Universities that offer Full Scholarships to International Undergraduate Students.

Universities that offer Full Scholarships to Students: Have you ever thought of taking up a scholarship program to study away from you acquainted home as an international student and

making new friends as well, then you have basically made a good choice which would open you to great opportunities, knowledge, and lots of fun while being an international undergraduate student?

Scholarships are a liberation to some student, an avenue for wider knowledge for some, a time to step away from home to some a chance to learn and get acquainted with some other people. You will be getting to see a highlight of universities that offer full scholarships to their undergraduate students.

1. The.

Scholarship Provider: International Fashion Academy offers diverse types (3) of scholarship namely, Full Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships, and Distinction Scholarships. These scholarships are available for domestic and international students to take up their undergraduate and postgraduate program.

IFA Paris is registered at the Academia de Paris under the Ministry of Youth, Education, and Research as a private higher education institution and is also listed on Campus France, the French national agency for the elevation of higher education.

All applicants to IFA scholarships at this level need to be high school graduates over 18 years of age. The scholarship is opened to both domestic and international students. There are certain procedures which have to be followed to sign up for this scholarship and it begins with signing up online

Courses: Scholarships are available for pursuing the undergraduate and postgraduate program.

The application has been closed.

2. M. Kellen Undergraduate Scholarship

The scholarship is sponsored by the Sciences Po or Paris Institute of Political Studies and is applicable to Applicants to apply for this scholarship program. The scholarship is eligible and available to study and pursue Dual BA program.

The Stephen M. Kellen undergraduate scholarship covers two years of tuition fees at Sciences Po, in addition to a living allowance of $6.000/year for the two years spent on Sciences Po’s French-German European Campus in Nancy, and living fees of $7.000/year for the two years spent at the Otto-Suhl-Institute of Freie University.

The application has been closed.

3. New Castle University

The scholarship is provided by the New Castle University, applicants are in international students international students from these USA, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, and Morocco.

The scholarship also for the pursuit of graduate programs, the scholarship offers 50%-100% tuition fee, deadline for the application for the New castle Scholarship.

The application has been closed.

4. Scholarship Provider: Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

Eligible Students: Applicants from commonwealth country other than the UK are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Courses: scholarship is available to pursue Postdoctoral research program.

Award Details a Research support grant of £2,500 per annum.

Stipend (living allowance) at the rate of £1,627 per month or £2,019 per month for those at universities in the London metropolitan area (rates quoted at 2017-2018 levels) will be offered. A study travel grant of £1,000 per award towards the costs of approved travel within the UK and overseas.

The application has been closed.

5. Westminster Full International Scholarships (UK)

The Westminster awards scholarships offered to eligible students from any developing country who wish to acquire knowledge in the UK and pursue a full-time Undergraduate degree in area of study at the University of Westminster.  

The scholarship awards full tuition fee waivers, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London have been sorted for and made available.

6. Berea College

Berea College has a long history of welcoming students irrespective of the race, religious faiths, ethnicities, and nationalities. This year, 30 new Tuition Promise Scholarships at Berea College has been offered for fresh overseas students who will start their undergraduate study at Berea College.

The course will resume in September 2019, so if you are interested in studying in this academic year, you are eligible for the scholarship. This award is joint with financial support that students may acquire along with any other scholarship that students may be awarded of outside organizations or parties to cover the entire tuition fees.

7. .

The university is offering a full-tuition scholarship to international students, a certain field of study is open to students such as performance and design, environmental studies, education health engineering liberal art and professional studies, science and art media.

This scholarship is eligible to major international candidates, you have to apply from your high school which you had graduated from, and York University has its selected criteria which include high academic performance, leadership and demonstrated skill.

8. .

The Romanian government offers scholarships to foreign undergraduate students at the Notre Dame of Maryland University, the scholarship is granted to three levels of students the first known as the license is a scholarship offered to graduates from high school who, which lasts from three to six years.

The second type which is known as the master, this scholarship program is dedicated to a postgraduate student which lasts for two years and the third is the doctorate which is dedicated to undergraduates and graduates students which lasts for three to four years. This scholarship is eligible to international students irrespective of their country.

The application has been closed.

9. Victoria Hardship Fund Equity Grants for International Student.  

The Victoria University of Wellington Offers Victoria Hardship Fund Equity Grants for International Student, scholarships are open to all students studying at the Victoria University of Wellington including international, postgraduates, undergraduates, part time and full -time students.

These grants are to motivate students encountering hardship to on with their academics.

The application has been closed.

10. .

The university offer scholarships to school leavers intending to enroll in the school, the university is a comprehensive university in Hamilton, New Zealand the scholarships end on the 7th of March 2019, scholarship exists in all study subject.

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