How to Get a UK Visa from Nigeria 2020 and How to Apply Online.

UK Visa Application in Nigeria – Nigerian citizens can get a visa to go to the United Kingdom. The British Government announced the news for the Nigerian people. In April, the British High Commissioner, Mr. Paul Arkwright said that there would be a special service. Nigerians will be able to get a UK visa. In addition, they can actually get it on the same day they apply.

Now we can see that the process to get a UK visa Nigeria has became much easier. It is terrible to imagine what a difficult process it usually was – documents, endless queues, and sometimes failures.

It would seem that Nigerian people don’t ask for much. All we want is to visit another country without any difficulties. But when leaving the country, there are a large number of obstacles to face.

Fortunately, now we have one less problem. Now, if your UK visa application is made today, you can get your visa on this same day.

On the other hand, if there are any special circumstances, you will have to wait only five days if it is not possible to get a UK visa on the same. Five days is not so bad, right?

By the way, any type of visa application issue will definitely be resolved within 15 days. The embassy has reduced the maximum term.

And we have one more good news. If for some reason, you cannot get a visa on the day of application and in five days you will have to pay less money! UK visa fees in Nigeria will be cheaper for you due to the delay!

Now let’s discuss the issue of UK visa fees in more detail. Pay attention to this very important information. The Nigerian banking sector introduced some credit card restrictions.

When you make a credit card payment in excess of US$300 you may need to get authorization from your bank. Your payment can be declined. Unfortunately, these are the rules.

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A note for those who apply for the UK visa in Lagos Victoria Island and Ikeja Nigeria. You will get to enjoy some digital improvements during the application process.

Of course, the UK visa has its price. In fact, Nigerians will have to pay a non-refundable fee whether or not the visa is granted. This is a general rule for everyone. But the amount depends on the type of visa – and how long you want to stay in the UK.

Today fees for UK visa, Nigeria are:

  • – Term for six months – USD $118;
  • – Term for two years – USD $449;
  • – Term for five years – USD $816;
  • – Term for ten years – USD $1023.

If you want to go to England on business, or as an academic visitor, the price will be USD $231. It is only for one year. If you are a diplomatic ambassador, you must pay USD $118. If it is a medical-related application or PLAB/OSCE test, the fee will be USD $118.

For a prospective businessman, the cost is USD $118. And permitted paid engagements will also cost USD $118.

As you can see, all visa fees depend on the duration of your stay in England.

If you are a student and want to be in the UK for six months, the visa fee will be USD $121. If you plan to study the English Language, you must pay USD $231 for a visa.

Prices for businessmen, students, and other people are significantly different. For instance, for married citizens and civil partnership, visa fee is USD $118.

Parents who want to visit their children in the UK must pay more. The cost of the visa will be USD $551 for twelve months. Parents are considered to be special visitors.

It is very interesting that visa fees for children are the same as visitors’ prices. And now wonderful news for those Nigerian citizens who do not want to pay for the visa to the UK! This opportunity is available for Diplomatic Passport Holder.

In addition, if the officially invites a person to their country, he/she also does not pay for a visa!

And the last visa fee is for people who travel to another country and have to make a stop in the UK. He/she will have to pay USD $80.

The visa fees are indicated in US dollars. To find out how much the price in Naira, you will have to get in touch with your bank. It is necessary to check the dollar rate at that particular time.

Getting a visa for going to the UK has a number of pluses. But for every plus there is a minus. Of course, you must pay attention to the fact that visa fees can change.

You must keep up with these changes. The amazing thing now is that you don’t need to wait too long to get your visa! You can get it on the same day you apply. Otherwise, if you must wait for five days, the cost will be cheaper!

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