5 of the Best Android TV boxes in South Africa 2020.

Best Android TV box – Before I begin, do you know what an Android TV box is? If NO!, don’t worry. This article is going to give you a drill on what you need to know about TV boxes and of course, providing you with the list of the five best TV boxes in South Africa. Let’s begin.

What is an Android TV box?

An Android TV box is a special hardware that enables smart television owners to connect directly to the internet through a Google operating system.

Besides accessing regular television programs, Android TV South Africa makes it possible for you to access Google Play Store for your favorite applications and unlimited streaming.

With our selection of best Android TV boxes comes thrilling programs and games that you will never access through traditional television programs.

There are several Google-certified Android TV boxes available in South Africa to spice up your watching experience. If you are already bored with your television, it is time you grabbed a smart box for unending fun.

How much is an Android TV box?

When planning on the best TV box to go for, it is advisable to select that which merits your budget. Always be sure you get what you pay for and avoid picking exceedingly expensive boxes that may not necessarily be worthwhile.

You can flexibly purchase a reliable Android TV box at a cost ranging between R500 and R1, 500.

How to know a good TV box in South Africa:

With lots of reviews and ratings out there, identifying a good Android TV box in South Africa is no longer overwhelming. With different TV boxes come varying experiences not only with your television programs but also Netflix streaming and games download.

Having an Android TV comes with additional pleasure, but not until you acquire the right smart TV box. Recent developments in streaming services have made it possible for viewers to access their favorite content not only on their smart devices but also on their internet TV box South Africa.

Interestingly, many smart televisions in South Africa support different platforms among them Google cast and platform apps, iOS handsets, Android devices, and PC web browsers.

Big-name companies offer preferential support to most of these critical features.

Before grabbing the best Android TV box South Africa, be sure you have the latest smart television for a mind-blowing experience. Without acquiring a modest, smart TV from a top seller company, you will not automatically miss out on different streaming services.

1. Xiaomi Mi Box S

Having used this Android box, I can confidently recommend it to anyone desperate for speeds and reliability. The device is reputable for its robust hardware and latest software integration.

Even better are its specifications which include a quad-core processor, large storage capacity, and RAM capabilities. The overall performance of this Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac enabled smart box is admirable. Currently, it goes for about R1,479.

2. Telkom LIT Box

Telkom LIT Box is epic and comes with impressive features among them universal support for media players South Africa. Its Amlogic s905x central processing unit renders an excellent display quality of 4k.

The device functions with the latest Android version, storage of 8G, and a dual gigabyte RAM capacity.

It’s ethernet and wireless connectivity are flawless with several access ports among them HDMI, USB, SD Card, and audio jack. It costs about R 1, 099, but you can opt for favorable monthly payments.

3. KM8

This TV box comes with a large storage capacity for storing apps among them your best media player for TV South Africa. With about 1,699 Rands, your smart television could turn to become a streaming parlor.

Android TV box renders 4K display capabilities with a RAM and storage capacities of 2GB and 16GB. It may not be compatible with the Netflix app.

4. Skyworth Binge

Skyworth Binge Android TV box is your no ordinary smart box but a streaming and game download partner. The TV box has powerful operating hardware and system to make sure you get optimum speeds.

Its 2GB DDR3, 8GB eMMC, reliable Ethernet, and wireless connectivity, compares to none other in its price range. It costs R999 at Makro, but you may spend less when it is on offer.

5. MyGica ATV495Max

MyGica ATV495Max Android box South Africa is also among the bestselling devices in the market for its robust hardware and creative aesthetic design.

The device also renders 4K graphics capabilities with sufficient storage to keep you entertained all day. Its dual gigabyte RAM also never disappoints. It costs about R1,499.

Making the decision to buy an Android TV box South Africa is not something you should do without a guide. I believe that this article has served as a guide to you.

These are the best budget-friendly Google certified TV boxes available in South Africa. Consider going for least one of these and you will not regret it.

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