Life is a series of choices. Some are big and some small, but each choice we make plays a crucial role in determining the direction our lives will go. When we walk through life being genuine to who we are, we not only make decisions that are in line with who we are but also help others do the same.

Being genuine is the backbone of every true friendship, being fake shakes the foundation of it. A person will eventually see right through you if you are not genuine. You don’t want that to happen as you may lose that friend. So always strive to be your best self, and always continue learning so they won’t feel like they have to cover for your shortcomings.

Many people would agree that the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their contribution and genuine concern for others. And, if you’re one of them, then this post is perfect for you.

I’ve collected several always be genuine quotes that remind us just how important being genuine is.

Being yourself is so important. People like hearing from a real person because everyone can relate to them. Always be genuine. Being real with others is not only important in your relationships and social interaction, but it can also help you build more trust with your customers if you’re a business owner.

1. Be the bigger person. Always be genuine, humble, and focused on building a great company that serves others.

2. Go out of your way to be genuine. Don’t forget to always stay true to yourself and do your best.

3. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Even if it’s scary to say or do out loud, you’re better off being genuine than you are trying to be something else.

4. Always be genuine. Be the best that you can be, remember who you are, and be true to yourself and your values.

5. Always be genuine. Be real. Be yourself always. Never let anyone or anything try to change who you are or make you a version of yourself that’s not you.

6. Be genuine. Be you. Be true to yourself and your values. because if you’re true to yourself, your family and friends will be too.

7. Be your true self. Be who you are and know that the world will always support you.

8. The best ones are the ones you never forget. The moments that make you smile and make you believe in yourself. Always be genuine.

9. Always be genuine. Always be yourself. Be good to people. Make them feel important and laugh so they don’t take themselves too seriously.

10. Be yourself. Always be genuine – who you are is the most beautiful thing about you.

11. Behind every successful person is a story of how they achieved their success. Be the story behind your success.

12. Finding what matters is the hardest thing to do, but when you do, it feels so good. Always be genuine.

13. There’s no running away from yourself. You have to be true to who you are, even if that means being honest about your faults or mistakes. Always be genuine.

14. Be honest, be grateful, and always be genuine. It’s the best way to live a life of happiness and fulfilment.

15. Be your own best friend, be genuine, and be positive all the time because that is how you attract the most real friends.

16. Be real with yourself and others around you, because only by being genuinely yourself will you attract genuine people into your life.

17. Your authenticity will define you, and make others feel like they can be themselves around you. Always be genuine.

18. With every situation, you’ll need the right words. But what’s more important is how you say them. Always be genuine.

19. Be better than you were yesterday. Be better than your expectations of yourself. Be awesome. Always be genuine.

20. The most beautiful things in life are not material, but rather experiences that connect us and move us.

21. Always be genuine. It’s not just the best policy; it’s the only policy that makes any sense.

22. Be genuine, be real, and be you. If you can do that, people will love you for who you are; not what you do.

23. Be your best self. Be kind, be compassionate. Be authentic. Be happy. It’s all about how you show up every day, no matter what you’re going through.

24. Being yourself makes you beautiful. Being genuine makes you extraordinary.

25. The only thing that matters is your own opinion, but the only way to achieve that is to be genuine.

26. Be yourself and always make the most of who you are. Your genuine self will always make you stand out in a crowd.

27. Always be genuine. Always tell the truth. Always be yourself. Don’t put on a mask because it will only cover your eyes from seeing who you are.

28. Always be genuine and honest to yourself, and the people around you will see that in you.

29. Be real about who you are, and what you believe in, and stand for what you believe in. Be authentic and be yourself. It will always help people to fall in love with you because when someone is being genuine, they have no idea how beautiful they truly are.

30. Be yourself and never change. Your true nature is beautiful and you are already fine the way you are. Always be genuine.

31. Be the kind of person who dares to be honest with yourself, others, and the world.

32. Always be genuine. Always be yourself. Don’t let the outside world define you or your life.

33. Even if you don’t believe it, just tell yourself that it’s true. Always be genuine with your feelings, opinions, and ideas.

34. Always be genuine, even if you’d rather not. Always be authentic, even when it’s hard. And always keep striving for your highest good and the good of others.

35. Be yourself, your true self. Never forget to be genuine and authentic in every aspect of life.

36. Always be genuine. If you ever forget, just pull out your phone, and look at a picture of yourself.

37. We are all so different, but we all have many things in common. Be genuine, and be yourself.

38. Always be genuine. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, as that can make you come across as fake or phoney. Always go with your gut and trust your instincts.

39. Be genuine. Be yourself. Be vulnerable. Be found at times in the unlikeliest of places.

40. When you are genuine, people naturally want to be around you and want to know more about you.

41. Be true to yourself—always. Make sure you never forget this important lesson as you progress through life.

42. Be who you are. Be honest and authentic with your words and actions. Always be yourself.

43. Be true to yourself, and others will be drawn to you. The more authentically you live your life, the more authentic others will find you.

44. We all make mistakes. Don’t worry about what people think about your mistakes. It’s how you learn from them that matters the most. Always be genuine.

45. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Just be true to yourself, and keep going.

46. Always be genuine. Always make the best effort to look your best. But never sacrifice who you are.

47. Always be genuine. People will sense when you’re not and they’ll find that it doesn’t sit well with them.

48. Be your authentic self, who you are and not what others want you to be. Never let people change you.

49. Do not be afraid of what people think. It is your job to be yourself and have confidence in who you are. Always be genuine. Always do what you say and say what you mean. This is the only way to get to where you want to go!

50. Always be genuine. If you are genuine, people will accept your authenticity and feel a higher level of respect for you.

51. Be authentic. It’s never fake to be yourself—you can’t be anything but that if you’re not authentic.

52. You don’t have to be the most skilled or the smartest person in the room, but you do have to be genuine.

53. Always be genuine. Always have a positive mindset. Always say thank you for everything you have received in life.

54. Be genuine. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because those are the best lessons in life – and the only way we can get better.

55. Be genuine. Be honest. Be open with those around you; it is a privilege to be able to do so in this lifetime.

56. Be the person you’re meant to be. Be who you truly are and show up authentically every day.

57. Be true to yourself, don’t be afraid to be different. You’re the only one who knows the difference between right and wrong.

58. The most exciting thing about life is that it’s always evolving, always changing, and always growing.

59. Be true to yourself and others. Always be genuine and don’t let life pass you by.

60. Be authentic. Be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to show your raw emotion. The most powerful thing you can do for someone is to listen to them, understand where they’re coming from, and help them feel seen, heard, and understood.

61. Be yourself, always. Be genuine, and always remember that you don’t need to wear a mask to be liked.

62. Make your mark on the world. Be genuine in everything you do, and everyone will know it.

63. Embrace your authenticity and be yourself, even if it’s not the most popular choice.

64. Always be genuine. Always speak your mind. Always be yourself and live authentically today, tomorrow, and forever.

65. Be genuine, honest, and transparent. Let people know who you are. Always be true to yourself and your values.

66. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Be honest and genuine, because you never know who’s looking at you.

67. Be completely genuine with everything you do. People will know if you’re not, and that’s where the real success begins.

68. The only way to be truly original is to be yourself. The best version of you will always shine through. Stay true to that.

69. You can’t fake it if you don’t have it. Always be genuine no matter what situation you find yourself in because the one thing that shines through is your authenticity.

70. Be real, and always be honest. When you are, people will know that you mean it without any doubt.

71. Never fake it. Never be afraid to be authentic in your work and who you are.

72. Be authentic in all your relationships. Don’t try to be something you are not. Be a good friend, and be true to yourself.

73. Be authentic and genuine—those are the two most essential qualities that you can have to become a successful person.

74. Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Be true to who you are and everyone will love you for it.

75. Always be genuine. Always be true to yourself and the people in your life. Tell the truth, work hard, and play hard.

76. Always be genuine. Always keep your word. Always tell the truth, and always follow through on what you say.

77. Be genuine and authentic with yourself. Your authentic self will be the one that shines true.

78. There is no secret. There is only the open door. If you want to find yourself in the presence of others, strip away all your pretentiousness and stop hiding your genuine self behind a mask.

79. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, the person that others think you are. Be your hero.

80. There is no such thing as perfect. Everyone has a story, and it’s never too late to be yourself.

I hope this collection of always be genuine quotes motivates you to keep being real, no matter what. Thank you, as you share the post with others.

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