People born in September are often called Librans. That’s because they’re ruled by the planet of harmony, Venus. As a result, they are known for their charm and charisma as well as their artistic talent. They are generally described as being warm and friendly. They are often the life of the party, making others feel comfortable and relaxed around them.

These people tend to be very creative, insightful and intelligent. They are excellent communicators but prefer to let others do the talking for them. They also have a great sense of humour, which makes them popular with people from all walks of life.

Another thing is they are usually very family-oriented, which makes them excellent parents or caregivers. They enjoy spending time with their loved ones and will do anything they can to make their family happy. They love animals and have a special affinity for horses. Their gentle nature makes them good caretakers who will provide tender loving care to their pets or livestock.

September babies also have a powerful connection with nature and the environment which allows them to feel at peace whenever they’re outdoors enjoying nature’s beauty or working in their garden or yard. They are often seen as strong, independent and capable. They have a natural inclination to leadership, which makes them popular with others. They are known for their ability to balance work and play. They also make great lovers because they love intimacy and affection.

Lastly, the downside of being a September baby is that they can become moody from time to time. They can also be lazy if they don’t have enough motivation to get things done. They have a magnetic personality that draws others towards them. They are sensitive individuals who feel deeply and have an innate understanding of people’s emotions. They are passionate about life and enjoy socializing with others, and making friends easily.

Below is a collection of born in September quotes about the people born in September. You should check them out if you’re or you know a September born.

In relationships, people born in September tend to be loyal and faithful. They are very emotional, which can sometimes be a problem because they can be easily hurt by others’ comments. The only way to deal with this is by being more self-confident and less sensitive.

1. People born in September are funny, straight to the point, and honest. They make great mates or friends. They keep their circle small and close with just a few of their closest friends. Generally, they are successful in life because they work hard and make the most of any opportunity presented to them. They tend not to be talkative people; however, when they do talk, it’s always interesting and insightful.

2. People born in September have a natural knack for expressing themselves. This smart and charming personality makes them excellent leaders with a refined sense of style. They are also known to be attractive, humorous, open-minded and have a strong sense of justice. A person born in this month will have great luck in their career and family life because of the heightened intuition and creativity that runs through their blood.

3. People born in September are practical, stable and trustworthy. They are good parents but do not like being domesticated.

4. People born in September are generally well-organized and patient, but they can also be a bit inflexible and stubborn. They’re realistic, dependable, and generally calm and quiet.

5. Are you a people person? Born in September, you are the most social of all signs. You like to talk, debate and share your thoughts on just about any topic. You have a vibrant personality and enjoy announcing your opinions at every opportunity.

6. September babies are bright, ambitious and full of life. They love to be around people who can share their adventurous spirit and energy.

7. People born in September are passionate, highly creative, and a bit eccentric. It’s hard to stay angry with them for long because they’re so lovable. They like to confront life and are enthusiastic about whatever comes their way. They’re strangely good at getting between other people’s arguments and solving them – the

8. September’s personality is very rare yet at the same time common, which explains why so many people born in this month find themselves enjoying a popularity that transcends their small numbers.

9. September is a peaceful and calm month. People born in September are very self-disciplined, reliable, honest and intelligent. They are good at promoting things and working out strategies to achieve their aims. They have strong willpower and can overcome difficulties with ease. In the eyes of others, they may appear cold and indifferent; but this is just because they are very individualistic.

10. People born in September were typically reserved and quiet as children, but have a reputation for being brilliant later in life. They tend to be good communicators and are often gifted writers and public speakers.

11. September babies are outgoing and friendly. They love to travel, meet new people and don’t believe in rules. They are known for their enthusiasm, curiosity and energy.

12. September babies are intelligent, ambitious and outspoken. They have a great sense of humour and are popular among friends. September babies are also very sensitive and emotional, but they do not show it often.

13. People born in September are energetic, easy to get along with, and a little bit crazy. An important characteristic of people in this birth month is their ability to adapt themselves easily to all situations; therefore their friends will see them as tolerant and compatible people.

14. The people born in September are lovely. They are good at helping others, showing leadership and have the ability to communicate easily.

15. People born in September are very different from the rest of us. They’re probably the most unique, individualistic and independent among us. That’s why they stand out and are often considered to be different from the crowd. They also have a highly developed sense of self-confidence, so don’t be surprised if you find these people facing difficulties working in teams or by themselves.

16. Having a September birthday provides you with a unique set of qualities and strengths that others often lack. The endearing traits of all people born in this month make them fantastic team players and invaluable friends who always have your back!

17. September babies are compassionate, kind, and insightful. They can be independent yet open to those who want to listen. Their personalities may take a bit of time to come out but once they do, their charm will make you a friend for life.

18. People born in September are great listeners and team players who strive for perfection. Not surprisingly, they are also hard workers, with a natural knack for taking control of situations when others are too timid or unsure to do so.

19. People born in September tend to be very hard-working and patient, which makes them ideal to do detail-oriented jobs. They are also deeply committed to their work, so they will put a lot of effort into new projects.

20. People born in September are typically curious, intelligent, and enjoy a good laugh. They are ambitious and motivated, but can also be stubborn at times. They love to travel and will do anything to avoid being tied down to one place.

21. September babies are considered to be sweet and loyal, with a strong sense of justice. They’re dependable and kind, with a good sense of humour. They are born leaders.

22. September babies are optimistic, go-getters. They have a way of making others comfortable, and they’re good listeners. They always look for the good in others and bring out the best in them.

23. People born in September have complex personalities. They are happy, friendly, and optimistic. They strive for perfection and due to their keen sense of observation make good writers and marketers. They can be impatient yet can motivate others to make the best out of any situation.

24. People born in September are considerate and respectful. They have great communication skills that make them wonderful listeners and they like to help when they can.

25. People born in September are of above-average intelligence and have a good memory and an aptitude for learning. They possess a love of adventure and beauty, as well as being highly ambitious, practical, and capable.

26. People born in September are gifted with a unique and open-minded personality. They are highly independent, ambitious, resilient and determined.

27. People born in September are described as sophisticated, intellectual and passionate. They are also said to be complex, hardworking and very discerning. Sincerity and wit are a big part of their personality.

28. People born in September have a keen eye for detail and often have discriminating tastes. They know what they want and aren’t likely to settle for anything less than their ideal outcome

29. People born in September are unique, intelligent and charismatic. They are also very romantic, and flirtatious and enjoy the company of others. Those who are born in this month are usually well-dressed, with a great sense of style.

30. People born in September are often sensitive and emotional, which could make them great actors, musicians or poets. If a September-born person has a strong sense of justice and fairness, they may be a good lawyer or politician. The greatest strength of those born in September is their ability to understand others.

31. People born in September have many qualities that make them stand out. They are charming, professional, and compassionate. They are always expressing their innermost feelings through art and music.

32. These are the people born in September, who like planning for anything and everything. They make a great leader and enjoy being the boss. They always want to be in charge, and will not let anyone tell them otherwise. They are good at fixing problems and love philosophy. They also love life, which makes them a joy to be around.

33. People born in September are dynamic and competitive, but their assertive personalities can sometimes turn into stubbornness. They are very creative and self-motivated and take pride in their creativity and individualism. While they can be charming and captivating, they can also be argumentative at times.

34. People born in September are clever and creative, with a unique view of the world. They are normally smart, strong-minded and can be quite stubborn. They love to express their ideas and they are great at persuading people to do things. They also tend to be kind and caring people that can be good friends or partners.

35. People born in September tend to be smarter and more ambitious than those who were born earlier in the year. They are also highly intuitive, yet unbelievably sensitive. They love exploring but are quiet individuals who prefer to be on their own.

36. September babies are intuitive, imaginative and creative. They see the world differently than anyone else and are often ahead of their time. These qualities make people born in September highly original thinkers who enjoy solving problems and drawing new ideas from a broad perspective.

37. Born in September are more analytical than other people, which makes them great problem-solvers. They are also known for their creativity, as they have an eye that can see solutions.

38. If you were born in September, you are the most social and communicative of all. People love talking to you! September babies like to be around people but also love their personal space too. You are very energetic and love having fun.

39. People born in September are usually the most sincere and reliable of all. They are very faithful to the ones they love, although not many people realize this fact. Their ability to be very disciplined and restrained makes them a person that can be depended upon. Selflessness is one other quality of people born in September.

40. People born in September are fun and energetic. They enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. They are very active, want to try everything and keep themselves busy.

41. People born in September are all about ambition, right and the pursuit of perfection. They enjoy the finer things in life, like being a person who gets things done. This can be a great quality for work and personal life alike. They’re often ambitious and driven, as well as friendly and charming when they want to be but also assertive when they need to be.

42. People who are born in September are usually very diligent and sharp. They like working hard and challenging themselves, but sometimes they have a bit of a complex over being the least popular month of the year.

43. Those that have September as their birth month are usually very smart, but not afraid to show it. They’re strong-willed people and won’t let anyone tell them what to do. They’re also very creative and will often think outside of the box.

44. September babies often look for their identity by seeking approval from others, which can make them passive-aggressive at times. Although they sometimes come across as nonchalant, people born in September are perfectionists who set high standards for themselves and others around them.

45. People born in September are thought to be loyal and honest, but also very sociable. They tend to be very comfortable in social settings and dislike being alone. They’re known for their compassion, creativity, and generosity.

46. People born in September have a lot going on — they’re practical and believe in the value of hard work. They are also confident, empathetic, and patient. Finally, they’re creative — their ability to control negative emotions manifests itself in a variety of ways including their artistic sensibilities and ability to see things from different perspectives.

47. People born in September tend to be intelligent and curious, but they may also have trouble expressing themselves clearly and directly. This can cause problems in their relationships.

48. September is an excellent month to be born in. People born in this month are strong and smart but are more curious about people and places. They get along with most folks but can be stubborn at times.

49. The people born in September are very honest in their dealings, and they use honesty as a principle. They are also analytical, logical and observant. They have a long attention span, but they also choose to focus on things that interest them. These people have a good memory and learn concepts quickly.

50. A person who is born in September is a romantic and loyal friend. They love what they are doing and they are always keen to learn new things. They can be quite a dreamer at times but they always stand by their family and friends.

51. People born in September are intuitive, insightful and passionate. They can connect with other people easily, having an uncanny ability to read others and identify their needs. They are incredibly special individuals who care deeply about their loved ones and those around them.

52. People born in September are compassionate, intelligent, high achievers and independent thinkers. They’re witty, charming and have good communication skills. September babies are observant, intuitive and insightful.

53. People born in September are charming and attractive. They have a good sense of humour, are quick-tempered and impatient, but also know how to forgive and forget. They’re bright and imaginative, love to play games and can be quite athletic.

54. People born in September have strong opinions, are not afraid to express them, and will defend their point of view to the end. This makes them hard to get along with because their passion for what they believe in is so dedicated and powerful. They don’t let anyone stand in their way when it comes to defending their principles.

55. The people born in September are generally fun-loving, passionate and romantic. They are adventurous, charismatic and like to be entertained. The people’s personalities are creative, sincere, optimistic and dependable.

56. People born in September have a great sense of humour, which makes them able to face challenges with bravery. Although they may sometimes be considered cowards, they can’t be beaten by anyone in a discussion. They are very fond of reading and listening to music. They like to share their thoughts and feelings with others.

57. People born in September are intelligent and lively, but they can come across as aloof or cold. They enjoy learning, reading, talking and listening to others.

58. People born in September are energetic and outgoing. They love to explore, learn, and discover the world around them. They are planners with high standards for themselves and others, who work hard to achieve success.

59. September babies are logical, rational thinkers who enjoy being leaders. They have a sharp wit and clever mind that makes them excellent communicators. They prefer to play it cool and don’t easily fall into the trap of impulsiveness or haste. They make excellent managers because they understand people well and can anticipate others’ needs and problems.

60. September babies are known for their positive, driven personalities and their tendency to be in charge. They are adventurous, courageous and outgoing.

61. People born in September are well-rounded, easygoing and practical. They are popular and reliable, with good communication skills and the ability to convince others. They like tradition, ritual and common sense.

62. Sensuality, passion, and style are characteristic of people born in September. Their charm and charisma set them apart from others -quite often they are affectionate leaders, popular with friends and family.

63. People born in September are often intellectual and creative. These people are also known for their eccentricity. They are extremely intuitive and make good analysts or scientists. When it comes to emotions and affection, they can be nervous and irritable.

64. September babies tend to be soft-spoken, intuitive and very curious. They may have a difficult time making decisions and tend to be extremely loyal. They are easy to get along with, but they’re also independent and inventive.

65. September Babies are usually very loyal and dedicated to their families. They are passionate, enthusiastic, and appreciate life to the fullest – they just see every day as an exciting new adventure. In a company setting, they’re creative and easygoing, which makes them great team players. They also love being assigned projects where they can provide input and ideas from their unique perspective.

66. September baby, you’re a deep, thoughtful and compassionate person with a big heart. You are fun, full of energy and you love to socialize – yet you also appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

67. People born in September are different. So different that you’ll find no other group of people like them anywhere else because they are unique in every way.

68. People born in September are thought to have several positive attributes. They are intuitive and often more aware of their environment than people think they are. They are charming and caring, but sometimes can be headstrong. They possess the traits that make them good friends and successful business partners.

69. People born in September are full of character, a bit eccentric and sometimes aloof, but they can be excellent friends. They are quite sensitive to the needs of others and extremely generous to a fault. People born in this month are helpful, friendly and generous with their time and efforts. These people like to be the centre of attention and are very popular because of their sense of fun and adventurous spirit.

70. People born in September are highly dependable, imaginative, and intelligent. They are achievers who have a strong desire to succeed at any task they undertake.

71. People born in September are well-known for their intelligence, creativity and leadership skills. They are charming, optimistic and enthusiastic.

72. These people are not the ones to follow the crowd. They lead by example and are often great leaders and role models for others. You’re a visionary and born leader who always has your finger on the pulse of what’s new and innovative in your area of expertise.

73. People born in September are usually considered the most congenial, idealistic and romantic of all zodiac signs. They have a high sense of humour and are intellectual with a great affinity for books, writing and music. These individuals are often dreamers, who prefer to live through their imaginations rather than facing reality.

74. People born in September are real leaders, with this fortitude and determination that inspires followers. They have fiery personalities, but also have a strong desire to know what’s true so they can be better informed. This makes the month of September the ideal time to learn more about yourself!

75. People that are born in September enjoy being the centre of attention and having large groups of people surrounding them. They are typically fun and energetic with a strong desire to achieve their goals.

76. September babies are energetic, adventurous and fun-loving. They prefer taking action to sit still, but they also need a lot of time to recharge their batteries. Although you might not see them often, they’re always up for an adventure – and probably always busy working on their next one.

77. People born in September are natural leaders. They are charming, friendly and down to earth. They jump right into conversations, don’t miss a beat and can make you feel like you’ve known them forever. Others admire the September child’s generosity and their ability to get along with everyone they meet.

78. People born in September are highly intelligent and always make a good impression. They are positive, ambitious and open-minded. If you want to do something great with your life, you were probably born in this month!

79. People born in September are independent thinkers, creative and often have a dry sense of humour. People born in September are not normally comfortable with authority or situations requiring conformity.

80. People born in September are the most creative, tolerant, and ironic people of the zodiac. They genuinely love to laugh. They have a knack for making friends and influencing people. And they tend to be very social, which can come across as overbearing sometimes—but who doesn’t like a good friend?

81. People born in September are reliable and honest. They are practical, determined and trustworthy. They work better alone and focus on a specific project to the point that they can’t be distracted by others. They are good at planning things out in advance but can also act quickly when needed.

82. People born in September are ambitious, hardworking, and determined. They make the best of a situation, taking control to ensure that the outcome is positive. They are the kind of people who will stop at nothing to win and have what they want.

83. People born in September are loyal and honest, with a deep appreciation of beauty, art, music and all fine things. They are good listeners, who often feel like they are trying to live up to the expectations of others.

84. People born in September are very comfortable in their skin. They do not like to be outdone or defeated by anyone. They are honest, trustworthy, and hardworking individuals. September people are good at solving problems and can think on their feet easily.

85. People born in September are the most traditional of all the birth months. They value stability and don’t like surprises. The September birthday girl or guy is loyal to their friends, family and significant other, but more than anything else they love commitment.

86. Those born in September are inventive, logical and thoughtful. Generally, confidantes, are extremely persuasive and can handle any situation that comes their way. They are hardworking and dependable.

87. September babies are resilient, practical and confident. They’re not only trustworthy and reliable but also highly influential. September birthdays provide the strength to endure tough times while remaining optimistic and positive.

88. People born in September are warm, relaxed and friendly. They are open-minded and like to know all about you. Their generosity makes them popular with their friends, who admire their fun-loving approach to life.

89. People born in September are dreamers, thinkers and a bit of a loner. They’re also highly sensitive and emotional, making them great lovers.

90. People born in September are the most intelligent in the Zodiac. Their talkative nature makes them a delight to be around. They excel in their careers and cultures, and can easily adapt to change.

91. Many people see September as a month of expectations, and a special time. People born in September are often very creative, and expressive and can anticipate people’s needs.

92. People born in September have a quick eye and a strong desire to succeed. They are also polite and conscientious, diligent, ambitious, self-confident, and able to obtain their aims and ambitions.

93. September babies are typically charming, friendly and outgoing. They have a strong instinct to help others, and they are always interested in new activities that can help them make new friends.

94. People born in September are unique and will always be that way. They are always the life of the party and always the best friend to have. They tell jokes and laugh at their jokes, but laugh at their friends’ jokes as well. They are friendly and have a constant smile on their face. They are smart, fun, and full of energy!

95. People born in September are considered to be practical and methodical. They have special gifts that enable them to achieve success in any area of their lives.

96. People born in September+ are idealistic, inventive and hardworking. They possess the ability to make things happen, to take control of their lives and succeed in any endeavour they undertake. They are gifted organizers and leaders who excel when they are put into positions of leadership.

97. People born in September are ambitious, fearless and determined. They are constantly seeking new challenges to test their skills and grow as individuals. Faithful and reliable, they are capable of completing the most difficult tasks. They like living in the moment and love being involved in various activities.

98. September babies are unpredictable and never boring. They are full of energy and make great friends. That constant drive to learn and explore makes them ambitious in their pursuits as well as life decisions.

99. People born in September are deep and thoughtful, yet clever and creative. They are the ones who never lose the big picture while they work diligently to reach their goals.

100. Are you a leader? That’s probably because you were born in September. People born in this month tend to be more independent and go after what they want with impressive determination.

101. People born in September are often the most sensitive. They like to stay in relationships and don’t feel good about being single. They tend to be gentle, affectionate and loyal people. They also possess strong intuition and can see the big picture.

102. People born in September are loyal, patient and very careful. They tend to be reserved, contemplative and quiet with a great appreciation for art and beauty.

103. People born in September have very strong emotions and can be obedient or rebellious. They have an innate curiosity and are naturally curious. They have a very good sense of humour that they use to entertain themselves, but their sense

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