Business Management System Software.


Businesses (Manufacturing, Merchandising or Service Delivery) have similar organizational structures like Administration, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting and Customer Care/Public Relations.

Stand alone software products have been developed to enhance operations in each of these business.

The business management system software developed in this project is aimed at integrating these software products into a single system that will provide solution to different management challenges that each type of business encounters.

The software was successfully developed using Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), My Structured Query Language (MySQL),

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Javascript programming languages to reside and run on any  network topology and to enhance the efficiency and productivity of any business venture that will use it.


Background Of Study

Beyond reasonable doubt, effective and efficient human existence is not possible without food, shelter and clothing. In order to provide these essential necessities, man involves himself in different activities.

Such activities could generally be referred to as business.

Businesses have evolved over time since the creation of man. From fruit gathering through hunting to the present day ‘white collar jobs’, man strives to fulfil basic necessities required to sustain life.

But as he tries to provide these necessities, he is faced with different business managerial challenges.

These business managerial challenges include accounting, human resources management, financial management, business operations management and customer resources management.

Because these business management challenges are human problems, engineers are faced with providing lasting solutions in order to make life better.

Various attempts have been made to tackle these problems but there are areas that are either overlooked or tackled less unsatisfactorily. In This project, the researcher attempts to solve this problem using software development strategy.

This Business Management System Software is designed to provide effective Business management tool for individuals and corporate bodies.

Specifically, the thesis targets small scale businesses. It will also include new features and innovation to existing business software packages.


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