The Impact of job Satisfaction on Employee’s Performance in the Public Sector.


The study conducted an investigation on the impact of job satisfaction on employees performance.

Job satisfaction is one of the factors that influences performance in organization.

There are many factors that influence job satisfaction such as wages, work environment etc.

Hypothesis was used to guide the study. Survey method was employed and a questionnaire served as the only instrument for data collection.

Recommendations were made to serve as panacea to the problems identified.


1.1 Background of the Study

In contemporary organizations the yearning for satisfaction is the most important issue on the part of the employees.

Need and environment playa pivotal role in the determination of man’s behaviour (Ujo, 2004), and Maslow (1943) identified seven important needs of human beings rated in their order of priority; these include physiological, safety, love and affection, achievement, self esteem aesthetic and self actualization needs.

Ascending of these needs summed up in one word, motivation involves needs, want and satisfaction, motivation refers specifically “to the drive and effort to satisfy an identified want or goal” satisfaction on the other hand refers to “a state of contentment experienced when a particular want is satisfied”.

The issue of job satisfaction has been given much attention over the years. This is because the importance of such a concept cannot be over emphasized.

When there came the emergence of large formal organizations which made management more complex followed by a shift in dependent variable, little attention was given to their impact upon job satisfaction.


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