20 Best Degree Courses in Nigeria with Highest Employability.

Best Degree Courses in Nigeria – An individual course of study plays an important role in your income/salary, employment status, and happiness after graduation from the university. With the right choice of courses in Nigeria, you can save yourself from frustration after graduation/NYSC.

I overheard people saying that your course of study does not matter so long you give it your best, which is not true. It matters a lot because all courses are not equal in terms of payment, marketability, and tranquility.

So with the right information, you can decide which course to go for which you are so passionate about. Of course, it is important to state categorically that passion should also be taken into account when choosing a course.

Here are the lists of Top 20 Degree Courses in Nigeria with Best Employment Opportunities.

1. Civil Engineering

2. Agriculture Science.

3. Medicine.

4. Economics.

5. Business & Administrative Studies.

6. Geology

7. Computer Science/IT

8. Nursing

9. Architecture

10. Health Education

11. Home Economics

12. Marketing

13. Graphics Art.

14. Accounting & Finance

15. Fishery.

16. Pharmacy.

17. Physics

18. Human Resources Management

19. Law

20. Chemistry

In summary, it must be taken into account that other courses not mentioned here do not mean that the course is bad or not profitable but considering many criteria, including the application for a professional certificate, we come to this analysis.

If you think the opposite of this conclusion, you can leave your comment below with your reasons.

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