Anti fox hunting is a campaign to end the sport of fox hunting. The sport involves the chasing of a scent-trailing hound, usually with mounted riders. The best known form of fox hunting is the red fox, although other species such as the grey fox and fennec fox are also hunted.

Anti fox hunting is a topic that has been debated for a long time all over the world. The main debate is whether or not it should be legal to hunt foxes with dogs. There are some people who believe that it shouldn’t be legal to hunt foxes because they are an endangered species and also because it’s just cruel.

To campaign against fox hunting, we have compiled these anti-fox hunting quotes, which are useful for a concrete argument to establish why fox hunting should be banned.

Fox hunting is a barbaric act that continues to be carried out illegally in our world. We must end this atrocity and stop the suffering of the foxes. Spread the word about this! Fox hunting is cruel, unnecessary and has no place in our lives.

1. Fox hunting is not just a British thing; it’s a global problem. Join the fight and tell them you stand against this devastating cause. Fox hunting is cruel, unnecessary, and cruel. Use your voice to help end this barbaric practice.

2. Fox hunting is a brutal and inhumane practice that should be banned. We need to stop this cruel system. Fox hunting is brutal animal cruelty that has no place in today’s society. Fox hunting is a barbaric and outdated practice that has no place in a civilized society.

3. Fox hunting is horrific. It’s cruel. And worst of all, it’s unnecessary. It shouldn’t be a part of our society—and we must ensure that it never becomes acceptable again. Fox hunting is something we can all agree on. It’s a barbaric practice that makes no sense in today’s society.

4. Foxes aren’t our enemies. It’s the people who hunt them that are doing us harm. Fox hunting is a morally reprehensible act that can have life-threatening consequences. It also has horrific ecological consequences.

5. Foxes belong in the wild, not on our dinner plates. We are all at risk of being hunted. In the countryside, we might think that our ability to live free of fear is protected by law and order, but in our cities, they are free to hunt us down.

6. To all the anti-fox hunting activists, we don’t think you’re wrong. We just want to show you how fox hunting isn’t just a regional problem but a global thing.

7. Fox hunting is an issue that hits close to home for many. It’s a practice that needs to stop because it is not only cruel but can also harm our wildlife irreparable. It’s time for people to speak up for the animals and say no to fox hunting.

8. Foxhunt is a mindless, cruel and outdated sport that invades our communities and causes fear among the public. It’s time to ban it. The fox is our best friend. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many people, as the anti-hunting movement continues to gain ground.

9. Everyone in the world should support the anti fox hunting campaign because the act is barbaric act. If it was done in the past, it should end now!

10. Fox hunting is a cruel and outdated practice that causes suffering to animals and humans. They’re sometimes called “man’s best friend” for a good reason—they love us!

11. We live in an age where anti-fox hunting is a controversial issue. It’s time to understand the issue and why it’s important. We are not the only ones who care about animals. Many other countries care more than we do. We must fight for what is right and help eradicate this cruel practice.

12. Foxes are not ‘just’ animals. They are intelligent, communicative and highly capable of adapting to their surroundings. With so many animal species facing extinction, it’s time to take social change into our own hands.

13. The eradication of foxes is just one of the many horrors that we have committed. We have crushed our planet and its life as if it were nothing more than a weak weed that we can do whatever we want. We have destroyed so much.

14. The cruel and controversial sport is still on its way to being legalized in some states. It has been a passionate debate for many years, but it is time to act. Is there a link between anti-fox hunting and animal cruelty? If so, we should all be paying more attention.

15. We are glad we can share our thoughts with the world. This is the first time in a long time we’ve truly felt ourselves and realized what we are: anti-fox hunting, pro-animal rights, and pro-people.

16. Fox hunting is just one of the many ways the greed and power of corporations are destroying our world. It’s time to take the fight against fox hunting to the streets.

17. A fox is one of the most vulnerable beings in our society. Foxes are intelligent, social creatures. They form strong bonds with each other and their families, often living together for years. But sadly, foxes are too often hunted and killed as threats to the human world.

18. Fox hunting is a cruel sport that should be banned! The fox is a uniquely vulnerable species—it lives only in small, isolated groups and has no natural predators. When humans kill the foxes in their natural environment, they are not just eliminating a predator preying on them; they are also killing an entire species of animals.

19. When you have thousands of years of intelligent species being hunted down, it’s time to speak up. Foxes are just as much a part of the natural world as we are.

20. It’s a tough one to stomach. Anti-fox hunting is an increasingly divisive issue in our country, but we can’t ignore the bigger picture: what does it mean for our British landscape and way of life?

21. To truly value all living creatures, we must give them a voice and a choice. We must stop fox hunting once and for all.

22. You’ve probably never thought about it this way, but if we don’t stop hunting in our world, we’re just as bad as those who hunt foxes.

23. When will we learn? Fox hunting is still around and in your face. We need to protect our wildlife at all costs. It’s time to take the reins and defeat fox hunting.

24. Human beings have been hunting foxes for thousands of years. Foxes are beautiful, important and intelligent animals. Humans have persecuted them as pests for centuries. Humans need to stop killing them; this behaviour should not be needed.

25. Foxes are just as important to their ecosystem as fox hunters are to ours. We all know that foxes are cute and cuddly, but they shouldn’t be killed to keep us warm.

26. We’re all for leaving the foxes to their fate, but we think it’s worth noting that we’d all be better off with a little more love and kindness in our world. Fox hunting is an archaic form of entertainment; what about fidget spinners?

27. The fight for animal rights is an international issue, and we can’t stop until everyone knows it exists. Our world is not a natural place. We must stop treating it like one and start seeing it as something we can change.

28. It’s not a matter of opinion; it’s a matter of fact. It’s time to take a stand. Fox hunting is cruelty that we can do without. Let’s make our voices heard by posting on the internet!

29. Fox hunting is cruel and outdated. It needs to stop. Fox hunting has no place in the 21st century. Let’s stand up for our animals and end this outdated practice once and for all.

30. Fox hunting is a brutal sport where men are trained to kill foxes for the amusement of wealthy landowners. It’s out of control, but there is hope.

31. Fox hunting is a cruel and illegal practice that must be stopped. It’s time to stand up against the cruel treatment of animals and join our fight to end it forever. Fox hunting is a cruel, outdated practice that persists in different parts of the world.

32. Fox hunting is a cruel practice banned in more than a dozen countries. It’s time to bring it to an end. It’s not just foxes that are threatened by this barbaric practice. We believe that all animals deserve protection, especially those with whom we share the planet.

33. Each day, foxes are killed to protect us from the unthinkable. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to join us in making a difference and supporting our campaign to ban hunting across Europe.

34. Fox hunting is an archaic and cruel practice that affects humans today. In this article, we explore why we should all stand up against this outdated hobby and what it means for the future of wildlife conservation in many states.

35. It’s not just foxes being hunted—it is our right to be free. If you care about how animals are treated, please sign this petition and help. We are all affected by the decisions that are made in our world. It is important to stand up for our beliefs with so many issues.

36. The true sentiment of the fox is never to hunt down another animal but only to chase rabbits. Animal welfare is a human right—and it’s also a moral imperative. If you think about it, anti-fox hunting is very relevant to our world. It is the first step for the rest of the world to see the potential of the animal kingdom instead of seeing them as pests or food.

37. Our world is full of problems, and the only way to solve them is with open dialogue, personal connections and awareness. We propose a solution; don’t hunt foxes; help them.

38. In a world where social media and news are saturated with stories about the cruelty of fox hunting, we must keep reminding ourselves that we all have a role to play in protecting our animal friends. Fox hunting is real; it happens in many nations. We must fight against this barbaric practice and protect all animals from unnecessary suffering.

39. Help local communities fight foxes, a threat to humans and wildlife. Fox hunting is an inhumane practice that needs to end. And that’s why we need you to help us eliminate the law!

40. We don’t hunt because we want to or because it’s fun. We do it because it’s the only way a fox will be safe. The fox hunting debate is a deeply complex and emotional issue. But raising successful children shouldn’t be complicated or controversial.

41. Fox hunting is a barbaric practice that should be banned in every country, but especially in the western world. Our world is in desperate need of the voice of young people. The time is now.

42. Foxes are everywhere—in urban, suburban and rural areas. They’re in towns, villages, and fields, hiding in hedgerows and undergrowth. They’re on the streets of our towns and cities at night. They’re on the roadsides with their kits in tow, skulking along the hedgerows in search of prey or shelter from the weather. Foxes may sound like harmless creatures to you, but they have no respect for human life.

43. Foxes are not just cute little animals. They are also victims of the same hunting, and indiscriminate killing practised on humans. People often claim to be anti-fox hunting, but one look at the facts would show that they are, in fact, more pro-hunting than anti.

44. Foxes are disappearing. Where is their protection? Who is taking them away? Their stories are cut short, but humans have been hunted to near extinction. In a world where foxes are hunted for sport and fashion, we must work together to stop the animal from being hunted.

45. It’s time to ban fox hunting forever. We can’t let this cruel, outdated sport continue as normal. It’s not just about animal rights: it’s about our environment and economy.

46. It’s time to end the torture of fox hunts. We’re all for good sportsmanship, but we’ll be voting against fox hunting anywhere in the world.

47. Fox hunting is not only cruel, but it’s also illegal. Hunting foxes is a barbaric act. It’s time to stop the bloodshed.

48. Fox hunting is just one more form of out-of-control killing in our society that has no place in the 21st century. Fox hunting is a barbaric tradition that has no place in modern society.

49. Foxes face the same danger we are, and you can help. Fox hunting is a barbaric tradition that needs to end.

50. In this modern day, we must fight for our rights to live without fear and for the preservation of nature. We can’t turn a blind eye to the need to end this cruel practice.

51. It’s time to take action, not just talk about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports fan, animal lover or wants to understand the politics behind it all; anti-fox hunting is worth your time.

52. The anti-fox hunting movement is global, and we’re all responsible for its success. Let’s keep up the good work!

53. Haven’t you heard it’s not anti-humanity to stop hunting foxes? It’s about making the world a better place for people, animals and the planet.

54. Fox hunting is cruel, outdated and has no place in today’s society. While it may seem like a faraway issue, it is important to take action now.

55. Fox hunting is a brutal practice which can cause lasting injuries to the fox and psychological trauma to the dogs. It’s time we abolished this outdated tradition.

56. Fox hunting is a cruel pastime that should be stopped immediately. Millions of people worldwide are against hunting and killing wild animals, which is why we need to take action.

57. When we address the issue of fox hunting, we’re addressing the issue of animal abuse. Fox hunting is not just a bad tradition; it’s also a global problem. We can no longer ignore this barbaric act and hope it will quietly disappear.

58. In a world with more hunters, we need to stand up for the animals.

59. As a society, we view foxes as little more than pests to be eradicated. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Foxes are an important part of the ecosystem and can be a key ally in helping us to become more eco-friendly.

60. What would happen if we were to stop hunting? What if we were to let the foxes go back to their natural habitat, where they belong?

61. The current anti-fox hunting campaign is pushing the issue of animal cruelty to a new level, and we all should be concerned. For everyone who cares about this issue, you must act. Spread awareness, and ask your government to stop using our beloved animals as bait.

62. How can you help? Join the campaign to end fox hunting, sign the petition and spread awareness. We can’t let this happen in a world so interconnected—this is a global issue that needs global action!

63. Fox hunting is a brutal, cruel and outdated practice. Let’s raise awareness and end this unnecessary cruelty!

64. Fox hunting is not just a local issue but has wide-reaching implications for the world. We could be missing out on some of the most important discoveries made by scientists if we don’t take action.

65. In the past, people have used fox hunting as an incentive to get rid of those who are deemed “undesirable” by some. This is still practised in some countries, and we must show solidarity with the animal rights movement.

66. Fox hunting is one of the most dangerous ways to hunt. Foxes are just animals, but the hunt is how they are treated. It’s especially cruel when they’re injured or scared.

67. We may not be able to stop the foxes from hunting, but we can make sure that people aren’t forced to hunt animals for sport. Let’s do our part and speak up for animal rights!

68. Fox hunting is a barbaric practice that no longer needs to be allowed. We all have a role to play in keeping foxes wild.

69. We’ve all seen pictures of foxes being ripped apart by dogs, and now these animals are being hunted for sport.

70. Our world is full of cruelty and injustice. The innocence, intelligence, and life all living things deserve should be protected from this barbaric treatment. Foxes are just as intelligent, curious and loving as any other creature.

71. Anti-fox hunting might not be widely known, but it is happening across the globe. When you see the world through fox hunting eyes, it doesn’t seem so much like a problem of wildlife conservation. It seems more like a problem of human rights.

72. The anti-fox-hunting movement is a welcome addition to the growing list of efforts against animal abuse and cruelty. Foxes are intelligent, resourceful animals. They hunt for food, search for shelter, and communicate with one another via body language and vocalizations. They symbolize our ancient past and can teach us a lot about our humanity.

73. Fox hunting is a cruel and outdated practice that has no place in the 21st century. Stop the violence, stop the bloodshed, and stop wasting precious resources on this brutal sport.

74. Fox hunting is an outdated, cruel, ineffective pest control method. The use of hounds for fox hunting is not only cruel towards the animal but also unnecessary, as proven by scientific studies, which show that other pest control methods are more effective, such as baiting and poisoning.

75. Let’s talk about foxes and how they’re like us. They want to be left alone, eat food, and make friends. How can we live in a world where hunters can kill them for fun?

76. Fox hunting is not just a ritualistic bloodbath but also a centuries-old tradition. Fox hunting has been banned in some nations. It’s time to ban fox hunting once and for all.

77. We’re killing foxes with kindness. The truth is that foxes are a part of our environment as we are. They live alongside us, and they’re not the enemy here. Killing them just because of their animalistic qualities would be wrong.

78. It’s not just foxes that are hunted; it’s our freedoms. Fox hunting should be banned worldwide. We should all be concerned with animals being hunted and killed so casually.

79. Fox hunting is no longer just a game. It’s a political tool used to control the masses.

80. When you’re an animal, you don’t have much control over your life. You can’t make decisions on your own. But no matter what it is, we still take care of them. We love them and want the best for them. Whether in their natural habitat, a zoo or a sanctuary, let’s all take action against these senseless acts of violence today!

81. Fox hunting and trophy hunting are two sides of the same coin. Both involve systematically killing an animal that has no place on this planet.

82. We all deserve to live free of fear and intimidation, where we can do what we please without being persecuted by the government.

83. The anti-fox-hunting movement is not just about saving animals; it’s also about recognizing the pain and suffering that humans cause to other living things.

84. An anti-fox-hunting campaign has launched worldwide, aiming to ensure “no animal suffers needlessly.”

85. Fox hunting is an outdated and barbaric practice that can’t be tolerated. Join in the fight against this cruel and outdated practice and help us end it everywhere.

86. As foxes are decimated by hunting, we must do everything possible to stop the bloodshed. Fox hunting is a cruel, outdated practice. There’s no reason why we should support it by buying products with foxes on them.

87. In some countries, foxes are hunted almost daily to bring in the best opportunity for a successful hunt. The reality is that hunts can be inhumane. It’s time we stopped this barbaric practice once and for all.

88. This is not a new issue; it’s been around for decades. We need to stop the scourge of fox hunts and raise awareness so that animals aren’t harmed in such a brutal fashion.

89. In the past, fox hunting was a common practice across the globe. Today, it is still practised in many countries. This cruel practice needs to be stopped.

90. Fox hunting is the unnecessary torture of animals. It’s a barbaric practice that has no place in today’s society.

91. Fox hunting is a relic that doesn’t belong in the 21st century. It’s time to stop this barbaric practice once and for all.

92. Crow and Swan were two of the first birds targeted by fox hunters. They are not only beautiful but also symbols of peace, calmness and gentleness. They are iconic animals that deserve more than to be hunted for sport.

93. Fox hunting isn’t just a bad tradition; it’s against animal rights. Fox hunting is a cruel act, and man’s cruelty towards animals is not new.

94. Fox hunting is legal in some nations of the world and is done annually to benefit those who have a financial interest in foxes, who are the target of this sport, but this should stop

95. I think it’s time we all stopped fighting the foxes and just let them run around. Fox hunting is a cruel practice. It has no place in this century, let alone in our world.

96. Fox hunting — a brutal, barbaric tradition that exists in many countries around the world. This is why it’s so important to get involved in campaigns like ours—they help to bring the issue of fox hunting onto the global stage and stop it from ever happening again.

97. Fox hunting has zero relevance in our world, but it’s the same old story of men in the past letting their emotions guide them rather than logic.

98. Some governments will always try to justify killing foxes—but ending hunts is the only way we can truly protect our beloved animals. Fox hunting is cruel, outdated and has no place in the 21st century.

99. Fox hunting is a gruesome and unjust practice with no place in our modern world. Once upon a time, humans hunted foxes. Now we hunt other animals just to please our culture’s thirst for entertainment and meat.

100. Fox hunting is still legal in some countries, and it’s time for people worldwide to make it illegal again. The foxes are not just pest animals but a symbol of the need for better regulations on hunting.

Fox hunting is a cruel and barbaric sport that causes death and permanent injury to animals. The main reason any animal is hunted is that it sends people into frenzies of blood lust.

Shooting an animal with a gun has little to no sport in it. These anti-fox hunting quotes are good points that support the ban on fox hunting. Share it across all platforms.


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