This post intends to guide you with procedures of Starting a Private School in Nigeria (Creche, Nursery, Primary & Secondary School). After reading this article, you will learn how to write a business plan for a private school so that you can get an approval from Federal and State Government using Sample Business Plan Template so that you can run a school successfully.

Nursery & Primary School Business Plan In Nigeria Sample Template

It is not a surprising fact that every parent, guardian and intending father or mothers always look frontward to when their children or wards will start going to school. In short this is usually a dream come true for most parents. However, this lovely dream usually take as much as twenty percent or more of the parent’s or guardian monthly income.

The very beginning of every child’s educational foundation is the crèche, nursery and primary school. To this fact, we can recall the popular a saying that if a foundation is faulty, it will affect the whole building (body system) and it may be very difficult to correct them in higher education level.

There have always been awareness on radio, television and social media about the importance of education for children especially the girl child. This increase in alertness of the importance of education and high birth rates in every part of Nigeria has made Nursery and Primary School business a very profitable venture. Therefore, the need for more nursery and primary schools has arisen.

In the 80’s, we all know that only government or missionary owned school was available for people willing to go to school and back then, it used to be sufficient for all the children in a community especially villages. Nevertheless, in modern times it is no longer so due to increase in population and technology, as there is a crucial need for more schools to be erected, more especially private owned schools. Why private school? Yes, it is commonly assumed that a school owned and managed by private persons provides higher standards of education more than government owned public schools. This is so because, privately owned schools are closely monitored by their owners while the government schools not so closely monitored by the government ministries. Similarly, it is regarded as an indication of poverty when a person’s child attends public schools, so most parents ensures their children attend private schools whether or not such schools are better than public schools. All these tendencies conglomerate to make Nursery and Primary school business a good venture.

There are a lot of people who have become millionaires over the years through an investment in Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools. In locations like Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt, school fees for a child in Nursery and Primary schools ranges from as much as thirty-five thousand naira (₦35,000) to one million naira (₦ 1,000,000) per term (barely 4months) and all these just to learn the alphabets and sing songs. If for example in your school, you charge ten thousand naira (₦15,000) per term and you have one hundred pupils, you will be getting as fees two million naira (₦1,500,000) and of course running the school for a term will not cost as much as eight hundred thousand naira (₦800,000). Remember that the Secondary School fees are much higher than the Nursery and Primary School.

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The Nursery, Primary and Secondary school business is a valuable asset. Do you want to start off with preparations on owning a school in Nigeria? If yes, we have written guidelines below which includes all the requirements to be observed:


It’s true that in Nigeria are expensive due to the economic situation in Nigeia, but you have to make the right choice because it will go a long way to pay you later. However, rates of landed properties differ and are largely dependent on the location where the Land is sited. Before you buy any landed property for a nursery, primary and secondary school business, you should avoid to purchase any land that is located in remote areas. The simple reason here is because parents and guardians will hardly patronize schools in such areas for safety purposes. Schools in accessible localities are most ideal by parents because it enables then to easy bring and pick up their children during school run. When acquiring any lands for Nursery, Primary and Secondary School business, you should choose the land in clean environments that minimizes energy waste and pollution to prevent health issues for the pupils and students. Some interested teachers may not have enough funding to buy a piece of land, don’t relent. You can rent an apartment in a clean area if you cannot currently afford to buy a piece of land and erect a school building. You can do this in few years to come after you have started small and grown big.


What is a business plan? This is a long time strategy to successfully run a business from the scratch to the expansion level. With a business plan, you will know the problems to expect and how to mitigate them. It will show you the capital requirements and the payback period. So many people do not know how to write a business plan for a private school, this should not be a problem. You can Contact a Professional Business Plan Developer/Consultant that will prepare a business plan and carry out a feasibility study for you. Call 07030722911 for a Business Plan.


If you are able to purchase the land you can afford, the subsequent step after acquiring a land is to start the school building. Mind you, a school building must have an approved plan. Before erecting a school building, it is advised that you should conduct a survey of the requirements of the ministry of education. Then get a building plan from an architect which will be approved by the Ministry of Lands and Development. This is very imperative as failure to follow such requirements can result in the school being demolished or totally shut down indefinitely. The total cost of erecting a new school building is reliant on the size and quality of the building (this should be calculated in your feasibility study report). It is very important to insist on a good structure, this is because your marketing starts from there. Nursery Primary and Secondary school classrooms may be small and jam-packed but not in all cases depending on the style of the structure. The Ministry of Education advises that a standard Nursery, primary and secondary school classes should be spacious, having at least 2.3m squares and windows for cross ventilation. The administrative block should be very close to the classrooms so as to easily monitor both the teachers and students at all time. Clean water is significant in your school, you should consider sinking a borehole for easy access to water.


According to the Ministry of Education, a standard classroom should be well equipped with not just chairs and tables but also toys, computers and other learning aids. Did you know that parents will gladly pay more when they see that the school classes are properly equipped? Kids enjoys watching cartoons and also learn from them. That being said, you should install large screen Televisions should be in all classrooms, not to play movies but for playing educational videos and sometimes cartoons depending on the ages of the children in the classroom. Air conditioners (not compulsory) can be installed in the classrooms to cool the air when the weather is hot. However, the A/c should not be too high for the kids so as not to cause cold and illness eventually.


Comfortable transportation is one of the criteria parents look at when enrolling their kids to a private school. That is to say that it is very important to take care of transporting these children from their homes to school and from school back to their homes. Most frequently, parents of the children are working class or have businesses to attend to, or perhaps leaves their homes very early in th morning for their daily activities; and will appreciate and pay more if the chore of transporting the children is performed by the school management.  As a school owner, it is necessary to buy a decent school bus that will speak well of your school. A decent second handed goes for about seven hundred thousand Naira (₦700,000). If you believe that one bus is not enough, then buy two if you can afford it. When carrying school children, it is important that the children are not jam-packed to each other, as this is not a good sight and could ruin the image of the private school you have worked so hard to build. You should remember to paint the name and colour of the school, including logos on the school bus for easy identification. This can serve as a means of public advertisement of your school.


You do not need to be a teacher to own a school (but you have to be educated at list). That is to say that as a proprietor of a nursery, primary and secondary school, a formal qualification may not be mandatory. Nevertheless, as a manager/principal of a school, it is important to have a minimum of NCE and experience in educational administration. All the Teachers to be employed in your new school must be fluent in correct English Language and must also hold at least an NCE from a recognized College of Education, and have experience in childcare education and play work. Most importantly, they must also be passionate about children. The teachers who are intended to teach the primary and secondary, should have studied a related course to the subjects they are assigned to teach. This is important because it is the teacher who passes the knowledge to the pupils and students.


Registering your school makes it officially recognized by the state and Federal government. It is very important to register your school with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You can register your school as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a company depending on your choice and also if there are other investors. You should also goto the Ministry of Education, and provide all the necessary documentations required to own and run a school so that you school will be recognized to write the Primary Six Certificate Examination, Junior Secondary School Examination (Junior WAEC), West African Examination Council (Senior WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO).

You can start off immediately with your school once you have completed these requirements. Go ahead to advertise your school on radio and television. You can develop a website and social media platform and publicize the school all over the internet. This will increase the reputation of the school and convince people to patronize the school. This is where we draw the curtains. We hope you learned something good. Please share this article.

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