How to Make and Receive Payments on Remita via

Remita Payments – On this guide, you will know how to make and receive payment on the Remita platform. Remita is an online payment solution platform that enables the receipt and payment of funds across different banks using a single platform. With, transactions of a wide variety can be completed from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you deem most suitable without physically visiting any banking hall.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has even adopted Remita Websites for the payment and collection of funds on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria and is used by 22 commercial banks and over 400 micro-finance banks in the country.

This e-payment platform is not only open to individuals but also public and private sector organizations including NGOs, SMEs, Multinationals, Corporations, Government Agencies and Parastatals, Religious organizations, Educational institutions, Hotels, and hospitality organizations, Health institutions, and even the common man.

How to Make and Receive Payments on Remita Websites

Assuming you are paying Federal Government Bill Online using Remita Platform. This is what to do;

  • Visit and click on “Pay A Federal Government Agency Bill or Any Payment Button”
  • Type in the Beneficiary Name in first space provided [Name of MDA]: That is, the name of the institution you want to pay the money to. e.g. PHARMACIST COUNCIL OF NIGERIA – 052101200100 as in the case of the lady who I helped to pay her annual license.
  • Name of Service/Purpose: Select the name of service or purpose of payment in the drop-down list provided g ANNUAL LICENSE
  • Description: Type in the description of what you want to pay for. e.g I want to pay for an annual license.
  • Amount To Pay (₦): Type in the amount that you want to pay e.g 10500 as in the case of the lady I helped this morning.
  • Payer’s Full Name: Type in your full name
  • Payer’s Email: Type in your email address
  • Payer’s Phone: Type in your phone number
  • Complete the Security Captcha: To Confirm your transaction, you need to key in the characters in the image into the box below it. This is for security purposes.
  • Click“Proceed to Payment”

How to Generate Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)

This is where you will see your RRR with its unique code displayed for the transaction. On the RRR Invoice page, you will see many options to make the payments such as;

Internet Banking:

With internet banking, you can transfer money directly from your account to the beneficiary via Remita powered transfer. Most Nigerian Banks now have their banking apps that allow users to make transfer just on the go. Please note that they may be a fee attached to this transfer.

On that “Pay with Internet banking” column, you will see the icons of banks that support internet banking on the Remita platform.

Click on any one of your choices and proceed to payment.

Bank Branch

If you want to pay the money at any bank branch, simply print the transaction receipt or copy the RRR code to your bank and pay the required amount.

Cards or Wallets

You can also make payment with your ATM card. Simply click on the card of your choice e.g. Nigerian cards: MasterCard, Visa, Verve, or International Card: MasterCard, Visa. You can also pay via e-Wallet services such as PocketMONI.

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