We’re celebrating the good times and learning from the bad times. So keep going, keep walking and never give up.

25. Life is like a bridge. We pass through it, often without even noticing. Some of us get burned, some of us get wet, and some of us simply walk over it. But the important thing is that we pass – and then build on our experience to create something new.

26. Life is like a bridge. You make it across by sitting down and building it from both sides.

27. Life is like a bridge. You must build it as you go, and hope that you don’t fall in the water on the way home. Live for today, not for yesterday.

28. Life is like a bridge. You must build it yourself, but the only way to do it is to burn the planks of yesterday and start afresh.

30. Life is like a bridge. You must master yourself before you master anything else. Life is a bridge. One side is painted white, the other side is painted black. You must choose which side to walk on and never look back!

31. You’ve got to be strong, and you’ve got to be smart, but you’ve got to be flexible. And life is like a bridge. It’s a really good thing if you don’t just get all of your wires together and make a rigid structure, otherwise, it just falls down.

32. Life is a bridge. What you build on it will be the greatest story of your life. When you have crossed it, turn around and go back into the past, for that was where you started, and there you will find yourself, happier and more successful than you were before.

33. You can’t cross a bridge until you build it. So, be the bridge builder in your life. Your life is a bridge that leads to success. Build it with hard work and dedication.

34. Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself! The bridge to happiness awaits you there.

35. The end of the bridge is not the beginning. The beginning is not the middle. And the middle is where you find yourself again—full of hope and promise and possibility.

36. The road, the bridge, the hope of tomorrow—all will come together in a place where even the deepest darkness is quenched by the light of a new day. There you will find your heart and soul, waiting for you to find it.

37. The bridge between the past, present and future is called ‘life’. You must cross that bridge to reach your destination.

38. Building a bridge is more than just crossing it. It’s about how you cross it, the things you build on top of it and how much it alters the way you see the world.

39. There’s nothing you can do to make life a bridge but one day, you will find the courage to walk across it.

40. Bridge is a metaphor for life. It’s not just a physical structure, but symbolic of how we should live our lives. It’s about stepping into the unknown with an open mind and an open heart.

41. Don’t let something small like a brick in the middle of a bridge stop you from being who you want to be. Stay focused on your goals, and keep moving forward!

42. We all have our own bridges to cross. Let’s help each other along the way. Build it, build it well, and cross over to the other side.

43. When you build your bridge, don’t be concerned with other people crossing it. Life is a bridge, not the goal.

44. When you’re trying to cross a bridge, remember that a bridge is like life. It has heights, depths and lots of places where you can fall and get hurt. But it’s all worth it if you reach the other side.

45. Life is a bridge. Build it well and walk across it with your head held high. Life is like a bridge. Build it carefully so you can cross it gracefully.

46. The bridge between what you know and where you want to go is always made of memories and moments.

47. A bridge is a structure built to connect two places. A person is a structure built to connect the conscious and unconscious mind with external reality.

48. Life is like a bridge. You will meet many people who try to burn it and others who will build it up.

49. Life is like a bridge, if you don’t build it you will never get to the other side. Build on it or burn it down. You make it what you want it to be.

50. Life is like a bridge: You don’t have to stay in one place for long before you find yourself in a new place.

51. Life is like a bridge. You make it across by taking one step at a time, and you build the bridge by laying down one brick at a time.

To have a happy journey we must live life one step at a time. Each step forward provides us with the opportunity for new enjoyment and learning but also gives us hope for an even better future.

Enjoy your life with this life is like a bridge quotes, be happy and never give up.

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