Top Professions It is no secret that . Families are finding it increasingly hard to fund education for their children, while many of college age are choosing to eschew it altogether.

Top Professions Without a College Degree

Thankfully, a college education is not necessary to build a bountiful career.

The word ‘vocation’ is one you will encounter a lot in looking for careers that do not require a college education.

Some take it to be a dirty word, indicating a career that requires little in the way of intelligence or nuance but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rather, a vocation is a career in the form of a specific calling, that speaks to an innate ability or interest.

But for those of you with little understanding of your own abilities and potential, what vocations are the most accessible to you?

1. Electrician

Skilled tradespeople are in uniquely high demand at the moment, as available work vastly outstrips the supply of knowledgeable and experienced workers in a number of key areas.

One such area is electrical work.

Electricians do not require a formal college education to find gainful employment. Indeed, many can or interns.

There is an educational element to properly learning your voltages from your currents, but college degrees are certainly not the only way to achieve this education.

Besides, electrical installation work often doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of complex circuitry and engineering principles; rather, electricians work with their hands, as part of building installations or equipment maintenance (depending on their specialism).

2. Carpenter

Another trade in particularly high demand is carpentry or joinery. Woodworking is practically a cultural tradition in the US, as even contemporary homes are typically built from timber frame constructions over brick-and-mortar.

Whether building a home or a bespoke item of furniture, the skill of proper woodworking is not one that can be purely taught in an academic environment; unless you were also keenly interested in the cultural history of carpentry, college would not do you much good in securing a career within the field.

Instead, carpentry is learned through hands-on experience and tutelage under master craftsmen making the vocation also an easy one to get into.

3. Personal Trainer

Another vocation with strong prospects can be found in personal training. Personal trainers work with clients to help them get fit or achieve certain health goals.

A client might want to lose body fat, gain muscle mass or simply be able to run a mile without gasping for breath.

Guiding people toward their fitness goals is not a job that requires a college education. Instead, you simply need proof that you get results either with your own body or with clients that have come before.

Understanding food science and certain biological processes can be extremely helpful to budding PT, but this knowledge does not need to be acquired at Yale to be useful.

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