Blackberry Messenger Application popularly known as BBM for Android and iPhone available to download, finally on 22nd  and 24th October 2013 for Samsumg and iPhone phones and 25th October 2013 for other Anthriod phones like Tecno, iTel, HTC, LG, etc.

The long awaited BlackBerry Messenger app for Android and iPhone has finally been launched but even after you have downloaded BBM for your iPhone or Android phone from the Google App Store, BlackBerry will still keep you waiting for activation which will provide you with a BBM PIN. Continue reading to get all the details and links to download the long-awaited app.

Goto Google Play, the Apple App Store and, in some locations, the Samsung App Store, and you should be able to download BBM and install it on your Android phone. However after you’ve successfully installed the app, there’s a long queue to activate it, but don’t lose hope, Just enter your email address and when you reach the front of the row, you will receive an email from RIM informing you that you can now start chatting with your BBM buds with a new PIN


Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for iPhone is optimized for iOS7, this is to say that it will only function on updated iPhones and the new iPhone 5series (5s and 5c).

In the meantime BBM for Android includes latest features like the BBM chat widget, which allows a user to keep up with friends without having to open or close the app.

Truly speaking, BlackBerry has without doubt made intending users to wait for BBM. The app was initially planned to debut about some weeks ago, but after missing the launch date and time, BlackBerry truthfully admitted that they were not yet ready and postponed the launch date. Because of this fact, some hackers and other app developers toke quick actions, targeting eager ex-BlackBerry owners with their ads, spam or worse. But for some unforeseen reasons Google failed to remove the fake apps, pointing criticism from app experts for their failure to keep to time.

Nevertheless, as of today, the fakes appear to be gone.

Notice this: If you’re in some approved and selected parts of Africa, the app is completely available through Samsung App Stores as from 25th October 2013.

Are you going back to BlackBerry? What’s the best chat app? And will this encourage people to embrace BlackBerry, or does this kill the last reason to actually buy a BlackBerry? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below or chat millions of other users on our Facebook page.

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