Reading is one of the most important and pleasurable ways to spend your time. It can open your eyes to other worlds, other people and their experiences, and it can help you see life in a new way. A good book can make even the dullest day seem exciting, can transport you to faraway lands or even change your life forever by showing you a new perspective on something that’s been bothering or confusing you.

A good book is like a good friend: It will stick with you through thick and thin, it will support you when no one else does, it will give you comfort when times are tough, it will make you laugh when things aren’t going so well for you — but most importantly, it will always be there for you when nothing else seems to matter anymore.

The mark of a good book is that you want to read it again. If a book has been read many times, it has found a permanent place in someone’s heart. Below are some book is my best friend quotes that describe how books can stick close to one’s heart.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers. Theirs is an intimacy like that of sunlight on snow or a summer shower; one does not need to talk to them, but simply let oneself be caught up in their magic.

1. Book is my best friend, and I have found that in it all my troubles have found a resting place.

2. My book is my best friend and I hope to make it a lifetime relationship.

3. My book is my best friend. I read it, re-read it and still can’t understand a word of it. But I’ll keep trying!

4. My best friend is my book. So I’m reading all the time. It’s the best therapy!

5. My best friends are the books that keep me company when I can’t be there. They’re my confidants, counsellors and teachers. And they make me smile when life gets hard.

6. My book is my great friend, so I will read it many times over and over again because it has always been with me in my every journey.

7. My book is my best friend and I’m never without it.

8. Books are my best friends, and I never hesitate to tell them so.

9. My books are my best friends. When I need comfort, they’re there for me.

10. Books are the quietest and most constant of friends I have. They are always there to help me do what I should and to guide me in the right direction when other friends fail me.

11. There is no greater friend than a book you love.

12. Book is my best friend. I read her every chance I get.

13. My book is my best friend, it’s not just for reading but also for brainstorming ideas and getting me through the whole day. It gives me hope no matter how rough things get, and when I’m down, it cheers me up again.

14. My book is my best friend, it has been there for me through every good and bad thing that’s happened. It has always been there for me to read when I don’t have anything else to do. It’s like a girlfriend in your pocket, you can tell her anything and she will be there for you!

15. My book is my best friend, always ready to whisper words of wisdom in my ear.

16. My best friend is my book, but only if I’m reading in bed.

17. My best friend is a book and a few hours of quiet time.

18. I love my book more than anyone in the whole world.

19. My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. And that’s no other but my book.

20. My best friend is my book. We have lots of conversations together, even though we aren’t always face-to-face.

21. I write when I want to, but I read when I have to. My best friend is a book.

22. I can’t sleep without a book. It’s like the milk of my tea, it keeps me in an almost meditative state throughout the day.

23. A book is a gift to be opened, not just a piece of paper.

24. My book is my best friend, and it only gets better when I share it with you.

25. Life is sweeter when I read aloud. Books are my best friends, they always want to come with me wherever I go.

26. My best friend is my book. It’s where I find solace, escape, and inspiration when I need it most.

27. Book is my life. I tell it everything. And it tells me something back every single time.

28. Books are my best friends because they give me an opportunity to escape from reality for some time and live in someone else’s world for a while.

29. My book. My best friend. A companion always by my side, a place to go when I’m sad, a great place for me to write down all my thoughts, and the reason why I started writing again!

30. The book you are holding is my best friend. It has seen me through my darkest hours, it’s comforted me in my happiest moments and even reminded me of the things I have to be thankful for.

31. When I read, I go to another place. A place where my mind is in complete control and the words come alive on paper.

32. Book is my best friend. It keeps me company, reminds me of good memories and gives me a place to reflect. I love it!

33. My book is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without it.

34. Book is my only true love.

35. My best friend is a book. When I have problems, I pick books up and read them. When I’m unhappy, I read it again. When I’m happy, I mark it up with a highlighter and pen!

36. Books are my heroes. They’re the people who travel with me and help me get through my day. They lift me when I’m down and remind me of who I am, so I never forget.

37. I don’t care how much money it costs… No one will be able to stop me from buying books!

38. Not all books are created equal. Some might be an hour of reading, some a year. But whatever the hour or the year, I know one thing for sure—reading is my best friend.

39. I am always reading a book, writing one or listening to one. I go through phases of thinking that I want to be a writer but I never actually finish anything, so I’m either working on a book or reading one. Books will always be my best friend.

40. Books never let me down. They are my best friend.

41. My book is my best friend. I can think and talk to it, ask it questions, and confide in it without anyone else knowing.

42. It’s not just a book. It’s my best friend and I can tell you everything that happens to me, every emotion I feel, what I think about every day and everything else whenever I read it.

43. I’m going to write a book, and it’s going to be my best friend.

44. If I had to live my life without a book, I think I would go insane. So for me, books are like the best friends I’ve got.

45. My favourite things in life don’t cost much, but I’ll never do them without my book.

46. I didn’t know what the world was going to bring me in life, but I knew that my best friend would be my book.

47. I have found my best friends in books. Books are my true companions, and they have taught me more than I have ever learned from any experience.

48. I read when I’m sad, stressed, happy or even bored.

49. My book is a part of me, and all I have to show for my life is a bunch of words on paper. I dream about writing the perfect line, but I often feel that I’m in over my head; I’m drowning. But my book is watching over me—it will help me reach the surface and swim to safety.

50. Life is better with a good book.

51. I spent my whole life without a single book. I met one today and now I’m hooked.

52. My book is my best friend. It’s constantly by my side cheering me on and giving me the push I need to stay motivated.

53. Books are friendly. Books are warm. Books comfort us and keep us company as we travel through this journey called life.

54. Every book is my friend who will never go away.

55. My book is the best friend I’ll ever have.

56. Books are powerful. They will change your life and help you to become a better person.

57. To have a book you’re passionate about and share with others, is to have a best friend.

58. Books are the quietest and most constant of all friends; they are the last that leaves us, but the first to greet us when we return.

59. Books provide a quiet friend that lasts as long as you. When you return, they’re always there.

60. Books provide endless hours of enjoyment and adventure. Whether you’re reading a classic novel or a funny comic, books are one of the most dependable friends around.

61. Books are like an irreplaceable friend. The way they stay by you, and how they share their knowledge with you are incredible. However, they are not infallible, they can be damaged by time and if we don’t treat them right we might even lose them forever.

62. The book you’re reading can be your friend, guide and teacher. When I was just a kid, my world wasn’t filled with computer games, apps or TV shows, it was filled with books.

63. My best friend is my book! I need it to keep me company, take me on adventures, and help me solve problems. The greatest gift I can receive is a new book every single day.

64. A book is the greatest friend that anyone could ever have! My book entertains and educates. It is my best friend and confidante. The greatest gift anyone can give me is a new book every single day.

65. The greatest thing about my book is that it has always got you by my side. It’s never rude, never late, never makes me wait and it always gets me answers to my questions.

66. I love books! That’s why I read them, write them, and buy new ones.

67. I love my book. It’s a book that opens up a whole world of fun, learning and imagination. He’s my best friend and I share adventures on the pages with him.

68. My book is with me all the time. I smell the pages and feel the feathery touch. We do silly dances together. I love my book!

69. I adore the adventures in the pages of my book without fail. Every time I open it up and unlock its mysteries, an entirely new adventure is waiting for me!

70. My book can transport me to fun worlds of adventure. And the best part is, I can get in the driver’s seat and take control.

71. I love my book. It’s like having a best friend who lives inside my head and is always there when I need it.

72. I love my book. It’s like having a companion who will always be there with me in every situation possible.

73. I like my book. It’s a part of me and one that I can always count on.

74. I’m honestly not sure how I ever got by without my book. It’s always there for me when I need it, just like a good friend.

75. Books are my only friends, and I must have new ones every year.

76. I love my books and always have tons of them. Do you love reading?

77. Books are my best friends; I love to read and I’m always looking for a new adventure.

78. I’m not sure there is any other way to feel about books. Books are friends. I take every excuse I can to visit a bookstore, have a few people over for dinner and a bonfire, and share some great books with my friends.

79. True friends are hard to come by. I’m lucky that they’re easy to shop for!

80. My best friend is my Kindle. I always have her with me, I never leave her behind.

81. A book is a friend that’s always with you. You can visit it any time you want.

82. A book is a companion that will never let you feel alone, even when you are all on your own.

83. Books are magical. Whenever you open one, you enter a new world of adventure, characters and stories. A friend for life.

84. Are you savouring a cosy moment with your favourite novel? Whatever it is, you and the book can give each other so much. It’s a true friendship.

85. I’ve got my book, I’ve got my coffee: My world is complete.

86. Reading a book and sipping a hot cup of coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

87. I don’t believe in an afterlife. I’m afraid if there is one, my book will be the only thing to ever touch it and I want it back right now.

88. I love books because they are my best friends. I can talk to them and share everything with them because they listen and don’t judge me. They give me great advice and make me feel safe. And when I have nothing to do, they entertain me with their exciting stories.

89. I love books because they are my best friends. I can travel with them, and be fully immersed in the story. When I’m in a new situation, or feeling lonely, or sad, or feeling overwhelmed by the world around me…I can grab a book and lose myself in it.

90. Books help me see things from other perspectives and understand different cultures, times and places. Books challenge me to think differently about things.

91. Books help me realize that I am not alone in this world and that we all share similar experiences whether we know it or not.

92. Books teach me about myself; my likes and dislikes, what makes me cry for joy and what makes me cry for grief. Through books, I have learned to embrace my inner feelings rather than reject them.

93. Books are my best friends. I can share my inner thoughts, feelings and desires with them in a way that I am unable to do with others.

94. Books are a creative expression of my soul and they serve as a haven when life gets too hard to handle.

95. Books are my best friends. I love to read and learn about things that interest me.

96. Books are my best friends and help me to remember what I read. The words in books are easy to understand, even little kids can read them with ease and enjoy the time spent reading

97. Books are my friends when I am alone. They can take me to places that seem so far away and make them a reality. Books let me see how wonderful the world is.

98. I love books because they are my best friends. They tell me stories and they make me see the world in a new, different way. I need books like I need air.

99. I love books because they are my best friends, who accompany me throughout the day and night, making me feel better when I feel worse.

100. Books are my best friends. They keep me company, they listen to all my problems and they always make me laugh.

101. Books don’t complain. I have bad days at school, and things go wrong at home but I always know that books are there for me whenever I get lonely or sad.

102. Books are like my best friends, they give me company and comfort. They always look out for me and never leave me alone.

103. Books are my best friends because of their ability to transport you to another place and time. I get lost in the stories, making them feel like a part of my life.

104. Books are my favourite friends because they never leave me alone and have always been there for me. They have given me the chance to explore different worlds and meet new people who would otherwise be my friends.

105. Books are my best friends. They are the sources of all wisdom and knowledge.

If you think reading is boring or if you don’t like books, then maybe it’s just because you haven’t found the right one yet.

Books are a great company for anyone who chooses to have them. It doesn’t matter where it is you are going, they will always be by your side. They don’t complain about anything and they never leave you alone. They are not only a friend but also a saviour in a time of need. Whenever we feel lonely or upset, books provide us with the opportunity to get lost in its pages and forget about reality for a while.

I hope you enjoyed every line of these book is my best friend quotes. Please share this post with your beloved ones and make their day interesting.

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