Assessing Marketing Communications Tools Effectiveness to the Telecommunications Industry in Nigeria.


In assessing the effectiveness of marketing communication tools in the Nigerian telecommunications industry, attempts were made to:

determine the extent marketing communications were applied by the telecommunications industry in providing service information;

examine the degree the application of marketing communication by the telecommunications industry increases customers’ awareness of its service;

determine the effect of marketing communications in the telecommunications industry in convincing and changing customers’ attitude towards its services;

estimate the degree of marketing communication tools in the telecommunications industry in building company image;

It is very resounding, therefore, to acknowledge the effectiveness and necessity of marketing communications activities in ensuring service provision, positive customer attitude, brand loyalty and building of corporate image.

Based on the findings of the study it is recommended that; More emphasis should be placed on service information provision via marketing communication activities, as there is a dearth of information about the various services and packages of telecommunication firms among the service subscribers in Enugu State;

Marketing communication activities should always be repacked, reviewed and developed upon to meet up with the changing needs of the customers as well as the level of technological advancement and competition;

Newer, more technological-driven and scientific methods of marketing communication activities should be researched into by telecommunications firm that will put them at the top of the cutting edge technological innovation, thus ensuring amassing of clientele and ensuring brand loyalty.


Background Of Study

Any investment has to bring some return for its investor, evaluating the effectiveness of a particular investment help organizations to realize whether their investment is worthy or not.

Investment in marketing communication takes major share of organizations investment for marketing activities in general and this marketing communication helps in draw backs of existing marketing practices and make necessary corrective actions to improve marketing activities, effectiveness and efficiency as the whole efforts of organizations fruitfulness lies on marketing at the end of the day.

Marketing communications can be defined as all strategies tactics and activities involved in getting the desired marketing message to intended target markets;

regardless of the media use, most service marketers have access to numerous forms of communication, referred to as collectively as the marketing communication mix.

The mix includes advertising personal selling, publicity and public relations sales promotion, instructional  materials and corporate design (lovelock and wirtz, 2004) marketing communication mix elements provide information and consultation are important components to add value to a product or services.

Customers need information about the features of the product or services, its price and how they can access it to make informed purchase decision.

Thus if customers are able to get necessary information about the product timely and adequately, they may feel that they are buying quality product or services.

This means that having good and effective communication channels add value to the product or service of the company.


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