As a matter offact, JAMB CBT Past Question Software for all past years is now available for free download on curren school news portal. This article will guide you on details about the app, how useful it is and where to download the app for your PC or android device. Stay focus and read through.

JAMB CBT Past Question SoftwareJAMB CBT Past Question Software

In the first place The application has over 13, 000 past jamb question and descriptive answers. The software emulates the JAMB 2017 CBT engine. All the questions here are from Past JAMB UTME. The idea is to have you practice the same quality of questions in the same testing environment.

Why you should Get Our JAMB CBT App

Guides on how to answer jamb exam questions are also available on the jamb CBT software and also guides on how to approach some question during your exam. There is a saying that those who fail to prepare are also preparing to fail. If you are writing 2018 jamb exam and currently looking for where to download jamb CBT app, a look no further as we have the official site where you can download this app.

Click here to Download CBT Software for PC
Click here to Download CBT Android Device

Features of Our JAMB CBT Software

  1.     Completely Offline – Do I have to explain that? You don’t need internet access to practice on this app.
  2.     Topic Selection – Choose individual topics to boost performance on areas that need improvement.
  3.     Subject Selection – You get select which subjects you want to practice at anytime. See pictures below. You can choose 1, 2, 3 or your complete 4 subjects. If you’re crazy, you can practice the 15 subjects at once.
  4.     Last Days At Forcados – Practice past JAMB UTME questions based on The Last Days at Forcados High School. There’s also a complete summary.
  5.     Built-In Calculator – You’ll need a calculator to tackle those science subjects. It’s there.
  6.     Next Generation Result Analysis – You’ll see detailed Result analysis after each test. This way you know which subjects you’re lagging behind in.
  7.     Bookmarks – This is a cool feature. You can add bookmark an interesting / challenging question, and go back directly to it at anytime.
  8.     Flexibility – Nothing is fixed in this CBT Software. You can the number of questions, the timing, exam mode. Anything at all.
  9.     Does Not Expire – You heard that right. This software does not expire. You get to use it forever. No monthly subscription.
  10.     JAMB 8 Keys For Easy Navigation – you can use the keys on the keyboard to navigate from one questions to another.
  •         Key P is for moving to previous question
  •         Key N is for moving to next question
  •         Key A is for selecting option A
  •         Key B is for selecting option B
  •         Key C is for selecting option C
  •         Key D is for selecting option D
  •         Key S for submitting. In that of JAMB you will need to press the key twice. The first press will ask you if you really want to submit while the second press is to confirm yes.
  •         Key R is for returning (or cancelling submission) after clicking Key S once. In MSGist UTME-Computer, just is click the No button that pops up.

Other Features of the UTME CBT Practice Software.

  1.     The CBT engine is like that of JAMB with better user interface.
  2.     The CBT engine can display passages, images, tables, subscripts, superscripts and special symbols both in the question and option boxes.
  3.     Users get to see their scores, number of questions attempted, answering speed, time spent, among others, on beautiful charts.
  4.     Results can be printed or saved.
  5.     15 different subjects (you can confirm that from the demo version)
  6.     Contains JAMB real past questions (Up to 2017)
  7.     Experience JAMB CBT hall in your closet
  8. The features of this software are great, numerous and endless. Go to the download page now to have a taste of its great capabilities.

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