NECO Government OBJ/Theory Questions & Answers: Today Thursday 29th June is the much awaited date scheduled by the National Examination Council for writing the NECO Govt exam.

As a matter of fact, the exam will begin by ten this morning (10am) and will end by twelve forty in the afternoon (12:40pm). As usual, the search for NECO Govt Expo Answers will increase in its thousands if not millions because of the high number of students looking for NECO exam expo they will use for exam malpractice.

NECO Government Answer & Questions Expo | Objective/Theory/Essay

Equally important, if you are among the students who accessed the past questions we gave out for free and revised them thoroughly, then you should be prepared for the examination. This is because most of those questions are likely to come out in this NECO exam session because the examiners are fund of repeating questions on a yearly bases or in an interval of two (2) years.


Similarly in that article, we also advised students to read their textbooks while using the NECO Syllabus as a guide because NECo does not ask any question out the syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education in Nigeria.

In like manner, we also recommended that you should read your notebook you have copied inside the classroom, especially those who attended extra moral classes. Reason being that school teachers also breakdown textbook grammar into simpler English terms to enable students have a clear understanding of the topic being taught in a particular subject.

If you have also read you school notebook on Government, then you are ready to pass the NECO exam with ease.

How to Pass NECO Government Exam

Furthermore in this section, we have compiled a list of guidelines to enable you and every other student to write and pass this exam. Do the following:

  1. Firstly, Read your textbooks and notebooks before the exam
  2. Download Complete NECO Government Past Questions & Answer
  3. Next; Study the past question carefully and note the answers in your head
  4. Go to the NECO exam center/venue on time so that you won’t miss your paper
  5. Revise the past questions and your notebooks again to refresh your memory
  6. Do not enter the exam hall with any incriminating materials (exam expo/runz)
  7. Do not enter the exam hall with your mobile phone, tablet or mini laptop
  8. Do not enter the exam hall with your textbooks/notebooks or past questions
  9. Sit quietly in your approved chair bearing your exam center number
  10. Say a word of prayer to your creator to help you remember everything you have studied prior to today’s exam.
  11. Do not open the NECO Government Exam Question paper until you are told to do so
  12. Do not talk or make a noise or disturb your classmates while exam is going on
  13. Respect your examiners because they have the power to seize or cancel your exam
  14. Raise your hand quietly if you need to ask the examiner a question for clarification
  15. Do not rush the questions, read them clearfullt before answering anyone
  16. Choose the questions you know best from the theory section before answering them
  17. Revise you answer sheet carefully immediately you have finish answering them
  18. Check to see if you have written you exam number in the answer booklet
  19. Lastly, Submit your answer sheet quietly to the examiner and leave the exam hall
  20. Finally, go and celebrate because you have passed the NECO Government exam

In summary, if you have followed the guidelines above during today’s exam, then you are on your way to scoring A+ (distinction) in the Government paper.

NECO Government Expo Runz

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