Being a boss can be tough. You’re in charge of a lot of people, and all eyes are on you. But being a gangster boss is another thing entirely. You have to be both feared and respected. And you have to do it without getting caught. Gangsters tend to have some pretty specific management styles — some of which are better than others.

Gangsters can be great bosses. They’re tough, they’re ruthless, and they’ve got a lot of experience dealing with violence. But they can also be high-maintenance and a little unpredictable. Working with a boss who is a gangster is a unique experience. If you are lucky, it can be an enjoyable one. But if you are unlucky, it can be a nightmare.

You will probably have to work harder than you ever have before in your life. You will need to learn how to walk on eggshells and not make waves. You will also need to be very careful about what you say or do because the slightest mistake could get you fired or suspended. If you’ve ever worked with a gangster boss, then you know how frustrating this can be. It’s almost impossible to get things done right because you’re constantly struggling with all of their demands and rules.

This collection of boss gangster quotes will help you navigate the ups and downs of working for a gangster boss. It includes the advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls of working for a boss who is a gangster. You will learn how to get the most out of your job while putting in minimal effort.

Being a gangster boss is not an easy task and requires a lot of hard work and patience. You have to be strict but at the same time be very friendly with your employees. You need to be fair while dealing with them as well.

1. A boss with a gangster attitude has the same effect as an overly critical supervisor. He’s well aware that bullying is wrong, but ignores this fact and indulges in bullying anyway–without trying to conceal it. He might threaten his workers, or tell them that everything depends on them, so they must face dire consequences.

2. A boss who acts like a gangster, speaks in a manner that sounds like a gangster and has control over his subordinates.

3. The gangster boss has all the hallmarks of what we think of when we talk about a gangster. He is aggressive, smarmy and has little respect for his employees. He seems to thrive off of the negative energy that surrounds him and will do anything to ensure he stays in power.

4. A gangster boss will take advantage of you and make unreasonable demands. They are known to yell at people and threaten people who don’t follow the rules.

5. A boss with a gangster attitude is a tough and cruel boss who uses intimidation to get you to work faster.

6. A boss with a gangster attitude is someone who gives you a wake-up call, challenges you to do better, and pushes you to be better. You might not agree with everything they do or say, but they will often get results.

7. This boss has a certain gangster attitude, slinging an array of orders at your underlings. The boss uses this tactic to scare you into submission and keep everyone on their toes. If employees bring up their needs or want, they’re quickly shut down by the boss.

8. A boss with a gangster attitude treats employees like they are an extension of the company. However, even with such treatment, good performance is demanded in return. Employees are not allowed to take things easy and kick back as they are required to be productive.

9. A boss with a gangster attitude is the kind of person you want to hire, but only if you need a lot of help. His or her office is in an impressive building and he talks like an old-fashioned gangster would. He might scare people that are new to him, but he always has something good to say about them once they toughen up.

10. A boss with a gangster attitude–in other words, an abrasive, bullying manager who uses intimidation to get what he or she wants. He creates fear in employees by yelling, making threats, keeping employees from talking with each other, and using vulgarity and insults.

11. A boss with a gangster attitude is strong-willed, stubborn and has an aura of authority. He demands respect from his subordinates and is always keen on getting an honest effort out of them. Such leaders don’t have time for malingerers or procrastinators.

12. A boss with a gangster attitude means more than just taking care of business — it means being tough, but fair. It means knowing that in order for employees to be successful, they have to feel comfortable talking about their concerns and issues.

13. Your employees are your greatest assets, and a boss with a gangster attitude can be an invaluable asset to you. While your employees may be used to their heads being on the chopping block at any moment, giving you a little tough love will only make them work harder.

14. The boss will be accustomed to power and control of information, but the gangster leader is much more sinister. The gangster leader is an autocrat whose power and control extend beyond the business into their personal lives.

15. A boss with a gangster attitude is one that comes across as tough, loud and curses a lot. They treat their employees like crap.

16. A boss with a gangster attitude – one who is ‘unpredictably scary, violent and dangerous’ – has the ability to instil fear in others.

17. The gangster boss grunts and growls at employees. He may do drugs, drink alcohol and even smoke cigarettes in the office. A boss takes pleasure in intimidating his employees with his mannerisms, gestures and tone of his voice.

18. A boss with a gangster attitude is a boss that treats employees like they’re underlings. He or she feels they know more, can do better, and won’t take any lip from their team members.

19. A boss with a gangster attitude is like a mafia boss, completely arrogant and impulsive. This leader is not interested in anything else than his own power and will try to keep it by any means necessary.

20. The gangster boss is smart, educated and can do many things alone. He does not have the help of others and does not trust them either. A boss like this only thinks about his own profit and how he can reach it at any cost.

21. A boss with a gangster attitude is always ready to solve every problem of his workers, even if he has to get involved personally and take care of it. He is different from a psychopath manager and from people who are just plain mean.

22. I have a boss with a gangster attitude and have suffered from his abuse since I started working there 4 years ago. I’ve worked hard and not even considered quitting because the job pays well, but I cannot take any more.

23. Bosses with a gangster attitude are the ones that are able to transform your most turbulent days into calm waters of success and achievement. These are the bosses who rise above mediocrity and chaos, who focus not on all the time they lose dealing with problems but use this time to innovate and grow as a leader, who hold themselves responsible for their team’s success and lead by example.

24. The gangster boss is a boss who thinks he’s the king of the world and everyone should understand that he/she is not just one of them. The boss has an attitude of superiority, which comes across as arrogance and a lack of empathy. It can result in conflicts with colleagues and subordinates.

25. A boss with a gangster attitude that is always ready to take advantage of people who stand in his way. He never shows his real feelings, but only pretends to be kind and generous.

26. A boss with a gangster attitude has little sympathy for people’s problems, is indifferent to the opinions of others and expects people to follow their orders without question. They are quick to anger and might even become abusive if they find out that something has gone wrong and they do not know what it was.

27. If you have a boss who acts like a gangster, you know it’s going to be tough to work with them. When they start yelling loudly at everyone and throwing their hands around, it can get very uncomfortable in the office. But there are ways around this.

28. You can’t trust a gangster boss. He doesn’t know his employees, and there’s no loyalty to him because they don’t know what they’re getting into when they work with him.

29. A boss with a gangster attitude is someone who may have a lot of power and influence in the office, but when they’re out of the office they act like they’re in charge of their own little crime syndicate. These proclivities may go unnoticed by their superiors, due to them being so accustomed to doing business on their own terms. This can create a toxic work environment and even worse, social consequences between employees — resulting in everyone involved feeling stressed out and unhappy.

30. A boss with a gangster attitude is a boss who is tough and direct, but lets his workers know that he’s always got their backs. He gets things done and doesn’t mind being aggressive when necessary to get ahead in life.

31. Having a boss with a gangster attitude can be good or bad. The individual is demanding and extremely aggressive, but in many cases, it means they are successful and driven by their ambitions.

32. Having a gangster boss can be difficult. You have to be quiet, stay out of the way, and clap whenever he makes a joke.

33. Having a gangster boss is going to be a lot of fun. Most of the time it’s going to be great and you’ll be excited to go to work, but there are going to be times when they’re not happy with you. What can you do?

34. Having a gangster boss is often as simple as having an old-school mentality. A streetwise, tough guy type of individual who feels more comfortable in an environment where people respect power and position, like the mafia of yesteryear.

35. The most important thing to understand when dealing with a gangster boss is that they are mostly motivated by money and power. Therefore, it is best to stay away from doing any illegal activities. Another thing that you should know about is that they believe in loyalty, so if you want to survive at their firm, don’t betray them or steal from the company.

36. A gangster boss is a mindset. He wants you to see him as fearless, bold and ambitious–not to mention smart, cunning and lucky. He never backs down from a fight or even appears to waver in his resolve to take on challenges. He’ll tell you exactly what he thinks and it’s your job to disagree with him in a way that makes him think you agree with him.

37. Having a gangster boss can be like having a friend you don’t trust… You’ll have to watch your back, at all times. You never know what’s going to happen next or what he is capable of doing behind closed doors…

38. Having a gangster boss is a problem because this person will always have trouble with the law and be on bail for some crimes. It’s important to let them know how much earning power they have or else you may get caught in the crossfire of their business.

39. Having a gangster boss is like having a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who only shows his true colours when it’s too late. A lot of people seem nice and friendly at first, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the same way in the long term. You should trust your instincts when dealing with them.

40. Being a subordinate is already one of the worst work experiences as a person. But when you’re surrounded by gangsters, it can be a living nightmare.

41. Gangster bosses are only concerned with getting their way and will intimidate, threaten and even fire anyone who stands in the way of that. But if you can take the heat, your prospects for advancement could be excellent.

42. Having a gangster boss is not something you will find in the job description. It is something that happens once you are hired, and even before you are hired.

43. Having a gangster boss is bad for your health and makes it difficult for you to sleep at night. Gaining a reputation as a ruthless person, especially in your business, can be disastrous for your career and reputation.

44. Having a gangster boss can really put you in a tough situation. They can listen to your advice and change their ways, but more often than not that’s not how things go. If you want to survive working with a gangster boss, you have to be able to read their mind, anticipate their next moves, and make sure they understand that you are not going to roll over for them.

45. Many people working for gangsters are unhappy because their boss is always telling them what to do. It can be hard to work in an environment where you are being watched and monitored so strictly.

46. When you work with a gangster boss, you can expect to be treated like you’re almost family. Gangster bosses often keep their employees for long periods of time, bringing one individual into many different projects. They also tend to reward loyal employees by giving them opportunities in different areas of the company, or even helping them move up in life.

47. Having a gangster boss isn’t always easy. A good boss will have many qualities, but the most important of these is that they are able to recognize their employee’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly.

48. Being a gangster boss is one of the most demanding jobs because it requires you to be a good leader while also having extreme control over your employees.

49. There are certain traits of a ‘gangster’ boss. A gangster boss will often act like the rules don’t apply to them, and in fact, he or she – may well believe that those rules shouldn’t exist at all.

50. Having a gangster boss can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s very stressful too. The way to deal with these issues is to learn to laugh at yourself and your circumstances.

51. Having a gangster boss can be tough. It’s important to remember that it is his job to find problems, not to solve them. His attitude about your work, the company and its people should never influence yours.

52. Having a gangster boss is difficult to be with. He is a controlling person and does not allow being challenged or questioned. He will only listen to his own views and thoughts, not even allowing others to give their opinions or suggestions.

53. Being in business with a gangster boss can be risky and dangerous. A gangster will demand results and deliver nothing in return. Sometimes the gang leader protects the boss but other times the gangsters turn on them and kill them too.

54. Having a gangster boss is like getting married a second time. You have no idea what you’re in for and the marital problems don’t get solved until you have children. That’s when the relationship begins to unravel and the ugly truth comes out.

55. Having a gangster boss can be a terrifying experience. But it’s not all bad news: sometimes they’re generous, sometimes they can be fun, and sometimes they provide pretty sweet free lunches.

56. Having a gangster boss means you have to be on the lookout for him when he’s around. He’s a boss but he does not have to act like one.

57. A “gangster” is a person involved in the underworld, especially a member of a criminal organization. A boss is someone who is responsible for several people and has authority over them. Having a gangster boss means that your boss acts like he or she controls all of your actions and movements.

58. Having a boss who is a gangster can be intimidating, but it also offers the opportunity to learn how to handle different situations.

59. Having a gangster boss can be quite a challenge. Many see it as a path to success and power, but many times the true challenge is being professional. Gangsters have been known for doing anything for money, so one has to have multiple personas that can be in play at any time.

60. Having a gangster boss can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, there is mutual respect between the two parties, but on the other hand, there can be unspoken pressure to remain loyal to one another and complete tasks whether they are legal or not.

61. Sometimes working for a gangster boss can be fun, but when you think about it, it is a bit strange. You have to get your work done but also have your boss’s back at all times.

62. Having a gangster boss is a nightmare. Not only are they arrogant, demanding and temperamental but they also have the power to concoct ways of making your life miserable. A gangster boss will not hesitate in terrorizing you from time to time just because he can.

63. When it comes to having a gangster boss, you have to stay cool and calm. You have to know how to make them happy and how to handle them in case of any situation that can happen. Being able to work on things together with your boss will surely help you cope with the job and make yourself better at it.

64. Having a gangster boss could be bad for your health — or even your life. You know it’s time for a change when you start looking for a new job because of what’s happening in your present situation.

65. Going through each day with a gangster boss is like a test for you because if you are able to survive through it all then it means that you deserve the position and maybe even more than that.

66. Having a gangster boss can be neither good nor bad. It is a good thing because he will give you all the things that you want and need, but it can also be bad because he will not hesitate to beat you up if you do something wrong.

67. Having a gangster boss can be a good thing if you are one of those who want to learn bad things. They will give you the knowledge of these bad activities and if you want to follow in their footsteps, then it would be great.

68. It can be challenging to have a gangster boss. The jargon and lingo may be confusing, and you may need to cover your ears when they use colourful language. It’s best to keep calm and listen carefully as they tell you what they want. If you’re really curious, ask carefully.

69. Having a gangster boss means you’re going to have to think of better ways to deal with certain situations.

70. Having a gangster boss can be a difficult thing, especially when you consider the lifestyle choices of such a person, who is always vulnerable to danger and violence. Having such an individual as your boss can make you feel anxious, even frightened at times.

71. Having a gangster boss is scary. Literally, every aspect of your job is under the influence of an arbitrary, unpredictable and often violent person. One moment you can be working late on a project, the next you’re being interrogated about who stole their money.

72. Having a gangster boss can be beneficial for your career, as long as he or she doesn’t know what’s on your resume.

73. If you’re working for someone that is, or has ‘gangster’ tendencies, there are some things you’ll need to know. Most of the time this will come from your instincts and a sense of survival; everyone needs to go with their gut in these situations.

74. You end up doing things that you wouldn’t normally do because the gangster boss makes you feel bad. They might threaten you, or beat you up if you don’t do it. They put pressure on you by telling you that if you don’t do what they’re asking of you, then something bad will happen to your family or friends.

75. Having a gangster boss, who is already rich and successful, is good for you. He will always encourage you to be innovative and creative because the way your boss works, he has more opportunities to innovate and be creative with his projects.

76. Having a gangster boss can be exciting and intriguing. The gangster boss is typically ambitious and has a good eye for talent. This type of boss wants to make sure that the workers around him are productive, loyal and well-liked by the team.

77. Having a gangster boss can be scary and stressful. The boss can be demanding and unreasonable when it comes to working hours, workloads, and pay. The employee may feel uneasy about reporting these issues because of fear of termination or retribution from the gangster boss.

78. A gangster boss is a person who either has the power or attempts to take all the power in an organization. A gangster boss only cares about profit and often uses fear and intimidation to get what they want.

79. Being managed by a gangster may be both frightening and exhilarating, but it’s often a highly effective way of getting things done.

80. Being a boss is tough and it requires you to constantly manage moods and expectations, resolve conflicts, and battle a sense of impotence when people don’t always get things done the way you want them done. But having a gang lord boss can make your job even more complicated because you constantly have to worry about being “made” by your manager. Every time he asks you to do anything, you’re watching every move you make like it was your first day on the job because you never know when your boss will take out his gun and start shooting at something—or someone—who stands in his way.

81. Having a gangster boss is a dangerous thing. They don’t care about you and actually might hurt you at some point. You have to work their way and you can’t say no or they’ll just go out of control. You have to stay safe because they can be dangerous themselves, so it’s important that you know how to handle yourself around them.

82. Having a gangster boss means that you have a boss who has a strict moral code, especially when it comes to his subordinates.

83. Having a gangster boss is often seen as more of a hindrance than an advantage. However, if you are tough enough, you can take control and make it work for you. The key is to understand their expectations and do everything in your power to meet them. When this happens, they will expect more from you.

84. Having a gangster boss makes the work environment less collaborative, less supportive, and less focused towards performing the job. People are less likely to volunteer for committee work or other tasks that require coordination and cooperation from others.

85. A gangster boss is someone who does not share power, does not acknowledge the needs of others and will go out of their way to impose harsh punishments or ostracize those who do not conform to their agenda.

86. Having a gangster boss is a blessing and a curse. You’ll have all the resources you could possibly need to get your work done, but you’d better make sure it gets done on time. Gangsters will rarely accept excuses for lateness or sloppy work.

87. A gangster boss is someone who has authority and control over others. A person with a gangster boss may fear getting fired or being demoted because of their performance at work.

88. It is no secret that a gangster boss has a reputation for ruthlessness and violence. Although this type of behaviour isn’t always overt, it does set the tone for the rest of the gang to follow. To grow without being torn down, you have to know how to deal with your boss effectively – no matter how intimidating they can be.

89. Being a gangster is all about style and substance. Bosses have to be both good and personable. They will not only appreciate your work but reward you for it.

90. Having a gangster boss is similar to working for any other type of criminal. The person in charge of a gang uses intimidation, threats, bribes and other illegal methods to get what they want. There are many ways that people can become involved in organized crime, whether it be as a lookout for drug deals or as an enforcer for loan-sharking who carries out beatings on those who renege on their debts.

91. Having a gangster boss means that you cannot expect much from them because they are just trying to get ahead by whatever means necessary.

92. Working for a gangster boss is not for everyone. The job is unpredictable and dangerous and it puts you in situations that you might not like having to deal with. But for some people, the excitement of working for a crime boss outweighs any fear or discomfort.

93. A gangster boss is someone who is unafraid to use violence or the threat of violence to achieve his or her goals. The tough guy image they project can be attractive, but beware: They like power and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

94. Sometimes you don’t have a choice about working for a gangster, but if you do, your best strategy is to stay out of trouble and make as little fuss as possible.

95. Having a gangster boss is difficult. A gangster boss can lead in a variety of ways, including good and bad. Being a professional is important in any work environment, especially when working with someone who has a questionable past.

96. Having a gangster boss should be intimidating. Deriving income from illegal means can make you dangerous and unpredictable, especially when it comes to your employees. They don’t have the same moral code that a law-abiding person would have just like any other job, so they are not afraid of using force or engaging in illegal acts.

97. Working with a gangster boss is no easy feat. Paying attention to their strange practices, accepting the odd behaviour and getting over the fear of being “found out.” But as long as you can do these things without losing yourself in the process, it will be worth it!

98. Having a gangster boss is really not any different from having a normal boss. The difference is that your gangster boss will probably have to have you removed with less time and trouble than the average boss.

99. Having a gangster boss is very hard in the workplace. Having to deal with him every day he can act like a gangster, walk around like a gangster and his attitude towards you is almost always negative and aggressive.

100. Having a boss that is in the mafia can be very stressful for an employee. After all, when you have a gangster boss hanging around, or even just a boss with connections, you never really know what might happen next. You can try to get away from them by finding another job but that might not always work either!

101. A gangster boss is someone who intimidates and controls others by using violence and threats. If a person has a gangster boss, they tend to live in and work in a hostile environment where they are constantly being threatened with physical harm from their superior or other members of their team.

102. As a gangster boss, you will have to be very careful about the way you treat your employees. If you are too aggressive with them, then they will not feel comfortable working for you. If you are too nice, then they might not take their responsibilities seriously and may even take advantage of your kindness.

103. Gangster bosses are not that different from other bosses. They have the same goals and the same needs. The only difference is that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

104. Gangster bosses don’t want their employees to be happy, they want them to be loyal. This means doing what they say when they say it, and in the manner that they say it.

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