Top 10 Exciting Things to do in Lagos this Christmas.

Things to do in Lagos this Christmas – Christmas is a season full of so much happiness and fun. It is high time you start planning for the holiday. It is interesting to know that Christmas in Lagos brings lots of fun times and joyfulness, cheerful gatherings with family and friends, year-end parties, and a lot of activities.

As Lagos is a beautiful city with lots of exciting activities, Christmas is the best time to explore this beautiful filled with so many attractions that offer everyone many choices on things to do to wild away their time.

Therefore, if you are thinking about what you can do to enjoy your time, here are 1o exciting things to do in Lagos this Christmas.

1. Go See the Movies At Film House IMAX Lekki

The Christmas holidays are always filled with exciting movies that are worth seeing with your family or special someone.

So it’s only important not to miss the Christmas specials curling up to the one you love while eating hot dogs, sharwama, popcorn, and sharing a fun moment.

2. Visit the Beach

beach for a great and memorable holiday experience. Bar Beach is a great place to visit, there are lots of exciting activities to entertain you such as fairs, festivals and music shows.

On one side of the bay, you can swim in the very gentle water. On the other side, you can surf or learn to surf with an experienced trainer.

In between, there are nice restaurants and food joints serving delicious and quality foods at the beach, you can sit and enjoy your meal while listening to the relaxing sound of waves.

A calming beach day during the Christmas holiday is an exciting activity. You will so love it.

3. Enjoy a Family Fun Time at Kid Zone

Lagos is no Disneyland, but there are several playgrounds and a lot of parks in Lagos that kids love to visit. Kid Zone is an amazing playground for kids to be.

It offers kids a wide variety of games, entertainment, and fun-filled environment. You can take your children to the Kid zone this Christmas and enjoy the Christmas Fun Fair where engage in a variety of activities.

As a parent, you will also not be bored, because there is an amazing place where parents can unwind and enjoy themselves while their children have the fun of their lives.

4. Go for a Picnic at Lekki Conservation Center

Located on Lekki Peninsula, the Lekki Conservation Center is one of the best places to be this Christmas season.

If you are a lover of wildlife and nature, this is the best place to visit.

There are several animals like monkeys, crocodiles, peacocks, tortoise, and exotic birds for your viewing pleasure. It is a fun place to have a picnic with the family as it has a very peaceful environment.

5. Spend a Lovely Weekend at Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure 

Image Grand Resort & Leisure resort is located at the tranquil banks of the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean.

This resort captures the essence of nature, culture, and tradition. Fun activities like boat cruising, horse riding, swimming, golfing, and more are some of the offers at the grand resort. The resort is quite an amazing place to visit.

6. Watch Stage Performances at Muson Center

The Muson Center is a reputed place to watch the best stage plays and performances that will interest you in Lagos.

It offers the best traditional and contemporary performances that you can’t afford to miss.  This Christmas, there is a wide variety of stage plays and performances which will be in hot demand at Muson Center.

Thus, it is the perfect time to watch stage performances and enjoy an unforgettable day or night out with your friends and family.

7. Visit the Fela Shrine

This is one of the places to experience while in Lagos. Although not suitable for kids, Fela’s Shrine gives you the freedom to indulge in several activities.

Live music, palm wine, nkwobi, and suya are some of the things severed in the shrine. The shrine is located at Ikeja, Lagos.

8. Have a Family Picnic at Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center is located on the Lekki Peninsula; it’s one of the best places with a serene environment in Lagos.

If you are the type that loves to experience wildlife and biodiversity first hand, this is the best place to visit.

You get to see a range of animals like mammals, reptiles, and birds. You can have a picnic with your family while you enjoy the amazing view of the reserve.

A picnic with your family is an exciting outdoor activity and it’s always enjoyable especially during Christmas.

9. Explore the Green Spaces in Lagos – Freedom Park

If you are looking for a relaxing spot in Lagos, you should visit Freedom Park; this is one of the great green spaces to lounge on the grass in Lagos.

This is where you get to experience tranquility amid Lagos city’s madness. It is a leisure park that provides amusing entertainment such as open-air performances, music shows, and games. There is so a lot to do and see at this park.

10. Go for a Christmas window shop

Ikeja Shopping Mall is one of the best malls in Lagos. The mall is lined with a selection of stores from clothing outlets to gift shops.

You’ll find some exciting window shopping in the mall. The shops are designed in colorful Christmas themes, strolling through the mall offers a view of beautiful Christmas things displayed in the stores.

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