When you are tired in a relationship, it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself if you are really in love with your partner. You know what each other wants and needs, so it is easy to follow the same patterns day after day. Before long, the passion disappears and all that is left is the routine.

If you are tired of the same old routine and want something new or different in your relationship, then it’s time to talk to your partner about what is going on and see if they feel the same way. You have a choice: either keep doing what makes you unhappy or change what it is that makes you unhappy and make yourself happy.

If there is something about your relationship or marriage that is making you unhappy, then stop doing whatever it is! Don’t say “but I’ve invested so much time into this relationship already!” Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason. 

It takes two people to make a relationship work and if one person feels tired then there is something wrong with both of them or just one of them. These tired in relationship quotes express these quotes well enough for you to use on your social media or send to your partner. 

Being tired in a relationship is one of the most challenging and uncomfortable things any couple can go through. When you’re tired, you can’t be your true self with your partner and that can lead to lots of misunderstandings and break up.

1. Sometimes you have to leave your heart open to someone who hasn’t earned it yet. Even though it hurts, great love is worth the risk of losing. Know when it’s time to walk away and learn how to move on.

2. Being tired in a relationship is a state of being lost in life. Ironically, we often settle for that when we are looking for someone to take us on a long journey. 

3. Being tired in a relationship is the most painful thing. Remind yourself to be grateful for what you have and try to keep your partner happy

4. You can have moments of fatigue and not feel like doing the things you’re supposed to do, but you are in a relationship for a reason. There are reasons why you’re here. Being tired in a relationship is just a bad excuse for not continuing the relationship

5. Being tired in a relationship is something that we are all familiar with. Sometimes, being together can be a drain on our energy levels and stamina.

6. Sometimes being tired in a relationship means no love left. Sometimes it means you’re simply trying too hard and need to slow down. Other times, it’s because your partner’s needs aren’t being met or you feel like your needs are not being met.

7. I’m so tired of our relationship. I want to go on a vacation, but I don’t know if he’s comfortable with that idea.

8. I love you. I wish I didn’t have to be tired all the time. But it’s important that you know how much I care about you and what matters—this is one of those times when we both need to take a break and recharge.

9. I’m tired of being lonely. I think it’s time we take a break. It’s not always easy to love someone you’re tired of.

10. It’s hard to be in a relationship when you’re tired. But it’s even harder to stay in one.

11. Being tired in a relationship is one of the most difficult situations to handle. It is something that can make you feel like you are on the verge of losing your mind and that is why it is important for you to learn how to manage it.

12. Being tired in a relationship is not something to be ashamed of. It’s a real thing that happens, and it’s something that can make your life better.

13. The act of being tired in a relationship is the emotional, physical and mental exhaustion that a person feels when they are no longer enjoying their relationship with the other person.

14. Being tired in a relationship is a very good indication that it is not working out. If you are being abused, ignored or neglected by your significant other, then there is something wrong with the relationship. You deserve to be happy and treated well. 

15. To be tired of a relationship is not the same thing as being tired during the course of trying to make it work.

16. Being tired in a relationship is when one person cares less about the other.

17. When you’re tired, you’re not happy and then your partner is not happy. Sometimes it feels like the only thing that you want to do is sleep together in bed, but if this happens too often then it can be a problem. You don’t want to keep going all the way back to square one and start dating again, or go looking for another relationship, but sometimes you just can’t seem to help yourself.

18. Relationships can be like a roller coaster ride for some. One moment you’re up, then the next you’re down. There are some key signs that your partner may be tired of your relationship.

19. Being tired in a relationship is not a great time. You have to let the other person know that you are tired, or else everyone will continue to feel pain for years.

20. The act of being tired in a relationship is posturing. It is being unable to commit to something while being unconscious of the fact that you are doing so. The person who is tired in a relationship has an emotional distance from that relationship, and this will grow unless repaired.

21. In a relationship, the act of being tired can be defined as your lack of enthusiasm for the relationship. In most cases, this is not actually due to being “tired” or exhausted. You may be feeling unappreciated, taken for granted or unsatisfied in some other way. The tiredness comes from the disappointment and hurt that comes with not feeling like you are getting what you need out of your significant other.

22. Being tired in a relationship feels like drowning. You struggle more and more to stay afloat, but the bottom of your pool keeps getting further away. If you ask your partner to help you, and they don’t, then it’s time for both of you to abandon ship.

23. The act of being tired in a relationship is a wearisome act to perform and can waste a good opportunity of helping out the other person. If the person who is tired lacks an understanding of the other in return, it will create a major problem in the relationship.

24. Being tired in a relationship is an act of love and commitment. it’s not about what the other person did or didn’t do or say. Caregivers are not victims, they have agency. Once you understand your role as a caregiver, you’ll understand why you are so absolutely exhausted all the time!

25. Being tired in a relationship is when one or both partners in the relationship are no longer excited about the other.

26. Being tired in a relationship means that you’re not happy, no matter how hard you try to make it work. You are ready to leave and don’t care about anything else.

27. An act of being tired in a relationship is when one or both partners do not want to be together. It feels like a chore for one or both of them to visit the other and many dates have already been cancelled because of this.

28. Being tired in a relationship is a normal part of life. Each person has rhythms, both awake and asleep, that are personal and unique to them.

29. Being tired in a relationship means that you are getting bored and want some things to change. You feel that you need more attention and love from your partner.

30. Being tired in a relationship is to be in a state of being exhausted and stressed out. You might have been spending time together with your partner, but both parties are confused as to where this relationship is heading

31. The act of being tired in a relationship is hard. It’s not necessarily someone’s fault, it just happens and sometimes we don’t even realize that we are feeling this way.

32. Being tired in a relationship is when one person feels as if they’ve given all that they can and the relationship needs to be severed

33. Being tired in a relationship, is when you feel like there’s no longer any energy or enthusiasm to continue with your partner. It’s the feeling of being emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted by the stress that comes with managing your relationship.

34. Tired in a relationship is about being able to say, “I don’t need this and I deserve better.” If you are tired in a relationship but keep acting like you’re not, you may eventually become indifferent to your partner or the relationship as a whole.

35. I’m tired of spending my life waiting for something better. I’m tired of waking up every morning and wishing that this was the day that something will change for the better.

36. I’m tired of being lonely and feeling sad. I’m tired of being single and not having someone to share my life with. I’m tired of having no one to come home to after a long day at work. I am tired of being alone.

37. I’m tired of trying to make it work and feeling like I’m doing everything wrong all the time.

38. You’re tired. We all have days when we just don’t feel like talking or connecting, but it’s important to know that you are not alone in your struggle.

39. We need a break from each other. We should take time apart to recharge our batteries. We’re doing everything right and still aren’t getting along as well as we used to. The honeymoon is over, and it’s time to put the relationship on hold for a while.

40. No matter how tired we are, let’s never stop loving and caring for each other.

41. It’s not to say that we don’t love each other anymore, but it’s been a long day, and I just want to get some sleep.

42. Relationships are hard. Being tired and not having energy is a state of mind that can make things even harder.

43. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a relationship last. Like when your partner brings you a cup of tea in bed or buys you flowers on your birthday.

44. Every relationship has its ups and downs. This is a part of life. You may feel like you’re getting nowhere, but if you look back, you’ll see that you got somewhere.

45. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, but I know that you’re feeling it too. You two are two sides to a coin and you can’t help but make each other better people.

46. There’s only one person who can make you feel more alive than the air you breathe, and that’s your partner.

47. Being tired in a relationship is no way to live. But with love, you can always sleep through it until you wake up in each other’s arms.

48. Even in a long-term relationship, it can be tough to keep the love alive. But as long as you’re both willing to work on it together, I think everything will work out.

49. You’re tired. I get it. We all get tired. But if the lights go out, you can’t depend on me to take care of you. And if I don’t know what to do when the lights come back on, then they never will again and we both lose.

50. No one works harder than in a relationship. You don’t see each other when you’re doing things together; you see each other when you’re not.

51. There will come a day when you see the light and realize that you’ve been too tired to see it.

52. The hardest part about loving someone is that sometimes you have to give up the little things.

53. You can’t love something or someone if you can’t sleep. We all need a good dose of rest. The one who doesn’t take the time to reflect and recharge is simply exhausting themselves.

54. When you love someone, you want to share every aspect of who they are. But when you’re in a relationship and you’re tired, it feels like your partner is lying to you.

55. You cannot have a relationship with someone if you do not have the energy to do so. If you are tired, exhausted or burned out, then it is time for you to let go of the relationship.

56. But just because a relationship is toxic, doesn’t mean you have to let go of it immediately.

57. Just like a relationship, it’s not always easy. But that’s okay because there are moments to take the time out and just be…

58. I feel like we have been together for so long and I’m not sure if we are on the right track. What do you think?

59. When you’re tired in a relationship, it’s never because the other person is tired. It’s because something is wrong with your definition of what a relationship should be.

60. In a relationship, when you are tired of bending over backwards to make it work, it’s never because they’re tired – it’s because something is wrong with your definition of what a healthy relationship should be.

61. When you’re tired in a relationship, is it because of the other person? Or is it just a question of having the wrong deal?

62. If you’re feeling tired in your relationship, it’s always because you are making incorrect choices with your partner.

63. I can’t be alone tonight. I’m too tired of my relationship.

64. When you’re not feeling like yourself and you start seeing little signs that things aren’t right, it’s easy to leave a relationship because you don’t want to be alone.

65. If it was easy to leave a relationship, you wouldn’t have a problem. It’s just that simple.

66. Maybe you’re staying in a relationship because you think no one would want you: things aren’t working out, or negative things keep happening.

67. What do you do when you commit yourself to something and you find that everything is going wrong? And you feel that you’ve been left behind? Maybe it’s best to call it quits before things get even worse than they already are.

68. When you’re tired in a relationship, you start looking for happiness in other people.

69. Being worn out from your relationship can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. “It’s important to stay connected with others so you don’t feel alone,” she says.

70. I am tired of fighting with you. It is exhausting.

71. I am tired of getting hurt by you, but I still love you.

72. I am tired of making excuses for us and what we have become.

73. I am tired of being hurt by the one person who was supposed to protect me.

74. I love you. I want to be with you, but I don’t want to be in a relationship. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just tired of being in a relationship.

75. A tired relationship is one where both partners are more focused on the needs of their partner than they are on themselves.

76. Being tired in relationships is based on an imbalance of giving and receiving.

77. I’m tired of being the one who always gives in.

78. I’m tired of being the one who always makes sacrifices.

79. I’m tired of being the one who is always the bigger person.

80. I’m tired of being the one who isn’t appreciated enough.

81. I’m tired of feeling like I’m going to explode if I don’t talk about it.

82. I’m tired of pretending everything is okay when it’s not.

83. I’m tired of trying to make you happy when all you do is make me miserable.

84. I’m tired of being the only one who understands what’s wrong with us.

85. I’m tired of trying to find a way back into your heart when all I want to do is find my way out.

86. I’m tired of being alone and pretending like I’m okay with that.

87. I am tired of feeling like I can’t do things because I am too busy taking care of other people’s needs. I want to be able to say ‘no’ sometimes without feeling guilty about it.

88. Tired relationships are just like being stuck in traffic: It’s slow and boring, there’s no way out, and all anyone wants is to get home as soon as possible!

89. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of relationships that make me feel like I’m doing something wrong.

90. I’m tired of being in a relationship where I have to fight so hard to be happy. I’m tired of my boyfriend not putting me first when he’s with his family.

91. If you love someone, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.

92. Relationships are hard because we don’t know what we want until we want something else.

93. Relationships are about giving and taking. You can’t keep taking without giving back.

94. If you don’t like something about your relationship, change it! You’re not stuck with just one person for the rest of your life!

95. I am tired of being in love with you. I am tired of loving someone who does not love themselves. I am tired of being hurt and disappointed over and over again by the same person.

96. I want someone who’s willing to fight for me, not just tell me they love me when things are going well.

97. I’m tired of being in a relationship where I have to be the bad guy. Sometimes it’s hard for me to see what we have when we’re fighting so much.

98. It’s hard for me to see the good in our relationship when you’re always criticizing everything I do wrong. I am really tired.

99. I want our relationship to work, but I can’t keep living like this anymore.

100. I don’t want to be in a relationship where I need to worry about my partner’s phone.

101. I’m tired of you trying to make me something I’m not and tired of you telling me that I’m not good enough for you.

102. I’m tired of being your second choice when it comes to women and tired of being your go-to girl when it comes to other things.

103. If you are tired in a relationship, it probably means you’re going about it the wrong way

People who are tired of their relationships often feel that they have invested too much into it and they don’t want to give up. This can lead to resentment and unhappiness. If you feel that you have invested too much into your relationship, then perhaps it is time for both of you to take some time apart so that you can reevaluate how much effort you want to put into this relationship. I hope you found these tired in relationship quotes useful. Please, feel free to share and leave your comment in the comment section.

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