Instagram is a community network system put together for editing and modifying photos using a web address It enables users to create an instagram account (sign up) and login so that they can share images with friends and family using profile photos, groups etc. For so many years, Instagram have assisted to grow the artistic side of photography. is a webpage with more than transformed photos. All the user needs to do is to snap and capture images and share your world’s moments in a fast, beautiful and elegant method.
The Instagram webpage and apps continued to grow like widespread fire after receiving world-wide-web recognition and acceptance. Insagram webpages and applications comes with easy to use artistic filter feature that helps any user to turn on a photographic ability, which enables the user to rebrand a picture into an amazing look before shearing them with friends and family.
For any user to be able to access Instagram Network for the first time, the user has to logon to, for a simple and fast registration. Click on Sign up, Follow the process on the webpage which appears on the screen and complete the Instagram sign up. Note this: you can only sign up Instagram through mobile app after which you can check out your update through the PC

Simply visit on a mobile phone browser or computer and enter your login details. For those who has Instagram Application for Andriod phones, Apple Phones, Symbiam phones etc, all the user has to do is to open the Instagram app on the mobile phone or tablet which will display the photos from other Instagram users in a grid arrangement.

Register Instagram account for free, create and enter a proffered username and password or follow the step below:
1.    Download the Instagram app for Apple IOS from the App Store, Android from Google Play Store or Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store.
2.    Once the app is installed, tap to open it.
3.    Tap Register with Email (yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail, or to sign up with your email address or Register with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account.
4.    If you register with email, create a username and password, fill out your profile info and then tap done. If you register with Facebook, you’ll be prompted to sign into your Facebook account if you’re currently logged out.

After which you will sign in for Instagram account and will be given the chance to import your phone book address, Facebook and Twitter contacts.

INSTAGRAM PHOTOS | INSTAGRAM FACEBOOKTake a picture with your camera or an existing picture in your gallery, select the particular picture that you want, you will then use the Instagram app to scale down or adjust, apply the photos on filter, then you can now share the Pictures on your Instagram Wall for friends to see. Also your Instagram photos can be shared with your friends on Facebook. Instagram Facebook are similar as many have observe, your Instagram photos are open to Public judgment and observation as followers can either comment or like your Instagram photos. Instagram for PC is not yet popular as the app mainly works on mobile app platform via download.

Instagram accept only square photos, making Instagram a uniform unclustered photo house, just like the ancient Polaroid-camera. With the Iphone Instagram App, you can take direct square pictures which save you the stress of cropping to size. Android user need to always do the cropping thing.

Instagram can make your photos look much better and creative without much work. You won’t be adding and removing as in the case of Photoshop, rather you just choose to apply one out of Instagram 19 artistic filters

DOWNLOAD INSTAGRAM | INSTAGRAM DOWNLOAD | INSTAGRAM DOWNLOADER  Instagram download is only available to mobile devices (mobile phones and tablet). The app only works on IOS, Android and windows Phone 8 and above.  You can download from download, Iphone Apple/Itunes Store, Windows market Place for window users or Google Play Store for Android users. Visit any of the market, search for Instagram, click download and install to your device

Instagram Downloader is a search engine that that users can use to download photos from other Instagram users walls straight to PC. It is also possible to like all the pictures in a certain user wall except privacy policy of the account is enabled. Instagram downloader provides links to all the photos that are hosted on that account. Instagram downloader provide link to the picture of the day as well as the top popular photos on Instagram. Instagram downloader provides you with photo links, then you use copy/paste method to recover them.

Most users were of the opinion asking the app developer to provide inbuilt download manager than providing just link to the photos, as it takes lot of time to complete the photo downloading process.

China till date continued with her social media crackdown as most Chinese are denied access to Facebook and Instagram. “Block in China” democracy activist continue to protest, as China continue to spread the social media Blackout across the country.

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